Saturday, November 29, 2008

Now that Thanksgiving and Nubian Friday are finally behind me, it's time to get back to some soul music. Instead of preaching about the new hotness, I am taking it back to 2005 this time around. I like turning folks on to independent soul music that was probably missed by the masses. This kat reppin' Virginia named Jon Bibbs is a dude you should know about. He's a writer, producer and singer that has been making noise on the underground scene for a minute. His most recent musical project is called "Unbreakable" and I must say that this joint has gotten much rotation around my way. Jon's mellow grooves and catchy vibes makes for good backgroud music. Even though it was released in 2005, it sounds pretty dope today. If you missed it the first time around, here is your chance.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


It's Thanksgiving today, so I thought I'd give a little something that you just might enjoy. It's called music! The gift that keeps on giving. I have provided a mixx showcasing my main man Dante (Mos Def) doing his thing in all aspects of his diverse musical career. These are some of my favorite tracks from his collection. There are some rare and hard to find joints on here, so put ears on it after you eat a plate of that good Turkey Day food.

I will mos definitely be getting my eat on to the 3rd power this afternoon and I'll also be making a couple of to-go plates as well. There is truly something special eating cold turkey and dressing the morning after that makes the holiday complete.

So, remember to do something nice for somebody today, and be safe out there.


  • 01=Love it or leave it ft. A-Keys/Common
  • 02=The Panther (Ummah Remix)
  • 03=Another World ft. Talib Kweli
  • 04=If it's alright ft. Brixx
  • 05=Ms. Fat Booty (Spinna Remix)
  • 06=Let it go ft. Little Brother
  • 07=Superstar
  • 08=Crooklyn dodgers 3 ft. Jean Grae/Memphis Bleek
  • 09=The Glow
  • 10=Girls, Girls, Girls (Re-Edit) ft. Ghostface/MF Doom
  • 11=Bright as the stars ft. Talib Kweli
  • 12=Get it up (Remix) ft. Amel Larrieux
  • 13=Love Rain (Remix) ft. Jill Scott
  • 14=Hit on me (Remix) ft. Syleena Johnson
  • 15=Umi Says (Remix) ft. Zero 7
  • 16=U r the one
  • 17=Moon in cancer ft. UTD
  • 18=Eve ft. Spacek
  • 19=Hard Margin ft. Talib Kweli
  • 20=Monster music ft. Cassidy
  • 21=Beauty in the dark ft. Isley Brothers

Get the Mosly Dante Mixx here...

Thee End!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Before you even ask, no this is not Justin Timberlake! Okay, now close your eyes and try to remember! On second thought, open them because you won't be able to read what I'm posting about dammit! So, lets flashback to 1996. Remember, what hip-hop was like back then? Fresh, creative, innovative, interesting, exciting, inspiring, and any other positive adjective that you can come up with. Staying in 96' mode, when I type the words "white rapper" who comes to mind from that era? Most would probably think of artists like Vanilla Ice, 3rd Bass, Everlast and maybe Snow. Unbeknownst to many was another actor/rapper that should be added to that list as well. His name is Brian Green. Yep, that Brian Green! I stumbled upon his rap album entitled "One Stop Carnival" during one of my many music runs to the Shinjuku Tower Records store back in 1996. I heard this Pharcyde sounding track playing in the store, so I immediately approached the counter to ask about it. The clerk handed me this album. I thought he was joking at first! I couldn't believe how dope this album sounded! Brian worked closely with Fatlip from the Pharcyde, so it actually sounds like a Pharcyde album featuring Brian Green.

If you haven't heard this joint by now over a decade later, here's your last chance! I came across this in my travels, so I'm in share mode. This joint STILL bumps too (my head is bobbin' while I type this)!

Thank me later...

Hang at the carnival with Mr. Green

Friday, November 21, 2008

Retro-transition is the only word that I could create to describe what his new musical experience sounds like. I know plenty of the traditional and hardcore Kanye fans are going to reject this latest endeavor with the quickness. Change this drastic is difficult for the average fickle fan. The new singing version of Kanye is definitely not equal to the skills of a Phonte or Mos Def vocally, but he’s tolerable. My suggestion for any fragile listener reading this is to delete all memories of Mr. West’s musical past. Act like he’s a new artist just coming onto the music scene, and view this album as his debut release. Try not to have any preconceived expectations. Personally, I dig the 808 type of production to the 5 power on this project. It has that retro feel of one my favorite 808 conductors from the past, Egyptian Lover.

However, the overuse of the strange vocal effects is annoying at times. At some points throughout the album it sounds like Kanye is singing through a motorized window fan while yelling through an analog microphone. Other times it’s like he’s harmonizing with his face submerged in a tub of full of bath water. I can just hear the bubbles forming on the surface underneath the soap suds. The vocal effects seem to distort his lyrics leaving my first couple of listening experiences a little bit strained. Hopefully, this uneasy feeling can be reversed with a few more focused listens to the album. As strange as this may sound, I actually think that Kanye will probably get plenty of awards for this album. I think the mainstream-radio friendly audience will eat this project up, which will make it that much more successful overall. Lets hope so anyway, because if not I expect that Kanye will be having a hissy-fit about it...

That is all...

The album "808s & Heartbreaks" drops on November 24, 2008, but until then...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

I've been out of pocket these last few days, but I'm back for a hot minute to drop this slice of soulful bliss for your listening pleasure. For those of you that are actually experiencing the symptoms of winter at this point, I hope this mixx can warm your ears up just a little. Here in Michigan it takes a helluva lot more than music to warm up. You definitely need your long-johns (long underwear), a warm coat, snug hat and a good pair of gloves. I just experienced my first light snowstorm of the year yesterday, and I'm not too happy about it! With snow comes ice, which equals a horrible driving experience for me on the Michigan roads. It's not me, but it is these non-driving suckaz that are hydroplaning all over the street on balled donut tires that they should have changed back in the summertime causing problems. Sometimes, I feel like the only person on the planet that actually winterizes their vehicle. I swear that I am going to save me up some money and buy me a damn helicopter, so that I can finally put my car in the garage for good. Anybody got the hook up for a cheap chopper and pilot combo?? Let me know...

Until then:

01-exile ~ in the night 22
02-georgia anne muldrow - play dead
03-jon b ~ won't u say yeah
04-e.bland ~ wash the mirror
05-jon bibbs ~ found love
06-darien brockington ~ next to you
07-usher ~ here i stand
08-purple st. james ~ oooh baby u
09-erykah badu ~ me
10-lizz fields ~ i gotta go
11-88keys/j*davey ~ dirty peaches
12-illa j ~ everytime
13-tony williams/dakota ~ hey boy, hey girl
14-jesse boykins ~ amorous
15-eric lau/annarel/rahel/sanina ~ begin
16-q*tip/d'angelo - believe
17-mika arisaka ~ sparkle
18-colossus/flash ~contemplating
19-steve smith/raheem ~ lost tapes
20-s1/darien brockington ~ tire
21-slum village/busta rhymes ~ the hustle

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Grand ol' Soul

Stay warm with the one you love, or the one you're with!

I just realized that I got more $%!& on these e-streets than an evicted tenant!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

When I first got wind that Erick and Parrish were in the studio once again, I didn't know how to feel about it. I grew up buying EPMD cassette tapes and CDs back in the day, so I can't front like I don't want them to be successful in their business endeavors. However, I can honestly say that I am worried everytime they release a new album. I enjoy seeing my favorite artists go out on top of their game rather than being forced out because of dated rhymes and sorry production. Rappers are like boxers because they never really know when to quit. I think veteran rap artists like De La Soul, LL, Q-Tip and Queen Latifah have confused the others with their ability to remain somewhat relevant in the new millennium. EPMD obviously feels like they have more to say in hip-hop, so if you are interested in the new album it drops on December 9th!

Click here for the We Mean Business album sampler!
Whoever said that being in a intimate relationship was easy? How many of you have been one of these folks in this picture shown on the left at one time or another? Honestly, if you haven't found yourself in a debate turned argument with that special person in your life by now, keep working at it because it's bond to happen! No matter how well you think you know a person of the opposite sex, there are things about them that you will never truly understand. Have you ever asked your partner what you thought was a very simple question and found yourself in the middle of a heated argument over a subject that had nothing to do with what you originally asked about? My favorite argument is the one that starts with the word WHY. Why didn't you take out the garbage? Why didn't you call? Why is she or he here? Why don't you spend more time with me? Why are you always on the Internet? Why didn't you make up the bed? Why are you choking me? Why ask why? Does any of these questions sound familiar?

The truth is, no matter how much you may like or even love a person, relationships are rewardingly difficult when it comes to maintaining some sort of happiness. Unfortunately, arguing is a necessary part of the relationship process. I'm no relationship counselor, but trust me when I tell you that saying phrases like "Get the f*** out of my face fatty" or "Now, I see why you didn't graduate" won't help matters during an argument. Just thought I'd share that with you kind folks because Nexx truly cares.

This post was not created to cure your argument woes, but instead to remind you that you are not alone in this hectic battle of misunderstandings. Will there ever be a true cure for the argument blues? Hell no, but some good music can sure smooth things over at times. Next time you are in the middle of nasty argument, just stop in mid-curse and put on some Sade! Watch how quickly things turn around. Only the Devil himself doesn't get a warm fuzzy feeling when Sade is playing in the background. Try it and let me know if it works for you. That piece of advice is on the house!

Now, let's get into some good music. I've put together a musical fruit salad of tasty sounds for your enjoyment. Most of the tracks are talking about relationships in some way, shape or form. I call it the Luvly Termoil, so put ears on it when you get a chance.


01~We Fight/Love
02~Silent Treatment
03~I Must Love You
05~Without You
06~Take Your Time
08~To Know You
09~All The Way
10~The Light
12~House of Cards
13~Look What You Are Doing To Me
15~Passin Me By (Pie Remix)
16~Just Like A Man
19~Gets Open

Arguing is a sport!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

My bad Yahzy! I got the pleasure of putting ears on this joint so far in advance, that it totally slipped my mind to do a post about it when it officially dropped. Yes, ladies and gents Ms. Purple St. James a.k.a Yahzarah is back on the scene with her independent music release entitled "The Prelude" for your listening enjoyment. It's a mixture of some older unreleased tracks and some stuff that is hot off of the presses. No matter how you multiply or divide this musical equation, the answer is always dope! Yahz is keeping it very soulful as usual with a twist of that abstract flavor that fans have come to know and love. If you've been locked in a closet and have never gotten a chance to hear this woman drop some vocals, here's your chance to get on the bandwagon. Oh yeah, and did I mention that my dude Khrysis (Justus League fame) provided a few of the beats on this EP?

Put ears on some album snippets by clicking the link below:


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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So, it's the day after one of the most important days in American history when we elected Barack Obama as the President of United States. Words cannot truly describe the feeling that I have at this moment. I am still trying to soak it all in at this point. While I'm doing so, I have found myself in a jazz state of mind. When I get in jazz mode and normally pull out some classics from some of my favorite artists like George Howard, Mike Franks, Najee, Miles Davis and Joe Sample. Yesterday, I decided to pull out some of my newer jazz joints and I put in the new Fourplay album called "Energy" to get my head right. I have been a fan of Fourplay since the beginning, so I pretty much know what to expect from this group of legendary old-timers. This album is great background music! Fourplay is a good group to start with if you are unfamiliar with contemporary jazz and you want to play it safe. They won't let you down.

After the Fourplay joint finished playing, I immediately put on the new Kim Waters album "I Want You" complete my listening experience. This album has a special connection with me because Kim is paying homage to the legendary Marvin Gaye. Anybody that digs Marvin is cool with me! I have also been rolling with Mr. Waters since the early days as well, and he's been pretty consistant over the years as well. This new album is no exception. Tracks like "Distant Lover" and the title track "I Want You" had me in rewind mode for the most part. Trust me, you'll be hearing these tracks sooner than later. Well, if you have already join my mailing list by that time you will. Another solid album from Mr. Waters. Oh yeah, and anybody that still thinks that Kim Waters is a female artists needs to step their jazz music game way up. Just because you have a sister or an aunt named Kim doesn't mean anything dammit! His momma calls him Kim, I'm goin to call him Kim...

Skip buying a rap album this month and pick up some jazz instead. Trust me, in a couple of years (or months in some cases) the majority of the rap you buy today will be worthless, but jazz is forever!

Click the album covers to hear some album snippets.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This joint is funny! Now, that I'm hearing rumors about King James possibly coming to the Detroit Pistons to play alongside Allen Iverson, I'm more interested in the kid now then I was before. I'm quite sure you can understand why, right? There are some dope soul classics playing in the background of this comercial joint as well, so check it out...
Remember the early beginnings of the singer Carl Thomas? He started his career on Bad Boy Records singing hooks for damn near every artist on the label back in the 1990s. Most knew his voice, but many didn't know his name. Meet the singer Mr. Tony Williams. He's on the same path as Carl to a certain degree. You've been hearing his voice for years now and you probably just didn't know it. Instead of Puffy's Bad Boy Record label, Tony is a member of Kanye's G.O.O.D Music label. Mr. Williams not only provides top notch vocals for those soulful Kanye West hooks, but he also writes music as well. Their musical bond dwells deeper than most because Kanye and Tony are first cousins. I'm quite sure having a family member like Kanye has helped Tony's opportunities for success overall, but who's complaining. Make no mistake though, Tony is a big part of the Kanye West sound that we know and love. Well, we love his sound most of the time anyway. Sometimes, his experimental edgyness can make even the most loyal fan to say WTFITS!

Anyway, it's Tony's time to finally shine and make his mark on the soul music game. Tony's debut album "The King or The Fool" hits the streets officially wish I knew? No official word on when the new album will be available. All isn't lost though because I have provided some video footage that should be pleasing to the eyes and ears:

The Interview/Album Info

Dreaming of Your Love

Now, check out +

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Before I even start this post, let me be clear! The date today is November 4th and the time is 5:59 PM (EST). If you are sitting somewhere right now reading this post on your computer and you haven't gotten off your azz to go vote, close your browser immediately and get moving! The time is now sucka! Okay, so where was I...Mr. Musiq Soulchild. I have been personally pleased with all of his projects up to this point in his career. Some were better than others, but overall they were all solid. I still remember when he was opening for Erykah Badu back in 2000 at some wack club in Denver, Colorado as an unknown by most. The audience was just glaring at him silently as he sang the words to his single. The few audience members that said anything were yelling, "When is Erykah coming on?"

Today, Musiq is a household name in soul and his new album entitled "OnMyRadio" hits the streets on December 9, 2008. I must say that I am not that impressed by his first two singles. They're just okay overall, but I still expect the new album to be pretty good regardless. The track list that I have seen on the Internet show guest appearances from Common, Chrisette Michele, Shawty Lo and a couple other folks I can't remember.

Hear more tracks by clicking below: