Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Since, most of the mainstream soul/R&B has sadly lost its feeling over the last few years, I totally understand why young dudes don’t make slow jam compilations anymore. There’s really not much to choose from in 2007? Personally, when I was getting my young man’s courtship swag on back in the day, I kept a few slow jam tapes around to set the mood for the ladies. Being a horny one-track shallow minded young man that I was, a slow jam compilation was apart of seduction arsenal. Back in the day R&B artists told a story with their music. If you were clever enough to put the right songs together you could let the music do your work for you. I could let a woman know what I was thinking without saying a single word. A quality slow jam compilation can be the difference between getting some orgasmic relaxation, and having balls on blueberry hill at the end of the night. Music can be used as a form of seduction. Believe it or not, there is an unwritten system when putting together a good slow jam compilation a.k.a The Sexing U cassette mixtape. Of course, this musical process is not foolproof, but it has definitely worked for me more times than I can actually remember. Now, of course if you and the person you’re courting have already made it to second base (had sex already) then this process may not be that important? This type of compilation is for the dude that has just met a girl that he’s vibing with, and she’s coming over to his crib to relax, watch movies or eat a little din-din. A slow jam joint can be used in the car as an appetizer if you are going out with a woman as well. Remember when making a good first impression used to be important to a woman? One of my younger buddies told me that he had sex with a girl on the first night while playing a Yung Joc CD in the background. I guess it comes down to whatever works for you? What a shame....

Now, before I get into my recipe for a solid slow jam seduction compilation, let me make a few things clear. This is mainly for my younger comrades. In most cases a woman is not choosing to spend initial quality time with you because she wants to hear some slow jams. She is more than likely undecided about her overall impression of you, and she’s trying assess whether you are worth her time. If that’s not the case, then she just wants some sex, so you are in there anyway. The reality is that good music alone will not get you anywhere with a woman who is really worth investing time in. You still have to take care of the bare essentials like making sure your hygiene is on point, ironing your clothes, making sure your living space looks decent, etc. In other words, don’t blame this great music for not getting the girl if your breath was kicking like Lui Kang in Mortal Combat. Cavity creeps are never a good thing when trying to make a first impression…

Okay, here is the SoundNexx recipe for making a good slow jam compilation. I have broken up slow jam songs into 3 categories. The three types of slow jams are: classics, romantic and sexual. You can make a compilation specific to each version, or just make one incorporating all three types slow jams. I prefer incorporating all three, because you are ready to set the mood at anytime. Classic slow jams are songs that everybody loves from artist like Sade, Luther, Marvin, Teddy P, Isley Brothers, etc. These types of songs can be used to show a woman that you have some depth and knowledge about good music. Plus, classic tunes are just nice to hear from time to time, so those are always a winner.

Romantic slow jams are songs that give that feeling of innocent romance, without being vulgar in language and content. Romantic songs use a lot of mushy words like passion, love, cherish, special, feelings, etc. If you are really unsure of the type of woman you are dealing with, then these types of slow jam songs work great. Some women (especially when they don't know you well) can become immediately turned off when they hear sexually explicit records, and if that happens it's normally a downhill slide from there. Being too forward can be a turn off to some women. Be safe rather than sorry! Artists like Brian McKnight, Eric Roberson, Jagged Edge, Mariah Carey, John Legend, Robin Thicke, etc. have plenty of romantic records to choose from, so you're covered.

Last, but definitely not least are the sexual slow jams. These type records are the icing on the cake in my opinion! If used properly sexual slow jams can bring out the inner freak in a woman! These are the songs that send the strongest message to a female, which basically says, "let's me and you make a human ice cream sandwich!" If she's down with the plan, an evening of watching DVDs can quickly turn into a night of sweaty passion. Artists like Jodeci, R. Kelly, Janet Jackson, H-Town, Aaron Hall, Adina Howard, etc. have some tunes that can fill that musical void. Okay, now that you know my musical recipe, it's time to put your ears on an slightly updated version of slow jam joint I used to play a lot back in the day!

Fellaz should definitely kopp it, but this mixx is for you ladies....

I am holding out on posting the track list for now, so that the art of seductive surprise can take its course...


01^teddy pendergrass - lastest, my greatest inspiration
02^prince - adore
03^swv - you're always on my mind
04^bel biv devoe - when will i see you smile again
05^the isley brothers - fall in love
06^jagged edge - funny how
07^donnell jones - don't leave
08^mary j. blige - i never wanna
09^usher - seduction
10^myron - destiny
11^r. kelly - it seems like your ready
12^ready for the world - tonite
13^playa - birthday
14^faith evans - give it to me
15^h-town - like it slow
16^jodeci - what about us
17^christion - anything goes
18^janet - someday is tonite

Sexx-N-U Mixx



BELIZE said...

Damn..i cant listen homie

Nino said...

Damn, thanks for this one! Some of these songs I haven't heard in several years. I think I'mma get some sex tonite..ha ha ha!

McKenzie said...

There's no link for the SEXX... :(

SoundNexx DJ said...

Ayt folks... I have added the player to this post so you can listen to this joint while on my site. I forgot some of ya'll can't go directly to the links on your work computers...LOL!

Uhhh..get 2 work! :) Thanks for coming thru...

green eyes said...

daaammmnnn...... jamz publishing the manual. fellas take notes!!

theCOOL said...

major thanks and praise lol

this will mos def come in useful

keep up the strong work


Randy Vue said...

Thanks for the slow jams. I try to get sex atleast 3 times a week, so this will come in handy-dandy..

natural muze said...

i love this. you cracked me up breaking it down into 3 categories. depending on the mood i'm in, all three can be good for me. but i'm a music lover, so that may be why. lol.

i love your blog. have i said that before? lol.

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Green Eyes - I'm just doing what I can do, when I can do it...LOL!

@COOL - No probs playboy! I got some more in store, so stay tuned!

@Randy - Hopefully, this music will increase your sex adventures to 4. Good Luck!

@Natural Muze - A woman that likes all 3 types of slow jams is okay with me...LOL! Oh yeah, and this blog love you too Muze..! ;) Thanks for coming thru...

It's unfair that men have to be creative (most times) with their tactics to get sex from a woman, but all a woman has to do to get sex from a man is get naked!!

Jenn Will said...

I am a sucker for some mood music...and since this is the closest I'll come to having someone make me a mixtape, I say thank you and job well done!

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Jenn - Don't we worry, SoundNexx got you covered...LOL! Keep hope alive, because I am on a quest to get these dudes back on track when it comes seducing our women with slow jams! Until, that happens, you can come here any time to get your musical fixx..LOL!

Thanks for stopping thru...