Tuesday, September 11, 2007

While most of the hip-hop world has been sleeping on rapper/producer J-Zone over the years, I have remained a loyal fan of his movement. He has gotten a lot of flack from critics that feel his left field approach to making his music is annoying. Seems like the powers that be have been trying to put Zone in a musical box for years, but he hasn't let them. He stays changing up his game, keeping all of the critics guessing about what he's going to do next. I have always applauded his defiance, but I have really remained a fan because his music is dope! He was the first dude that I heard who really took beat making to an underheard level back then. The sounds he used to create his instrumental masterpieces were addictively mind blowing in my opinion. Due to unpopular demand, J-Zone has decided to take a break from making music. He's calling it a retirement of some sort, but read his words for yourself...

"I'm just tired of the indie rap thing and need a change. 8 years is a long time to be stuck in the same spot, and it's kinda taken its toll both professionally and personally. It was fun for a while, but you can only do shows in a fur coat buggin out on stage while everybody else is all serious battle rappin and freestylin for so long before you feel it's a lost cause. A lotta people didn't get it anyway. To keep interested in music, you gotta reinvent sometimes. I wanna do more instrumental records. I'm ready to do beats for singers, more pornos, strip club music, women's deodorant commercials, whatever. And not feel the need to be the J-Zone character 24/7. I'm gonna try to stretch my limits and find more success and have more fun elsewhere. Maybe J-Zone the rapper will be back one day, but only on Jimmy Iovine's payroll!"

Hopefully, he'll be back in the game sooner than later, but until that happens J-Zone is back on his deejay grind! Most don't know that he used to deejay back in college. For the past three months, J-Zone has been creating theme driven mixes for his fans that he calls the "Gators N' Furs" mixshow series. The mixes consist of golden era, miami bass, gangsta rap, funk, soul, rock, hip-house and pop music. J-Zone is definitely having fun with these mixes too, so expect the unexpected! I have gathered all of three of his mixes for you to put your ears on, because it's the right thing to do.

Get these babies while you can:

G-N-F July: Another Summer

G-N-F August: On The Wagon

G-N-F September: Back To School

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