Thursday, July 31, 2008


Since, I am back talking about music, what better way to start this party off by sharing some original soul samples. I have been putting these type mixxes together on the Internet for some time now because they are pretty fun to make. I have always dug old school soul tracks, and that is why I put these joints together in hopes of giving them some shine. Plus, I know most folks like hearing some of their favorite original samples. This mixx is actually considered Sample Lessons 6, which I like to call Samply Delicious. I also posted my second sample mixx, so get them both while you can!

So, put your ears on this first:


  • 01~towa tei - technova (ATCQ)
  • 02~delphonics - walk right up to the sun
  • 03~jackson 5 - all i do is think of you (J Dilla)
  • 04~marvin gaye - wholly holy
  • 05~luther vandross - you're the sweetest one (Talib Kweli)
  • 06~michael wycoff - looking up to you
  • 07~taana gardner - no frills (de la soul)
  • 08~third world - now that we've found love (Heavy D)
  • 09~ramon harris - don't ask me
  • 10~linda crawford - never gonna stop
  • 11~harold melvin & the bluenotes - to be free to be who you are
  • 12~enchantment - sunshine
  • 13~brenda russell - a little bit of love (Big Pun)
  • 14~jerry butler & thelma houston - if you leave me now
  • 15~eugene wilde - gotta get you home tonight
  • 16~george benson - lady love me
  • 17~lamont dozier - put out my fire
  • 18~eddie kendricks - if you let me
  • 19~syreeta & gl cameron - station break for love
  • 20~midnight star - feels so good
  • 21~5th dimension - the rain maker
  • 22~bill withers - kissing my love
  • 23~singers unlimited - claire
  • 24~ahmad jamaal - theme bahamas
  • 25~johnny guitar watson - proud of you
  • 26~gladys knight - make a happy home
  • 27~manhattans - lets start all over
  • 28~melba moore - get into my mind
  • 29~aretha franklin - wholy holy (live)

Then get a copy of Sample Lessons 2 below if you missed it:


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


For those that didn't know already, I have as much love for movies as I have for music. I stay hitting up the local movie theaters peeping out the latest and greatest flicks out there. The flicks that I miss at the movie house are usually caught on DVD. Now, that I have stepped my movie game up to blu-ray, life is sweet! Anyway, since I haven't officially started my other blog dedicated to flicks just yet, I have decided to do post about some upcoming flicks that I am pretty excited about. If you have seen and enjoyed movies like Iron Man, Transformers, The Dark Knight, The Hulk and Hancock, than this post may probably be to your liking. We've had some pretty dope action flicks this year, but 2009 is predicted to be even better. The first major flick to drop in March of 2009 is "The Watchmen" based off of the novel. The same dude that handled the direction on the cult classic "300" flick is doing Watchmen as well. Judging by the new movie trailer, it looks pretty dope!
If you haven't already, put eyes on the movie trailer below:

Other movies that will making some noise hopefully next year is Tron 2 (TR2N), Robetech, X-Men Origins:Wolverine, I Am Legend 2 (The Prequel), Red Sonja, Terminator 4, Doc Savage, Shazam!, Aquaman, and Transformers 2!

More to come on these babies later...

Monday, July 28, 2008


That producer kat Rawlsey a.k.a J*Rawls is back with another jazzy hip-hop instrumental follow-up release to the first "Liquid Crystal Project" joint he dropped back in 2006. A lot of ya'll slept right through the first joint, but I'm not surprised about it. I stumbled up on the first album myself, and I was glad I did too because it was definitely a nice change of musical pace. I have always been a fan of that jazzy hip-hop fusion. The Liquid 2 project keeps that same vibe going strong. It's full of funky hip-hop baseline with a nice touch of jazz. You should have already heard the "The Beatnuts Tribute" because it was showcased in my last mixx. But, here's another joint you can put your ears on as well...

J*Rawls - Tribute To The Beatminerz

This chumpy dropped in Japan back in May, but you can get on iTunes!
I have been debating about doing this post for a few days now, but I finally decided to do it because I just needed to vent for a minute. Personally, I stayed out of all of the hooplah about Whitney and her drug abuse, lesbian tendacies and relationship issues. Yes, I faithfully watched that embarrassing, yet very entertaining reality show Bobby and Whitney did a few years back like the rest of the nosey world. That show actually shined a new/negative light on Whitney in my opinion. I realized that she was not totally who I thought she was, from a fans perspective anyway. Truthfully, I can't even call myself a real fan of Whitney's. I mean she's had some music that I have liked throughout her career, but I don't own any of her albums. At this point, I doubt if I ever will either?
So, Whitney basically vanished from the music scene a while back, I guess trying to get her life together. When she did show up for several musical events during that time, the media would rip her to shreds, basically saying that she doesn't have it any more. She's washed up! The world wants to know if Whitney Houston still has the vocal power she had some years ago?

Anyway, the other day I get this new Whitney song in my inbox. I ignored it at first, but my curiosity got the best of me. I opened up the file and saw that Akorn (Akon) was on the track with her as well. I am not a fan of Akorn's either, so that didn't help anything. After playing the new joint about 3 times, I found myself unsatisfied with the overall effort. It's just OTAY! It actually feels like a comeback track, plus it seems like an apology to her fans record wrapped in a love song? I guess I wanted and expected more for her first single, but...

Check it out for yourselves though:

Whitney - Like I Never Left

If I were her, I would have gotten somebody like Raphael Saadiq to produce my first single...

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I just got finished looking at Vanity's non-singing, yet pretty hot and temping azz lip-singing some crappy solo track she did on the Best of Soul Train. Believe me when I say that song she sung sounded just as bad today as it did back then. Saying that she lacked talent would be a tragic understatement. Her only claim to fame was that one hit she had with Vanity 6 called "Nasty Girl" and her relationship with Prince. It was enough to get a few movie roles, but unfortunately her career never really took off.

So, lets look back at her one shining moment that made most young men wish that she could be their babysitter. An to Khia, if you are reading this, learn what the difference is between nasty and stank...

Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl

Finally, Stacey Epps will be releasing her album entitled "The Awakening" for all to hear on 8-5-08! If you know like I know, you'd be pretty excited about this album release. What I like about Ms. Epps is that she is not your typical artist. She's very grounded in her beliefs and she uses her music to channel her messages of change.

Check out this verbage she posted on her web site:

I am for PEACE. I am for LOVE. I am for MOVEMENT. I represent for GOOD & for UNITY. I live in service of GOD & the PEOPLE. There is no other REASON. My offerings are a humble contribution to our collective GOAL and translate into SOUND & COLOR. We have now CONNECTED , We are ONE LIGHT.


If you are down with this mission, as I know many of you are, please connect with me and let us work together to make changes in the way we create and share our music with the people. Everyone is necessary in this task, not only artists, but businesspeople, professionals, spiritual leaders, etc. It is a unity of the spirit and knowledge of our destiny that binds us. It is time for the evolution of the mind and so many of us are transitioning to work towards our purpose on this earth. That is all we have to fulfill. Please don't fret due to the difficulties, with all important tasks there will be huge obstacles to pass, but we are strong and determined people that WILL NOT FALL!! Our hearts are open and ready for the task ahead!

Now, check out her singing the track "Floatin" live at her listening party:

Stacey Epps listening party!

Now, click the link below for information about Stacey Epps:


Yo, does anybody have some free time I can borrow? I can't promise that I'll give it back once I finish using it up, but I'd still appreciate it nevertheless. I'm trying to play catch up with all of these posts that I had planned to share a while ago. So, when you see some grammatical errors in my paragraphs, you can now understand why I don't always go back to fix them. I honestly feel that my audience can figure out little things like that, but I have been wrong before. Okay, lets move on to the topic at hand. I have been knowing about this young lady for about a year or so now, and think her style is pretty fly. Her name is Lauren Santiago and she reps California. Her rich and soulful vocals is what made me pay attention. When I finally got a chance to hear her EP entitled "Sundays" back in 2007, I was sold. It's a nice blend of smooth vocals and melodic beats, that actually reminded me of a sunday drive by the beach with the top down. Personally, I have never own a convertible whip, but I'm guessing it would feel that way. Lauren is not hard on the eyes either, and that always helps the music sound a little better. I will leave it there for now...

Visit Ms. Santiago here:

If you've already downloaded my most recent mixx "Sunday Serenity" then you have already heard what Lauren has to offer. Since, it's actually Sunday and I'm in a giving mood, I have decided to share some more good music with you folks. It's a mini-mixx that I call "Ladies Wanted" and Lauren Santiago is starting off this set of musical bliss. To sweeten up the musical gumbo even more, I added a few tracks that I have had in rotation as of late. I'm truly diggin' those new PPP and Solange tracks. More on that later.

So, put your ears on this joint when you get a minute or 30 minutes to be exact.


1=lauren santiago - take it back
2=stacey epps - deep (mf doom)
3=jack davey - relax
4=joi - maybe
5=solange - i decided (neptunes)
6=platinum pied pipers ft. karma stewart - on a cloud
7=vanetta daniels - crazy 2
8=estelle - in the rain
9=kissey asplund - big mess


Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have been meaning to do this particular post for a minute now, but I guess it's better late than never? If you are a true fan of that real underground hip-hop music, than you should already know about my dude Murs representing that Westcoast hip-hop, Cali style. Murs has been doing his thing lyrically for a minute now. As a member of the rap groups The Living Legends and Felt, Murs has definitely put his put his style of honest, yet care free lyricism on the map. Outside of the groups, this man has had a lengthy solo career as well. Personally, I have been an inconsistant fan of Murs since the early days, but it wasn't until he made his first album with producer 9th Wonder that I really began to appreciate his talent. Albums like "Murs 3:16" and "Murray's Revenge" (both produced by 9th Wonder) made me realize that with the right production behind him, Murs is a pretty solid emcee. The best quality about Murs in my opinion is that he's a rapper with a real perspective about life. He knows who he is as a man, and he's not ashamed to share his life's stories with us in rhymes, no matter how tragic they may be at times. I applaud that!

Recently, Murs & 9th Wonder have finally released their third project together entitled "Sweet Lord" and the best thing about it is that you can download it for FREE! I mean a legal download to, not that ole' bootlegging theivery that most of us are used to doing on the daily. Now, that is a real HIP-HOP move ladies and gents. Giving the fans some free quality music, 10 new joints to be exact. In return for this kind gesture, Murs wants everyone to legally purchase his upcoming album "Murs For President" that drops in September of 2008! It's like two albums for the price of one. Support good music dammit!!

First, click on the words SWEET LORD to get the new album...

Then, go to MURS & 9TH to peep out the details...

Finally, hit up my brotha from anotha Murs at:
Originally when I began putting this particular mixx together in my head, I had it all planned out about the vibe I wanted to bring. Somehow the music took me where it wanted to go. I like where I ended up, but I definitely got there another way. You know how it is when you are trying to find that one CD that you want to put in the whip (vehicle) to ride to? Sometimes you know exactly what you want to hear, but other times you just see what jumps out at you. That's how my creative juices work when I am making a mixx most of the time. See for me it's not about having the hottest tracks in the streets right now in my mixxes, but it's about trying to create a musical theme. Putting songs together like a collage for your mind and ear stimulation. It's not about the individual tracks so much for me. Yes, I want each track to have enough likability to stand alone, but I also want it to work together with the other tracks that it shares space with during the mixx as well. Yep, I's SIMPLY COMPLICATED!

I call this joint "Sunday Serenity" and it's a mellow rollercoaster of musical sounds all wrapped in a hard candy coated shell. Damn, I think I just described a peanut M&M?? Anyway, all you regulars know the routine by now, so have at it! Anybody here on their first date, welcome and just click around until you find something good.


  • 01-Obsidian Blue - Too Strong
  • 02-RH ft. Anthony Hamilton - Kwah Home
  • 03-Jimmey Abney - Come Go With Me
  • 04-Boz Scaggs - Lowdown
  • 05-Donald Byrd - Woman of The World
  • 06-Confunkshun - Love's Train
  • 07-DeBarge - I Like It
  • 08-Floetry - Beautiful Day
  • 09-J*Rawls - Tribute To The Beatnuts
  • 10-Nate Dogg ft. Snoop Dogg - Never Leave Me Alone
  • 11-Gino Vanelli - I Just Wanna Stop
  • 12-Fred Joachim ft. Lauren Santiago - Heat It From You
  • 13-RH ft. Q-Tip/Erykah Badu - Poetry
  • 14-Sweetback ft. Amel Larrieux - You Will Rise
  • 15-Zo! ft. Tiffany Paige - Funny How Time Flies
  • 16-Patrice Rushen - Settle For My Love
  • 17-RZA - Untitled Jazz #12


Then take a gander at this slice of funky spam on the way to you next destination:

Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This is the most hilarious thing I have read all week, maybe in the last two weeks actually! Another fake rapper bites the dust. His name is Rick Foss a.k.a Ricky Ross from Miami. Personally, I have never been much of fan when it comes to this dudes music, but I did acknowledge his hustle. Whether he was a street kat or not never really concerned me, but when it comes to impressionable children it probably does. I guess that's why Rick chose not to speak truthfully to the photos that leaked of his past as a prison security guard. Instead, he chose to post a video of himself denying everything and stating the photos were fake. I understand his motives for trying to salvage his street image and possibly his rap career. I guess we can safely assume that this stunt back fired in Rick's face.

Here is the full story: has confirmed that gangsta rapper Rick Ross did, in fact, work as a prison guard at one time.
The site matched the rapper’s Social Security number with that of William Roberts who graduated from the Florida Department of Corrections (DoC) training academy and was assigned to Dade County’s South Florida Reception Center in December of 1995. He was 19 years old at the time. He left the job in 1997.
Ross has adamantly denied that he worked as a corrections officer and he accused other rappers of using Photoshop to put pictures of his face on another person’s body.
"If this sh*t was real don't you think they would have more specifics, like dates and everything?" Ross told, "Fake pictures are created by the fake, meant to entertain the fake."

Personally, as soon as I saw that leaked photo, I knew it was him. I remembered what Rick Foss looked liked before all of the tats and the huge beard. This is back when Rick was a straight nobody, shadowing Trina in the "Told Ya'll" video from the "All About The Benjamins" movie soundtrack. Check out the video for yourselves below:

Told Ya'll (Video)

I want you to remember this date because I can pretty much guarantee that this will be the one and only time you will ever see Ricky Foss' face on my site. I am actually laughing as I type this, but I am really curious to see how diehard Ross fans will react now that the truth is out??

Monday, July 21, 2008

Emceeism is not just a state of mind, but it's actually a way of life for some artists. That's when a rapper writes rhymes of their own that actually rhyme (go figure) and the rhymes have some substance. No, these rhymes don't have to be about making the world a better place or how to stop homeless people from standing the freeway ramps begging, but they should speak about something relevant. What's relevant to you may not be relevant to me, and that is what makes hip-hop music so great. Somewhere down the line that concept was lost to a degree, and I don't how or when it happened. How a rapper can make a song about absolutely nothing is amazing to me. I used to think it was impossible to do such a thing, but sadly I've heard it done several times over the years.

Fortunately, there are still some rappers that still give a damn making music, and one them is named Skillz f.n.a Mad Skillz. I was an original fan of this kat when he first dropped the banging track "Nod Factor" back in the 90s! Back then I thought Skillz was going to be a staple in hip-hop, but sadly his music career has been hit or miss up to this point. Most people can't name 4 songs that Skillz has made throughout his career other than his infamous "Rap Up" tracks that he drops annually. His ability to spit about a whole year's worth of news and gossip in just over 4 minutes is impressive to say the least. It definitely shows that Skillz has not lost a rhyming step over the years, plus it gives a little merit to his rumored endeavors as a ghostwriter for many of your favorite rappers. No matter if you like Skillz or not, you definitely have to respect the man as a true emcee. Well, I guess you don't have to really??

Skillz is back in 2008 to try and prove himself to the masses once again that he deserves to be on your Top 10 List of greatest emcees ever. I can honestly admit that Skillz new album "The Million Dollar Backpack" is his best album to date since his debut! Hot beats, solid rhymes and honorable guest appearances are all present this time around. The album officially drops on July 22, 2008, which just happens to be tomorrow! Support good music!

Put ears on the track that has kept my head nodding for a minute now:

Don't Act Like You Don't Know feat. Freeway

Then peep these sites for of Skillz music:

Then view the classic video:

Mad Skillz - Nod Factor

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Excuse the hellacious yawn, but it gets like that sometimes. I guess you can call this is a small music intermission. What I am about to type may hit home with some of you, while it’ll probably go over many of your heads, but I’m posting it anyway. Even though a lot of folks consider this site as a musical haven, it’s a blog too (sometimes anyway) where I will share a little insight on the man behind SoundNexx. I have ranted a few times on here about different things that have come to mind over the years, but for the most part I’ve kept is strictly business. Fortunately, this isn’t a rant for the most part, but it’s somewhat of a personal discovery.

When I was coming up as a youngster I fortunate when it came to music. My parents were music lovers, so I grew up hearing the classics in R&B, Jazz, Motown soul and anything else that sounded good back then. I truly believe that is where my love for music began. Over the years I came across other friends and family that also had a strong love for music. We would spend hours listening to and conversing about music. Normally, at some point these conversations would become focused on the new school vs. the old school. I would try to expose some of these old heads to new artists that my generation of youngsters was into, and they in turn would try to reveal how these new artists were just stealing from past artists. These so-called new ideas, concepts, hooks, production tricks and even lyrical content were mainly taken from past musical moments that I was unaware of. Initially, I would be a little bothered that these seasoned vets couldn’t relate to what I was exposing them too musically, but they were actually right in the end. I was na├»ve back then, but over the years I made it my mission to become more informed.

I never saw it happening, but I am actually one of them now! Them being the seasoned vets killing the dreams of today’s young music lovers. I have become that critical seasoned musical vet that has basically seen and heard it all, and is rarely impressed by today’s standards. I understand what is new musically to a teenager in 2008 has probably been done at least three or more times in the past. I have accepted that nothing is really NEW anymore! It used to blow my mind when I was younger and I would find out that a song I loved was a 4th or 5th generation remake! Here I am thinking this new dude or dudette was coming with some fresh musical heat, and then I’d find out later that it was actually Stevie Wonder or Aretha Franklin that originated the track. Would you call that paying homage or lazy thievery? That answer depends on whom you ask.

So, forgive me if I am not as enthusiastic about the latest rap or soul artist that is supposed to be the new new of hotness. Unfortunately, I have a sickness I like to call the “Been There, Done That Syndrome,” which stops me from getting too excited without some serious investigation first. I get a lot of music sent to me by folks that want me to review or critique it, which is fine by me. I am in no way the final authority on what’s hot or not. I’m just a man with an opinion, but I try to give people some HONEST feedback, especially if they ask for it. I figure some people think that I am going to stroke their egos with some positive feedback, even when I don’t like their music. Nope! I give it straight with no chaser because there is enough pollution on the musical airwaves today, and I refuse to cosign more of it. My opinion may seem personal, but it’s actually business for me. As much as I love music, I make it my business to help it survive where I can. I’m just doing my small part.

That iz all...

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Before you leave, here an example of a classic track that has been remade several times over the years, but I present you with an original version:

Aretha Franklin - Something He Can Feel

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Can anyone tell me where in thee hell this kat is? Before everybody started jocking Robin Thicke, we had this man Remy Shand putting down the white choklate soul vibes. These are two of my favorite joints from his short career:

Remy Shand - Take A Message (Video)

Remy Shand - Rock Steady (Video)

Remy is probably hanging out with Maxwell, D'Angelo and Rebbie Jackson in the studio right about now??

Maybe it's just me? I could have sworn that this kat Fartley Bensworth was a butler/assistant just the other day. I still remember when I saw him holding an umbrella over Mr. Sean John himself as he exited the rear door of a limo somewhere in New York. I know Fartley has danced in a couple of rap videos over the year with his fancy umbrellas and oddly colored suspenders, but I never took him too seriously. Rumor had it that he was actually going to start his own designer umbrella line under the "Fartley Collection" brand, or was the Rihanna? No matter, I agree that it's time that somebody gave the Tote company some competition for the top umbrella spot dammit! Why should they be the only ones making any real money in the umbrella selling game. There's enough money for everyone, right??

Anyway, Fartley has dropped a new single that has been buzzing on the Internet called "Everybody" featuring Andre 3000, Sa-Ra and Kanye Western. It's not half bad either, mainly because of the guests appearances of course. It's a catchy concept track overall, but I'm still not convinced that Fartley a.k.a Bentley is skilled enough to hold down a whole album by his lonesome though. Time will tell. Honestly, it's always a good listen when Mr. 3000 (no Bernie Mac movie) blesses us with a couple of hot bars, so peep the new video...

Farnsworth Bentley - Everybody (Video)

Monday, July 14, 2008

One thing that I love and hate about hip-hop as a whole is how forgetful most of the part time fans are. Only remembering the most meaningless gossip with the obvious gimmicks included, but forgetting about the artists that helped make this genre what it is today. I can feel Ice Cube when he makes statements like "we started this gangsta shit" because rapper Roy Jones Jr. said it best when he echoed the words "Ya'll musta forgot!" It's hard for me to believe that with all the blogs on the internet today that nobody has mentioned my dude Q-Tips new album. I'll do it since I think the guy deserves it. The album is called "Abstract Innovations" and because it is Q-Tip I'll definitely support it. I know it originally leaked onto the internet a few years ago, but I think it still deserves some recognition. There are 17 tracks on the album with featured artists like Busta Rhymes, D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Royce 5'9", Andre 3000 and another old school favorite of mines Heavy D on this track called LISTEN:


Then drop by Q-Tip spot and say whaddup to the kidd at:

An why they never made a video for this joint I'll never know...

J-Dilla + Busta + Q-tip = You Can't Hold A Torch!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rap music has many faces and characters. Some you can care less about while others you adore as a fan. Then there are those rap artists that are located on the underbelly of the genre. The ones that are not really contributing any real value with their music, but are basically feeding off of the talented folks to make a quick buck. With that being said, I reintroduce to you a somewhat female artist named Khia. Talk about a one hit wonder with an attitude! Ever since the decent success of her trashy cult classic "My Neck, My Back" that made its way on the radio a few years ago, she has developed a funky disposition. No longer just a ghetto hoodrat that got lucky, but now she claims to be a talented business woman that needs another chance to prove herself. Since, her buzz died a tragic death a few years ago, she has done just about anything to get folks to pay attention once again. It has gone from posting nude photos on the Internet to tricking her way onto a rap reality show. Needless to say that nothing has worked. If we are lucky, it'll stay that way...

Khia's ability to be so disturbingly nasty makes me vomit in my mouth at times, but I know some of you freaks out there reading this post actually thinks this chic is hot. All I see is body odor and disease when I look at her! Khia's ability to make even the nastiest song even nastier has probably made Luke Campbell blush at one time or another. She can turn a classic Christmas melody into something stank, by just changing a few words around and adding a cheesy hook. It's her gift, which is also a curse...

If you haven't already, check out her version of this record:


Now, make sure you go wash your hands after listening to that track...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rap music has many faces. We've seen many artists in the hip-hop come and go time after time, but there are a few that actually stand the test of time. Remaining an legendary icon to some and a feared revolutionary emcee by others, Nasir is still here trying to change the game. Whether you hate him or not, you have to respect his musical hustle. Transforming from thug to teacher in a split verse like Oprah before she hits the talk show stage. Now, Nas is talented, but he can't touch Oprah's ability to change from oohgly to a half decent looking woman. While some rappers prefer spending their time talking about scuffing a fresh pair of Jordans, Nas is still making songs to stimulate our awareness like this...

Nas - Sly Fox

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

After a very busy and extended week of weddings, parties and BBQs, I'm back up in this bizzle once again. I'm feeling pretty good too! Got to see some friends and family over the holiday that I haven't seen in a while, so it was cool catching up a little bit. Even with my tight schedule, I was still able to put a little something together to get your musical heads right. It's simply called "The Feel Good Mixx"...filled with good music and vibes that will hopefully get you folks through the work week. As usual, put ears on this mixx when you get a minute.

I would like to welcome all of my new visitors to the SoundNexx Experience. I recognize that most of you newbies enjoy going through my massive archives to read the past posts and download the mixxes that you have missed up to this point. Some of you even leave me comments on posts that I may have done one year ago, which is cool! Better late than never, right?Don't think that I am not reading your comments because my reply may be delayed at times, because I am. I'm always down for a good debate or just a simple exchange of opinions.

Okay, on to the real reason why you come through here...


01-Berry Feel Gooood Intro
02-Nathea - Can You Be My Ghurl
03-Greg Street ft. Nappy Roots - Good Day
04-Ashanti ft. Jerm Dupri - Good Good
05-Dwele ft. Bahamadia - High
06-Honore - Wonderful
07-Common ft. Pharell - Announcement
08-Mos Def - Travellin' Man (Green Remix)
09-Olivier Daysoul - She Proto 2
10-Wayna - Not Gonna Go
11-Kam Moye - Where & Why
12-Dwele - If You Want To
13-Little Brother ft. Tiye Phoenix - Too Late For Us
14-Peter Hadar - Sleeping Pills
15-Hil St. Soul - Black Rose
16-Muneshine - Today's Special
17-INT - Beat 8
18-Rick James - Mary Jane (G. Lantern Remix)
19-V - She Wants To Be
20-Lettuce ft. Dwele - Move On Up
21-Sleepy Brown - Till (Your Legs Start Shaking)
22-Up Hygh ft. Little Brother - Keep On
23-Dwele - 5 Dolla Mic
24-Kindred The Family Soul - If I



Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I have been supporting the J*Davey movement since the beginning, and it's been some years actually. The saddest thing about this group is that they are now just getting the musical break they deserve. The kind of break that will get their wonderful music recognition all over the world. They deserve it! These two cool folks have been putting in some serious work for a minute trying to get their brand off of the ground. Music bidness obstacles have kept them from gaining momentum up to this point, but their future looks sunny. Today, they have officially released their underground classics so that those with no true interest in being download savvy can finally attain their music. The serious downloaders been had these joints in their MP3 collection. Better late than never for those that don't just yet. The best part about this release is that both of their projects "The Beauty In Distortion" and "The Land of The Lost" are included for one reasonable price. You can't beat that even if your name was Ike Turner!
Because I have been overloaded with music for the majority of my life, it has become pretty challenging for me to get my excitement level high for the average releases. There are exceptions though, and this upcoming Zo! & Phonte "Love The 80's" project is one of them. I am a fan of both Zo! (my Detroit brother) and Phonte (one of my favorite emcees in the game), plus I digs me some 80's pop and rock music! This is a big win-win for me! I know that may be hard to believe since I traditionally keep it soulfully blissful around these parts, but please don't get it confused. I would have no problem pulling out some Hall & Oates on that azz quick, fast and in no real hurry, so take me serious once you stop laughing. Due to great marketing tactics the track listing for this project has been kept somewhat under wraps. This makes the internet buzz even bigger, which should help those 2,500 limit CD copies to move pretty quick when it officially drops on July 8th! These are the kinds of projects that music needs to keep it interesting and vibrant. As stated by Phonte...don't take this project for a joke. This is a serious project with quality vocals and production. I know it's hard to believe that when you put eyes on the album cover, right? Can somebody say "You've got that SOUL GLO!" Let me quit, because I know some of you are dripping Jeri Curl juice on your computer keyboard as you read this...

If you haven't already (which I don't know why you haven't), download my Phontigallo's Phavorites Mixx that I did back in 2007, and hear a few of the tracks that will be on this project.

Then put eyes on this...

Zo! & Phonte - Take On Me