Saturday, November 08, 2008

My bad Yahzy! I got the pleasure of putting ears on this joint so far in advance, that it totally slipped my mind to do a post about it when it officially dropped. Yes, ladies and gents Ms. Purple St. James a.k.a Yahzarah is back on the scene with her independent music release entitled "The Prelude" for your listening enjoyment. It's a mixture of some older unreleased tracks and some stuff that is hot off of the presses. No matter how you multiply or divide this musical equation, the answer is always dope! Yahz is keeping it very soulful as usual with a twist of that abstract flavor that fans have come to know and love. If you've been locked in a closet and have never gotten a chance to hear this woman drop some vocals, here's your chance to get on the bandwagon. Oh yeah, and did I mention that my dude Khrysis (Justus League fame) provided a few of the beats on this EP?

Put ears on some album snippets by clicking the link below:


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