Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Can anyone tell me where in thee hell this kat is? Before everybody started jocking Robin Thicke, we had this man Remy Shand putting down the white choklate soul vibes. These are two of my favorite joints from his short career:

Remy Shand - Take A Message (Video)

Remy Shand - Rock Steady (Video)

Remy is probably hanging out with Maxwell, D'Angelo and Rebbie Jackson in the studio right about now??


DJ Love said...

I can go on and on about Remy Shand, but instead, I'll modify a quote from Esthero: "...I'm in the club bathroom, holed up in a stall, praying in earnest for Remy Shand's return / Thank heaven for you, thank heaven for you, thank heaven FOR you...."
Dragonfly Intro, Wikkid Lil Girrls

Hip-Hop Music said...

Remy sound good!!

SoundNexx DJ said...

@dj Love - Well said, even tho you borrowed it from Esthero...LOL! I hate when dope artist like Remy just vanish. U know it's probably something that happened with his record deal back in the day, and he just said fuck it! To hell with the mainstream...

@Hip-Hop - If this is your first taste of Remy, be sure to find his album. Dude was nice with the vocals, so I think you'll dig it!

Tha Connoisseur said...

I loved me some Remy, I think I am one of the few Canadians who do. This cat had some skills. He should take a page out of Maxwell's book and come out strong in 2009. It would be nice if the rest in your lineup did the same as well.