Thursday, September 06, 2007

Before I get in deep with this Lil’ Mo post, I just want to point out a little observation that I have noticed. I actually think that Lil’ Mo and Fantasia have fallen from the same family tree? It’s something about those luscious soup-coolers that they both have that has me convinced of this almost fact. You be the Judge Judy. Okay, now let’s get serious for a minute. How come the urban music fans have totally abandoned my favorite ghetto superwoman Lil’ Mo? Everybody is so busy talking about Keyshia Cole and Beyonce that Lil’ Mo’s name doesn’t even come up anymore. Now, I know most of you don’t think of the word ghetto when hear Beyonce’s name, but don’t be fooled by the fancy videos, nice clothes and top notch hair weaves (some of them anyway). I still remember seeing Beyonce and the original Destiny’s Child members in the back seat of their limo devouring some Popeye’s Chicken and biscuits like some freed slaves. There was chicken juice all over their lips, biscuit crumbs all over the seat, plus Beyonce was talking right into the camera with a mouth full of food. At that moment, I knew they were ghetto for sure. So, just because Beyonce is eating her Popeye’s with a fork and knife now doesn’t change anything. She’s a great talent for sure, so I have to give her the recognition she deserves. The reality is that Beyonce and Lil’ Mo are in two different categories musically, so let’s move on.

I think Lil’ Mo and Ms. Cole are more comparable actually. Musically, I like Mo a lil’ better between the two singers. Keyshia is a solid vocalist, but it’s difficult for me as a male to relate to the subject matters of her music in most cases. She seems to stay on a downhill slide while musically going through life’s trials and tribulations. You know the typical bad relationships, why’s he beating you girl, I caught you cheatin’ again type shyt! Lil’ Mo makes those types of records too, but she also makes fun records as well to balance things out. I think her humble beginnings working with Missy Elliot and Timbaland has worked well for her overall sound. She’s performed songs with and written songs for several artists like Blackstreet, Jay-Z, Next, Fabolous, 3LW, ODB, Keith Sweat, Ja Rule, Nicole Wray (where the hell she at), etc. When she released her debut album “Based on a True Story” back in 2001 on the heels of that “Superwoman Pt. II” single, everybody was checking for Lil’ Mo! At that point it seemed like Mo-Mo couldn’t be stopped. Then in 2003 she dropped another hot duet single with Fabolous called “Can’t Let You Go” slated for Fabo’s “Street Dreams” joint! Then came the third duet “4 Ever” right behind that, which was the first single from Lil’ Mo’s second album “Meet the Girl Next Door.” Her second effort had a few note worthy tracks, but I expected more from her. The sophomore jinx was definitely in effect. I never gave up on my girl Mo though.

Now, she’s back with a new album in 2007 called “Pain & Paper.” Productions credits go to Chunky Thompson and Missy Elliott. This album is taking Lil’ Mo back to where she started vocally. Solid production and catchy lyrics has worked well for Lil’ Mo throughout her career and this album is no exception. Once again another good album that got no publicity, so the folks that need to hear this joint probably won’t. I’m back on my Lil’ Mo swag again, and you should be too…

Show Lil' Mo some luv and listen 2 some music here:

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Big Homie said...

Lil Mo was actually dope back then. Not too familiar with her stuff now. I do not know why she fell off. She lives around the way. I might have to ask her personally lol