Sunday, September 30, 2007

Before I get into details about my latest mixx, I want to speak on one of my unexpected rap album surprises of 2007, and that's the "Perseverance" album by the veteran Percee P! Most folks wouldn't expect much from a rapper that calls himself Percee, but this dude is the exception. He originated his career in the era of Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One and Lord Finesse. Percee has always been a true force on the microphone, and he has held the respect of his peers in the rap game for years. I just don't think that Percee has gotten his just due up to this point in his career, but ever since he has become apart of the Stones Throw family things have been looking up. His new joint is a refreshing slice of that Golden Era hip-hop that most of us have been missing. Mr. Quasimoto himself Madlib handled the production duties for this joint, so how could it not be a memorable listening experience! Percee's flow is just as effortlessly razor sharp as it was back in 1992 on this album as well. So, don't just write this kat off just because he's been in the rap game for a minute! Okay, it's been a few minutes, but the man can still hold his own dammit! Don't sleep!

Onward to the mixx details. Honestly, this one is just a bunch of songs that I have been playing in my personal rotation for a minute. It's a mixture of different styles and flavors, so check it out when you get a minute. You folks know the routine by now, so...


  • 01) Median - Comfortable (Midnight Remix)
  • 02) 50 Cent - Rowdy Rowdy (Khrysis Remix)
  • 03) Cool Kids - Black Mags
  • 04) Percee P feat. Vinnie Paz & Guilty Simpson - Watch Your Step
  • 05) Planet Asia feat. Tristate - Todays Mathematics
  • 06) J Dilla feat. Talib Kwel & Q-Tip - Lightworking
  • 07) Oddisee feat. Kev Brown & Bumpy Knuckles - Once Again
  • 08) C.L. Smooth feat. J.R. Writer - Mezmorized
  • 09) AZ feat. Little Brother - Rise & Fall
  • 10) 9th Wonder feat. Saigon & Joe Scudda - Saved
  • 11) Joe Scudda - Pearly Gates
  • 12) Access Immortal feat. Karniege & Medinah - Styles Upon Styles
  • 13) J*Davey feat. Pacific Division & Bleu Collar - 9 Slayer
  • 14) Killer Mike feat. Gibran & SL Jones - Good For You
  • 15) Median - Collage
  • 16) Planet Asia feat. Krondon - F*ck You Up
  • 17) Little Brother - Cool As a Fan
  • 18) Oddisee - Such Is Life
  • 19) Black Milk - Threeandsum
  • 20) Nas feat. Cee-lo - Less Than An Hour Escotheory
  • 21) Jay-Z - Flashing Lights vs. Ruler's Back (Rework)
  • 22) Guilty Simpson - Make It Fast

Listen Here:


Friday, September 28, 2007



Thursday, September 27, 2007

The life of any successful rapper is challenging! Once the money and fame comes into play, it quickly becomes a personal battle of success vs. image. Fans are fickle and have been known to quickly turn from adoring fans to venom spitting vipers at the drop of one mediocre track. Some rappers get into the business for the love of the game, but most get involved for lucrative reasons. While many rappers have tried to be truly successful in the rap game, only a few have managed to actually do it. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is definitely one of the successful ones. He came from rapping with Jaz-O in Montgomery Ward fake Hawaiian button-up shirts to being a record label President sitting courtside at the NBA All-Star Game with Beyonce by his side. The dude has definitely come up for sure, and most of us have watched this kat blossom into the celebrity he is today. Musically, Jay has had some stumbles over the years, but most fans have made excuses for his mediocre efforts because he has provided so many great ones.

Personally, I thought the infamous Black Album was over hyped because it was supposed to be his last project before his retirement from the rap game. Don’t get me wrong though, the album was good, but it just didn’t carry the “classic” label like everyone was trying to give it. I understood why most fans felt that way though. It had a lot to do with that album supposedly being his last one ever. It’s kind of like eating the last cookie or taking the last bite of your favorite sandwich. It’s normally the best part of the whole experience. Also, they marketed the hell out of that project too, so nobody could talk about anything else during that time. Great business move for sure, but there was a lot of criticism about the album when it dropped. The negative criticism I heard about that album was that it was too mainstream, not enough street records, weak production, blah, blah, blah…

Then Jay decided to come back to the rap game once again, which we all knew was going to happen anyway. Again, the excitement of his comeback album outweighed the final product! Honestly, I didn’t hate the “Kingdom Come” album, but it’s currently not getting any spins in my CD player or iPod either. Most fans were left slightly disappointed, but the happiness of Jay-Z being back on the microphone once again made most fans forgiving. The truth is that mainstream hip-hop needed that type of buzz back then, and it still needs it now actually. The only spirited competition that Jay-Z has at this point in his career is Nas, and that’s not really that big of a deal. Jay’s biggest competition is his former self in my opinion. We want the rapper phenomenon from the old "Reasonable Doubt" and "The Blueprint" eras of his career to reappear. Where’s that guy who traded verses with Biggie on that classic “Brooklyn’s Finest” joint? The truth is that old version of Jay is no more. It’s a disappointing realization, but it's true.

So, now it's Fall of 2007 and Jay-Z has announced that he will be releasing another album this year based off the upcoming Denzel Washington movie called "American Gangster" that just happens to be the same name that Jay is using for the title of his project. Marketing wise, that's a brilliant idea! In a way Jay-Z is kind of marketing his album like an unofficial soundtrack to the movie. I already know that the movie is going to be very gangster, but the real question is Jay-Z's album going to be gangster enough? Will his album live up to the epic proportions of this soon to be classic movie? Jay-Z needs to resurrect some of his past musical relationships and pull out all of the stops to make the album this time around that the 'Black Album' and 'Kingdom Come' should have been times two! If he falls short again, I don't know if the hip-hop fans will be very forgiving about it this time around?

I wish Mr. Carter the best of luck, and I hope he can prove the doubters wrong by doing what most feel he can't do, which is make a true classic album. Well, for those that have missed it, here is the rumored first single called "Blue Magic" featuring Pharell from the new joint!! Listen for yourself, and hear what you think...

Who doesn’t know Karrine Steffans a.k.a Superhead by now? She went from a video groupie to a vixen/book author overnight it seems. Personally, I have chosen not to waste my time purchasing or even reading any one of her books. I could give a dayum about who’s sexing who in the entertainment world. From what I have heard about Karrine’s sexual past she will definitely go down in the sexual scandals Hall of Fame right behind Monica Lewinsky. I am amazed at how well she exploits herself for a profit. As of late she has been seriously trying to promote her second book, so she has been hounding radio station around the globe to get some airtime. Rumor has it that many radio stations were not interested in having Superhead on their show, but a local radio station based out of Detroit decided to give her an opportunity. The folks over at FM 98 (WJLB) that host the weekly morning show (Coco, Foolish, Charles Pue & Mr. Chase) are already pretty wild, so if you come on there for any interview expect the unexpected. I don’t listen to the radio that much, but when I do it’s normally on FM 98 in the morning so that I can hear some updates on traffic, weather and some entertainment news. Plus, they are one of the only local stations in Detroit, so I try to support that as well. Recently, Superhead was on the Detroit radio show conducting a telephone interview to promote her new book, and to hopefully have an open discussion about a few of the rumors that have been circling around her career. Well, let’s just say that things didn’t really go as planned…


I thought the interview was kind of funny actually…

Superhead has a lot nerve to get annoyed when someone calls her Superhead when she proudly wore T-Shirts that said “Superhead” on them to obviously get more attention. She has used her past sexcapades to make money with two tell all books, and NOW she’s getting offensive when she’s questioned and reminded about her past? GTFOH! Does she really want us to feel sorry for her now? I hate hypocrites more than I hate entertainment groupie whores.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sometimes, looking my musical archives is real treasure hunt. I enjoy reacquainting myself with artists and music from the past that have fallen under my radar. Recently, I came across a mixx that I had a made a few years ago with some of my favorite joints on it from artists that never got the love I thought they deserved. Some got more than others, but overall these albums never got the shine they deserved. Today, I want to reflect back on some of the artists and albums that definitely made music listening very enjoyable back in the day. There have been plenty of female R&B groups over the years that have come and gone, but one of my personal favorites was Sisters With Voices (SWV). They were a talented group of girls with a touch of ghetto fabulous flair that had most fans hooked. They’ve had several classic records over the years, but their best album in my opinion was definitely “New Beginning,” which was their second album. Don’t get me wrong though, their first album was a certified ghetto banger too, but the second joint seemed more polished. I can put this album on today and let it play from beginning to end without fast-forwarding through any songs. That album was full of the hot tracks like “You’re The One” and “Use Your Heart” how can you go wrong.

Who remembers Gina Thompson? This young lady was bad! Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good. The single most people remember from her is the classic “The Things That You Do” and the remix version was even better. Her debut album “Nobody Does It Better” was an instant classic in my music book. The beats were ridiculous to say the least, and her sound was like no other. It’s been over 10 years since that album dropped, and it still has remained in my rotation since that time. Have you ever had an album that never fails to satisfy your musical craving once you hear it? Well, that album is one of those albums for me. It got ignored by the masses though. Sadly, her second album “If You Only Knew” was never released due to some record label shenanigans. That joint was solid too! If you look hare enough on the internet, you just might find it?

Well, what can I say about my girl Nicole Wray. She was the first of the few female artists that were supposed to come out of Missy Elliot’s camp, which included Lil’ Mo, Mocha and Blu. Back then she just went by the name Nicole. When her debut album “Make It Hot” was released back in 1998, I was definitely hyped about it! Her first single by the same name was still making a serious buzz on the urban radio scene. The album did not disappoint and that’s mainly because Missy Elliott was behind the project 100%, so I wouldn’t have expected anything less. There was one other single radio single from that album, and the Nicole just vanished. Then she reappeared in 2004 out of no wear, now calling herself Nicole Wray. She released a single that I can’t remember now, off of her second album called “If I Was Your Girlfriend” that actually never came out. I assume that there wasn’t enough interest in that first single, so the whole project was scrapped? Come back Nicky…come back!!

In some perspectives Ms. Tasha Holiday is a one hit wonder kind of like Tone Loc and Eddie Murphy when he did the track “Party All the Time” back in the 1980s! I beg to differ though, because sometimes artists are only one hit wonders because their label didn’t properly promote their music. Her first single “Just the Way You Like It” was a banger, and I just knew she was going to blow-up like a cheap party balloon. It never happened though. Tasha’s career fizzed out like the sex life of a couple that’s been married over 10 years. I believe she was part of the Bad Boy camp back then, so Puff Daddy definitely had something to do with her demise. I haven’t heard anything about Ms. Holiday in a few years. It might be cool to see her trying to make a comeback one day? Then on second thought….

I have been a fan of 702 since they dropped their first single “Steelo” featuring Missy Elliott back in 1996. They were next best thing behind TLC in my opinion. They carried great harmony, good lyrics and catchy hooks. Their debut album “No Doubt” is still one my favorites, and their second album had a few nice cuts on it as well. Of course with success come large egos, so the lead singer Kameelah Williams decided to try her hands as a solo artist. She part ways with the group to go and work with Faith Evans at her new label. Kameelah never got her solo career off the ground, but she did write a few songs and sing background for a Faith Evans a few times. Rumor has it that she was supposed to replace Kima in the group Total, but that fell through as well. After an uneventful solo career, Kameelah reunited with the girls of 702 and they released their third album flop “Star” in 2003. After the group officially broke up for good, but I refuse the door on them just yet. There is always a chance for a comeback…

Now, that I am finished with my long-windness, I can get on with the music portion of this post! I decided to post the mixx that sparked me to do this post in the first place. I call it the "Girl Interrupted Mixx" and it's full of songs from the artists that I mentioned above.


01)Caution - Teedra Moses
02)When You're In Love - Tara Thomas feat. CL Smooth
03)No Doubt - 702
04)Nobody Does It Better - Gina Thompson
05)Raise Your Frown - Nicole Wray
06)All Night Long - SWV
07)Giving You More - Aaliyah
08)Just The Way You Like It - Tasha Holiday feat. Mase
09)Live The Life (Remix) - Fundisha
10)Don't Cry - Faith Evans
11)Brand New - Sista
12)Walk Out of My Life (Pete Rock Remix) - Monica
13)Backstroke - Teedra Moses
14)Into You - Gina Thompson
15)When This Feeling - SWV
16)Make Time - 702
17)Testing Our Love - Nicole Wray
18)Everyday - Tha Truth
19)Nicety - Miche'le
20)Distant Lover - Taral Hicks

Listen here:


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Even though there have been several shifts throughout the Justus League since their emergence into the hip-hop scene, they are still one of my favorite rap crews. I like some crew members better than others, but overall they have been pretty consistent. One of the original, but overlooked League affiliates that goes by the name Median has finally released his long awaited debut album ‘Median’s Relief’ for all to hear. While most Justus League fans may have totally forgotten about Median, I have been waiting patiently for this release. Personally, I have enjoyed all of his prior releases, and this new album is no exception. Median has never claimed to be the best on the microphone, but he plays his position well. Lyrically he solid and I appreciate his simple, yet relative subjects that he raps about. While many of the Justus Leaguers get most of their beats from the usual suspects like 9th Wonder, Nicolay and Khrysis, Median seems to have a knack at picking some of their better production for himself. His beats may not be better overall, but Median knows how to choose the production that best compliments his delivery. The rap world would be a better place if every rapper did the same.

Median’s latest release takes our ears back to the early days of the Justus League. Before the split up of Little Brother and the Khrysis comment that Nicolay wasn’t really a true member of the Justus League. Back when was the only outlet on the internet to get Justus League music! ‘Median’s Relief’ is a nice mixture of old and new material. The older songs are tracks that were never officially released, except on some of the earlier out of print mixtapes that actually set this whole hip-hop movement off. Median handles most of the lyrical duties throughout the album except for limited guest appearances by Chaundon, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Spectac and Joe Scudda. Even with all of the diverse subject matter that is present on this album, it still managed to keep my head bobbin’ throughout. So, if you are a true Justus League fan, then put your ears on this new Median for sure. An always remember that the League is what you need!!


If you are a SERIOUS Justus League fan, be sure to click the link below before you bounce to recieve a little goodie from the peeps over at FWMJ to tide you over...


Monday, September 24, 2007

Outside of being a music connoisseur I am a huge movie buff as well. I try to hit up the movie theaters at least once a week when I can, so there isn’t much that I haven’t seen during my many years of movie going. My favorite genres of movies are martial arts, comedy, action and thriller. Basically, if a movie has the potential to be good, I’m there. One of my favorite movie directors is definitely Quinton Tarantino! This dude is a master at creating the ultimate movie watching experience. He understands that paying attention to the smallest details really counts when making a movie. It’s usually the difference between having a mediocre film and a great one. If you have seen any of Tarantino’s movies you know what I mean. Out of all of the things I love about Tarantino’s flicks, which include the extensive character dialog, creative action sequences and the exaggerated amounts of cursing, it’s the music that incorporates into his movies that impresses me the most. It seems like every tune used in his movies has a true purpose that brings each scene to life. A strong soundtrack is definitely a staple of a Tarantino movie.

One of my favorite Tarantino movie soundtrack moments would definitely have to be the Kill Bill Vol. 1. I actually bought that movie soundtrack and I NEVER purchase movie soundtracks anymore. Tarantino getting the RZA to handle the movie score was pure genius! The only RZA movie score that’s even close to the Kill Bill series is Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai. There are some dope joints in that flick. Even without RZA handling the score, Tarantino still knows how to bring the music flavors together. A perfect example of this would be his movie Jackie Brown, which featured Pam Greer and Samuel L. Jackson. If you like top notch old school soul grooves playing in the background while you watch great actors do their thing on screen, Jackie Brown has what you need. Just recently Tarantino’s most recent flick called “Death Proof” from the Grindhouse double-feature from earlier this year was just released on DVD a few days ago. The music in this movie is pretty cool as well, plus the movie itself was very entertaining. This movie is just another example of why Quinten Tarantino is one of the hottest writers/directors in the game right now. If you haven’t seen this movie already, make sure you do. The ending alone is worth the price of admission.

Do yourself a favor and watch all of the Tarantino’s movies, if you haven’t already!

I have generously provided you with a great movie rental list:


Pay close attention to the music in these movies to hear what I was talking about. Oh yeah, and check out that RZA "Ghost Dog" flick as well while you're at it. The movie is decent, but the beats are sickel-cellious!

Friday, September 21, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Lil' Wayne makes the "I Love N.Y. 2" cast!!

Believe me...I already know what you are thinking...LMAO!

I must admit that I was truly surprised when I found out about this, and I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes! The proof is in the pudding as they say. You see Lil' Wayne standing there in the picture amongst all of the other cast members just like I do. I guess he's decided to put his rapping career on hold for a minute, while he tries out this reality TV thing? I wish him luck. I heard through a rumor that Ms. New York is positive on the HIV tip? Be careful Weezy...I heard that's the quickest way to dead a rap career playboy! Now, who said that small people couldn't compete amongst the taller dudes?? Do you folks think that he really has a chance?

Remember where you heard it first!!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are you a fan of spoken word? The definition of spoken-word is a form of literary art or artistic performance in which lyrics, poetry, or stories are spoken rather than sung. Spoken-word is often done with a musical background, but emphasis is kept on the speaker. A lot music fans that I have conversed with about spoken-word think it’s pretty corny! Some feel that all of the artists sound alike and are pretty much boring overall. Isn’t it funny how that definition above kind of sounds like they are actually describing rap music. They are similar in many ways, but there is a distinct difference. Rapping is about having a lyrical flow and keeping in cadence with the beat, but in spoken word those things are not that important. Some spoken-word artists have become rappers to gain more notoriety and success, because the reality is that spoken word genre is not that lucrative. Other than getting a chance to perform on Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam or at some local coffee house most of spoken-word artists go unheard by the masses. Even though it’s an established art form, it still hasn’t gotten the respect it deserves.

One of my favorite spoken-word artists is definitely Ursula Rucker from Philadelphia. She was the first artist that made me actually pay attention to the whole spoken-word movement back in the 1990s. Ursula is known for her diverse repertoire and for utilizing techniques that catch listeners’ attention, which have brought her critical acclaim over the years. Her stories are very vivid and engrossing, which in some cases can leave listeners amazed, yet disturbed by the negative realities that she sometimes brings to light. She has collaborated with several diverse artists over the years like King Britt, 4hero, Jazzanova and most notably The Roots. Ms. Rucker has contributed spoken words on the three of The Roots albums over the years, which just happen to some of my favorite Rucker moments. She has three albums Supa Sistas (2001), Silver and Lead (2003) and Ma’at Mama (2006), which are all pretty good in my personal opinion. She keeps it raw though, so if you’re looking for nursery school rhymes you should probably keep it moving. She’s not raunchy like Millie Jackson, but she can damn sure tell a good story.

Another new school poet that I enjoy a lot is Rich Medina. He’s also a deejay, producer, musician and promoter as well, so this dude is pretty deep on the underground scene. He has one album called Connecting the Dots that was definitely overlooked by the masses back in 2005. This was a well-rounded album that really exposed all sides of Mr. Medina’s talent. The album had a nice mixture of spoken-word, jazz, house, hip-hop, soul and afro-beat. It still gets some heavy rotation from time to time. He has remixed and produced tracks for several well respected artists like Jill Scott, Martin Luther, Sy Smith and Platinum Pied Pipers. Rich Medina stays close to his deejay roots by regularly playing at night clubs and underground gigs all over NYC. Make sure you check Mr. Medina out live if you get a chance because it’s always a unique experience during his performances. If you are interested in hearing some spoken-word artists, the two aforementioned artists above is a good place to start. If you don’t want to jump right into the hardcore stuff there are several other artists that have spoken-word tendencies. These artists can ease you into the whole spoken-word movement slowly and soulfully until you are ready to advance. Checkout out albums from artists like Me’Shell N’degeocello, Jill Scott, Ledisi, N’Dambi, W. Ellington Felton, Amanda Diva, Medusa and Malik Yusef who have borrowed several pages from the spoken-word book from time to time to keep their sound musically diverse. Maybe, one day spoken-word will get the respect it deserves, but even if it doesn’t I will still remain a fan.

To bring the spoken-word movement point home, I have decided to incorporate some of my favorite spoken-word moments into my latest mixx that I call the ‘Spoken Soulfully Mixx!’ It’s definitely soulful, plus I mixed it up with some new and dope tracks as well to balance things out, so get it while you can.


01~Jill Scott - Wanna Be Loved
02~N'Dambi - Soul From The Abyss
03~W. Ellington Felton ft. Erro - Postcards From The Edge
04~Ursula Rucker ft. Ovasoul - Brown Boy
05~Panacea ft. Raheem DeVaughn - Flashback to Stardom
06~Ledisi - Get To Know You
07~Liv Warfield - Groove DJ
08~Jill Scott - My Love
09~Tweek - Love
10~Jamal Dr. - Oh No
11~Me'Shell N'degeocello - Lovely Lovely
12~Julie Dexter - The Dove
13~Hezekiah ft. Muhsinah - The Beginning
14~Rich Medina ft. Martin Luther - Too Much
15~Jill Scott - Honey Molasses
16~Floetry - Let Me In
17~Bilal Salaam - Draw The Shades
18~Ursula Rucker - The Adventures In Wonderland
19~Andre 3000 - Chromomentrophobia
20~Me'Shell N'degeocello ft. Marcus Miller - Rush Over


Check out these artists:

Monday, September 17, 2007

Everyone knows that fashion and hip-hop are synonymous and have been for many years. The two have definitely built an unbreakable bond over the years. Music influences urban fashion and vice-versa. One fashion trend that has remained in place for several years and is currently dominating in athletic shoe sells is the infamous Nike Air Force One a.k.a AF1. I am fascinated by the whole AF1 shoe craze because when I first started wearing them back in the 1980s, it was just another Nike sneaker. Yeah, they were dope back then too, but nothing like it is now! During that time the real king of the shoe business were those Air Jordans! The Timberland brand has become a staple of the urban fashion shoe scene over the years as well, but they can’t touch those AF1s. In 2007, for every 10 people that I see walking through the mall at least 7 of them have on a pair of AF1s. If they’re not wearing them, you can best believe that they want too. Think about it, what other athletic shoe or any shoe for that matter has this type of versatility that has all age groups and nationalities of people wearing them? Personally, I like solid colored ones because they are simple in style. I don’t like a lot of crazy writing and annoying designs on my shoes, so the all white lows are perfect for me. For many, the AF1 is the all around urban shoe. It can be worn from the basketball court the city streets to the Red Carpet at the MTV Awards. I’m not trying to say that AF1s are necessary for every occasion, but I definitely understand.

Here are some interesting facts about the AF1 shoe. They were first created by a designer named Bruce Kilgore. It was the first basketball shoe to use the Nike Air technology. The name derives from the aircraft that carries the President of the United States. The first type of AF1 was produced in 1982 and discontinued in 1983. It was re-released in 1986 with the infamous Nike swoosh logo on the back and bottom of the shoe. There are over 1,700 color variations that have been produced over its history. The most popular colors are all black and all white, which just happens to be the only ones I wear. The shoes are sold by Nike retailers at about $48.50 a pair, and are then sold to the consumers for approximately $80. Damn, that sounds like a rip-off to me. Air Force Ones are NEVER sold at a discount price and any retailer found doing so is penalized by receiving lower quantities or none at all. Nike makes approximately 800 million dollars in revenue a year from the AF1 shoe line. Now, I think you can understand why Nike is one of the richest and powerful companies in the world.

Since, AF1s have become such a hot commodity over the years Nike has spiced their shoe game up by releasing several rare and limited editions of the shoe brand as well. Some of these outlandish creations can range anywhere from $150 to $400! The best part about it is that most of these shoes are never worn, but collected like a Babe Ruth rookie baseball card instead. That’s some crazy stuff right there, but if that’s your thing have at it. I would like to hear from a person who actually pays that much for a pair AF1s how all of that stuff works though just to fill my curiosity.

I have a 2 part question for all you AF1 wearers out there: How much money would you spin for a pair of AF1s, and do you think they really represent hip-hop or is this just ploy to get folks to buy shoes?


Friday, September 14, 2007


Personally, I have stayed away from the whole "Britney looked like a retired crack whore" on the MTV Music Awards the other night conversation, because I really don't give a damn! Well, obviously this man does, so listen up you bad people that have been bashing on Ms. Spears (and he means it too). This is the funniest and saddest shyt I have seen on Youtube in a minute, so I had to post it just on it's sheer, yet ridiculous comedic value. You are watching a fan who's a real stan that has evolved into a crazy stalker...

I introduce a lot of different artists on this site, but I get emails about this kat all of the time. Everybody wants to know who this dude is when they hear some of his music in my mixxes. Well, his name is Access Immortal reppin' Brooklyn, New York to the fullest. If I had to describe this emcee with one word, it would definitely be consistant!Most folks think he's a new artist, but he's been doing his thing for a short minute now. His career started out back in 2001 when he was performing regularly at some local gigs developing his skills and showmanship. Over time his local buzz grew, which lead to him getting his first record deal in 2005. AI released his debut album "Shades of Reality" that same year, but it went unheard by the masses. Personally, I thought the album was pretty solid, and I saw potential in this kat. He seemed hungry and focused, plus he had a confident swagger about him. At the end of 2005 he released an underground mixtape called "New York Yankee," which had a more gritty feel to it than his album. This mixtape allowed him to dive a little deeper into the subjects he touched on previously. It's 2007, and Access is on a different record label now, and he has already released his second joint "American Me" that just happens to share the same name as C.L. Smooth's first solo album. The new joint has the basic elements of beats and rhymes. Subject matter varies throughout the project, but there's nothing too outrageous on the album. He has a laid back delivery, solid wordplay and catchy beats, so if that's how you like your hip-hop definitely give Access Hollywood a listen.

Here are the tracks I promised, so peep these out and hear what you think:

Acc Immortal - Testimony

Acc Immortal - Monday Night Raw

Acc Immortal - The Villian

Acc Immortal - 9 In My Pocket

Check his site for more info and sounds:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Since, most of the mainstream soul/R&B has sadly lost its feeling over the last few years, I totally understand why young dudes don’t make slow jam compilations anymore. There’s really not much to choose from in 2007? Personally, when I was getting my young man’s courtship swag on back in the day, I kept a few slow jam tapes around to set the mood for the ladies. Being a horny one-track shallow minded young man that I was, a slow jam compilation was apart of seduction arsenal. Back in the day R&B artists told a story with their music. If you were clever enough to put the right songs together you could let the music do your work for you. I could let a woman know what I was thinking without saying a single word. A quality slow jam compilation can be the difference between getting some orgasmic relaxation, and having balls on blueberry hill at the end of the night. Music can be used as a form of seduction. Believe it or not, there is an unwritten system when putting together a good slow jam compilation a.k.a The Sexing U cassette mixtape. Of course, this musical process is not foolproof, but it has definitely worked for me more times than I can actually remember. Now, of course if you and the person you’re courting have already made it to second base (had sex already) then this process may not be that important? This type of compilation is for the dude that has just met a girl that he’s vibing with, and she’s coming over to his crib to relax, watch movies or eat a little din-din. A slow jam joint can be used in the car as an appetizer if you are going out with a woman as well. Remember when making a good first impression used to be important to a woman? One of my younger buddies told me that he had sex with a girl on the first night while playing a Yung Joc CD in the background. I guess it comes down to whatever works for you? What a shame....

Now, before I get into my recipe for a solid slow jam seduction compilation, let me make a few things clear. This is mainly for my younger comrades. In most cases a woman is not choosing to spend initial quality time with you because she wants to hear some slow jams. She is more than likely undecided about her overall impression of you, and she’s trying assess whether you are worth her time. If that’s not the case, then she just wants some sex, so you are in there anyway. The reality is that good music alone will not get you anywhere with a woman who is really worth investing time in. You still have to take care of the bare essentials like making sure your hygiene is on point, ironing your clothes, making sure your living space looks decent, etc. In other words, don’t blame this great music for not getting the girl if your breath was kicking like Lui Kang in Mortal Combat. Cavity creeps are never a good thing when trying to make a first impression…

Okay, here is the SoundNexx recipe for making a good slow jam compilation. I have broken up slow jam songs into 3 categories. The three types of slow jams are: classics, romantic and sexual. You can make a compilation specific to each version, or just make one incorporating all three types slow jams. I prefer incorporating all three, because you are ready to set the mood at anytime. Classic slow jams are songs that everybody loves from artist like Sade, Luther, Marvin, Teddy P, Isley Brothers, etc. These types of songs can be used to show a woman that you have some depth and knowledge about good music. Plus, classic tunes are just nice to hear from time to time, so those are always a winner.

Romantic slow jams are songs that give that feeling of innocent romance, without being vulgar in language and content. Romantic songs use a lot of mushy words like passion, love, cherish, special, feelings, etc. If you are really unsure of the type of woman you are dealing with, then these types of slow jam songs work great. Some women (especially when they don't know you well) can become immediately turned off when they hear sexually explicit records, and if that happens it's normally a downhill slide from there. Being too forward can be a turn off to some women. Be safe rather than sorry! Artists like Brian McKnight, Eric Roberson, Jagged Edge, Mariah Carey, John Legend, Robin Thicke, etc. have plenty of romantic records to choose from, so you're covered.

Last, but definitely not least are the sexual slow jams. These type records are the icing on the cake in my opinion! If used properly sexual slow jams can bring out the inner freak in a woman! These are the songs that send the strongest message to a female, which basically says, "let's me and you make a human ice cream sandwich!" If she's down with the plan, an evening of watching DVDs can quickly turn into a night of sweaty passion. Artists like Jodeci, R. Kelly, Janet Jackson, H-Town, Aaron Hall, Adina Howard, etc. have some tunes that can fill that musical void. Okay, now that you know my musical recipe, it's time to put your ears on an slightly updated version of slow jam joint I used to play a lot back in the day!

Fellaz should definitely kopp it, but this mixx is for you ladies....

I am holding out on posting the track list for now, so that the art of seductive surprise can take its course...


01^teddy pendergrass - lastest, my greatest inspiration
02^prince - adore
03^swv - you're always on my mind
04^bel biv devoe - when will i see you smile again
05^the isley brothers - fall in love
06^jagged edge - funny how
07^donnell jones - don't leave
08^mary j. blige - i never wanna
09^usher - seduction
10^myron - destiny
11^r. kelly - it seems like your ready
12^ready for the world - tonite
13^playa - birthday
14^faith evans - give it to me
15^h-town - like it slow
16^jodeci - what about us
17^christion - anything goes
18^janet - someday is tonite

Sexx-N-U Mixx


As the world waits to see who will be the sales victor between Kanyeezie and Fiddy, a new music video has shown up on the internet off of the "Graduation" album called "The Good Life" featuring T-Pain-n-myazz! Being that I am not a big T-Pain fan, I was a little bewildered about this collabo, but after hearing it I was pleasantly surprised! The way Kanye flipped that Michael Jackson sample was on point, so this is another one of my favorite joints off of the album. If you haven't seen it already, put your eye juices on this one...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remember, when the Black Eye Peas were a real underground rap group, minus Freakmowf Fergie? Now, they are a pop group pretending to be rappers. Okay, I won't be that hard on them, but I am not the big BEP fan that I once was today. They have catchy moments from time to time, but most of their newer stuff goes right over my head. Even though I'm not a Peas fan anymore, I am still a fan! He production style varies from artist to artist, so I normally like his stuff when it doesn't involve BEP. I enjoyed both of HIS previous solo albums, so I will be paying attention when he releases his third joint "Stories About Girls" on September 25, 2007. The new album has theme, which is based on relationships. This is new territory for Will, but I think he can pull it out. He normally has a slew of featured guests on his projects, and this new album is no exception. Hell, he has produced for just about everybody worth mentioning in the industry, so I would expect nothing less. Since, is not Kanye or 50 Cent, you probably won't be seeing any commercials promoting this album. Word of mouth is how most of these artists get noticed, but in Will's case I might be wrong? He is a Pea that's Black Eyed, so he might get the promotion he deserves? Keep your ears open...


01"It's Over"
I Got It From My Mama"
04"She's A Star"
05"Get Your Money" (featuring Ludacris and Busta Rhymes)
06"The Donque Song" (featuring
Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg)
07"Impatient" (featuring
Dante Santiago)
08"One More Chance" (featuring Mary J. Blige)
10"Fantastic" (featuring Q-Tip and Common)
11"Fly Girl" (featuring The Game, Diddy, Nas, Fergie & Nate Dogg)
12"Dynamite Interlude"
13"Ain't It Pretty"
14"Make It Funky" (featuring
Justin Timberlake)

~Bonus Tracks

15"S.O.S. (Mother Nature)"
16"Mama Mia"
17"Spending Money"
18"Damn Damn Damn"
19" vs. Superblack [Pre - Order Only]"

Check out here @

While most of the hip-hop world has been sleeping on rapper/producer J-Zone over the years, I have remained a loyal fan of his movement. He has gotten a lot of flack from critics that feel his left field approach to making his music is annoying. Seems like the powers that be have been trying to put Zone in a musical box for years, but he hasn't let them. He stays changing up his game, keeping all of the critics guessing about what he's going to do next. I have always applauded his defiance, but I have really remained a fan because his music is dope! He was the first dude that I heard who really took beat making to an underheard level back then. The sounds he used to create his instrumental masterpieces were addictively mind blowing in my opinion. Due to unpopular demand, J-Zone has decided to take a break from making music. He's calling it a retirement of some sort, but read his words for yourself...

"I'm just tired of the indie rap thing and need a change. 8 years is a long time to be stuck in the same spot, and it's kinda taken its toll both professionally and personally. It was fun for a while, but you can only do shows in a fur coat buggin out on stage while everybody else is all serious battle rappin and freestylin for so long before you feel it's a lost cause. A lotta people didn't get it anyway. To keep interested in music, you gotta reinvent sometimes. I wanna do more instrumental records. I'm ready to do beats for singers, more pornos, strip club music, women's deodorant commercials, whatever. And not feel the need to be the J-Zone character 24/7. I'm gonna try to stretch my limits and find more success and have more fun elsewhere. Maybe J-Zone the rapper will be back one day, but only on Jimmy Iovine's payroll!"

Hopefully, he'll be back in the game sooner than later, but until that happens J-Zone is back on his deejay grind! Most don't know that he used to deejay back in college. For the past three months, J-Zone has been creating theme driven mixes for his fans that he calls the "Gators N' Furs" mixshow series. The mixes consist of golden era, miami bass, gangsta rap, funk, soul, rock, hip-house and pop music. J-Zone is definitely having fun with these mixes too, so expect the unexpected! I have gathered all of three of his mixes for you to put your ears on, because it's the right thing to do.

Get these babies while you can:

G-N-F July: Another Summer

G-N-F August: On The Wagon

G-N-F September: Back To School

The Zone Web Site:

Monday, September 10, 2007

Peanut Butter Wolf is an underground legend in my book. Stones Throw is the label that all other underground labels should be aspiring to be like when they grow up. This label is one of my favorites because they literally have one of the deepest and dopest artists rosters in the game today! The Stone’s Throw family is definitely full of trendsetters, headed by their label President PB Wolf who always seems to be keeping them steadily moving forward. Just recently Stones Throw came together with 2K Sports to develop the music soundtrack for the latest basketball gaming phenomenon NBA 2K8. Owners of home gaming systems like Playstation 2 or XBOX definitely know about the 2K series from years of quality gaming moments. Well, if you love sports anyway. Outside of the Madden Football, I think the NBA 2K series is the most anticipated sports gaming experience each year just for the brilliance of the realism that it captures. The graphics are always amazing, but the soundtracks are even better! There’s nothing better than playing basketball with your favorite team while listening to some good ole’ hip-hop music. PB Wolf has compiled 20 dope tracks that will accompany the NBA 2K8 game entitled “B-Ball Zombie War” that both will be released on October 2nd!

B-Ball Zombie War features new collaborations by Talib Kweli, Q-Tip and MF DOOM over beats by J Dilla, as well as new tracks by Madlib, Guilty Simpson, Aloe Blacc, Koushik, MED and Guilty Simpson among others. New names are introduced, including Karriem Riggins and Madlib’s group Supreme Team. Production is being handled by everyone from J Dilla to Madlib and that's never a bad thing. There will also be two nationwide tours starting after this project is released featuring Common, Percee P & Q-Tip in November, and a Stones Throw showcase including J-Rocc, Madlib & PB Wolf starting in November 2007.
Check out this track listing:
02. MED - Break It Down
03. GUILTY SIMPSON - Make It Fast
04. J DILLA feat. Q-TIP & TALIB KWELI - Lightworking
05. PERCEE P feat. J.ROCC - Legendary Lyricist Pt. 2
06. J.ROCC - Super Sound
07. MADLIB - The Wigflip
08. J DILLA feat. MF DOOM & GUILTY SIMPSON - Mash’s Revenge
09. OH NO - Action (Rap Version)10. BEAT KONDUCTA - Trouble
11. QUASIMOTO - Hydrant Game (Jaylib Remix)
12. ALOE BLACC - Find A Way
13. DAM-FUNK - Sidewayz
14. BARON ZEN - Electronic (Koushik Remix)
15. JAMES PANTS - Ka$h (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)
16. NIKO & DJ BABU - Now You Know17. KOUSHIK - Basketball Beat
18. ARABIAN PRINCE - Professor X Saga
19. JONATHON BROWN - Bass Creator’s Groove
20. CX KIDTRONIK feat. TCHAKA DIALLO - Big Girl, Skinny Girl
More info on PB Wolf and Stones Throw:

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Remember back in the 1990s when their seemed be a different male R&B group born every minute? From Color Me Badd to All-4-One they all had songs about the mushy love they had for some chic they met at VD Clinic, or they were begging for another chance with a woman that dumped them. It was like male group overload back then. I hated that period because it was really difficult to tell what groups were good and who just plain sucked! Trying to make a wise CD purchase by using just the CD cover artwork didn't work either, because most of the groups were dressed like a fake New Edition. Basically, I wasted plenty of good money back in the 90s buying crappy R&B albums with nothing to show for it. Even though there were plenty of terrible groups the came out back then, there were a few good ones like Boys II Men, Jodeci, Portrait and one of my favorites Jagged Edge. JE had that smooth hamony that made you take notice, and with that catchy Jermaine Dupri production behind their voices it was definitely a perfect match. Unlike many other male groups of the 90s, Jagged Edge's sound was unmistakable.

Over the years they have blessed us with many, many classic joints, and now they are about to drop their new joint "Baby Makin' Project" on September 25, 2007. The best thing about this project is that Jermaine Dupri is back behind the production boards again. Now, that both JE and JD are on different labels they can legally work together once again. Personally, I think JE is at their best when working with Jermaine. I am not a big fan of JD's production overall, but he does work well with these katz. They already have a new single out "Put A Little Umph In It" that is making a little noise right now on the underground. If you haven't heard it yet, check out the video I have posted below:

Put A Little Umph In It

Also, peep 3 new songs from the new album as well...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm back on my hip-hop ish again, so this post is right on time. My favorite Westcoaster emcee Planet Asia is back with a new joint for the hardcore underground headz! I have been a fan of the Planet Asia movement since the late 90s, and while many other rappers from the West seem to have lost their way, Planet Asia has kept it moving consistantly for many years. I have done several posts on this guy over my time blogging, so I won't go too deep into his background, but I will shed a little light on his new joint though. His new album is called "Jewelry Box Sessions" and I feel this is one of his better albums over the last 4 years or so. His lyricism usually makes any beat sound better, but there have been moments where his production has been less than satisfactory. He tends to work with a lot of new and underground producers, so his sound is normally different from his peers. This time around his has a few bangers on here that had me hitting rewind several times. I am a beat man, which means that I tend to like tracks that keep my head bobbin', so I am more than pleased with Planet's newest effort. If you've been unaware of Planet Asia up to this point, it's never too late to get familiar. Check for the Cali Agents (Planet Asia & Rasco) as well for more verses from this dude. If you consider yourself a real hip-hop head, you definitely need a little P. Asia in your collection!

Check out Planet Asia on Myspace:

An before you exit, be sure to kopp the Planet Asia Megamixx (if you haven't already) that I did last year by clicking the link below:


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Before I get in deep with this Lil’ Mo post, I just want to point out a little observation that I have noticed. I actually think that Lil’ Mo and Fantasia have fallen from the same family tree? It’s something about those luscious soup-coolers that they both have that has me convinced of this almost fact. You be the Judge Judy. Okay, now let’s get serious for a minute. How come the urban music fans have totally abandoned my favorite ghetto superwoman Lil’ Mo? Everybody is so busy talking about Keyshia Cole and Beyonce that Lil’ Mo’s name doesn’t even come up anymore. Now, I know most of you don’t think of the word ghetto when hear Beyonce’s name, but don’t be fooled by the fancy videos, nice clothes and top notch hair weaves (some of them anyway). I still remember seeing Beyonce and the original Destiny’s Child members in the back seat of their limo devouring some Popeye’s Chicken and biscuits like some freed slaves. There was chicken juice all over their lips, biscuit crumbs all over the seat, plus Beyonce was talking right into the camera with a mouth full of food. At that moment, I knew they were ghetto for sure. So, just because Beyonce is eating her Popeye’s with a fork and knife now doesn’t change anything. She’s a great talent for sure, so I have to give her the recognition she deserves. The reality is that Beyonce and Lil’ Mo are in two different categories musically, so let’s move on.

I think Lil’ Mo and Ms. Cole are more comparable actually. Musically, I like Mo a lil’ better between the two singers. Keyshia is a solid vocalist, but it’s difficult for me as a male to relate to the subject matters of her music in most cases. She seems to stay on a downhill slide while musically going through life’s trials and tribulations. You know the typical bad relationships, why’s he beating you girl, I caught you cheatin’ again type shyt! Lil’ Mo makes those types of records too, but she also makes fun records as well to balance things out. I think her humble beginnings working with Missy Elliot and Timbaland has worked well for her overall sound. She’s performed songs with and written songs for several artists like Blackstreet, Jay-Z, Next, Fabolous, 3LW, ODB, Keith Sweat, Ja Rule, Nicole Wray (where the hell she at), etc. When she released her debut album “Based on a True Story” back in 2001 on the heels of that “Superwoman Pt. II” single, everybody was checking for Lil’ Mo! At that point it seemed like Mo-Mo couldn’t be stopped. Then in 2003 she dropped another hot duet single with Fabolous called “Can’t Let You Go” slated for Fabo’s “Street Dreams” joint! Then came the third duet “4 Ever” right behind that, which was the first single from Lil’ Mo’s second album “Meet the Girl Next Door.” Her second effort had a few note worthy tracks, but I expected more from her. The sophomore jinx was definitely in effect. I never gave up on my girl Mo though.

Now, she’s back with a new album in 2007 called “Pain & Paper.” Productions credits go to Chunky Thompson and Missy Elliott. This album is taking Lil’ Mo back to where she started vocally. Solid production and catchy lyrics has worked well for Lil’ Mo throughout her career and this album is no exception. Once again another good album that got no publicity, so the folks that need to hear this joint probably won’t. I’m back on my Lil’ Mo swag again, and you should be too…

Show Lil' Mo some luv and listen 2 some music here: