Sunday, September 09, 2007

Remember back in the 1990s when their seemed be a different male R&B group born every minute? From Color Me Badd to All-4-One they all had songs about the mushy love they had for some chic they met at VD Clinic, or they were begging for another chance with a woman that dumped them. It was like male group overload back then. I hated that period because it was really difficult to tell what groups were good and who just plain sucked! Trying to make a wise CD purchase by using just the CD cover artwork didn't work either, because most of the groups were dressed like a fake New Edition. Basically, I wasted plenty of good money back in the 90s buying crappy R&B albums with nothing to show for it. Even though there were plenty of terrible groups the came out back then, there were a few good ones like Boys II Men, Jodeci, Portrait and one of my favorites Jagged Edge. JE had that smooth hamony that made you take notice, and with that catchy Jermaine Dupri production behind their voices it was definitely a perfect match. Unlike many other male groups of the 90s, Jagged Edge's sound was unmistakable.

Over the years they have blessed us with many, many classic joints, and now they are about to drop their new joint "Baby Makin' Project" on September 25, 2007. The best thing about this project is that Jermaine Dupri is back behind the production boards again. Now, that both JE and JD are on different labels they can legally work together once again. Personally, I think JE is at their best when working with Jermaine. I am not a big fan of JD's production overall, but he does work well with these katz. They already have a new single out "Put A Little Umph In It" that is making a little noise right now on the underground. If you haven't heard it yet, check out the video I have posted below:

Put A Little Umph In It

Also, peep 3 new songs from the new album as well...


natural muze said...

man i looooove jagged edge. i can't wait to cop this! for some reason their song 'can we be tight' has been playing on my mp3 player for the last three days. i love that song!

great blog! mind if i link you?

candyraindrops aka LL said...

I'm glad to see Jagged Edge is back..hopefully they sell in todays market!....Baby making project is reaching tho. *waves @ jamz*