Thursday, December 13, 2012

This particular mixx is filled with tracks that I have been playing lately. I was recently doing some crate diggin' in my music archives, and I found myself rediscovering some forgotten gems. However, since I have been listening to some new stuff too, leaving them off this mixx would've been unfair. They deserve some shine too! This mixx was really fun to make because I tried different track blending techniques just to hear what would happen. There is no particular theme to this joint, and the songs were randomly chosen and mixed. There are soul, hip-hop, R&B and remixed tracks throughout this mixx for your listening pleasure. Put ears on this joint when time permits, and I think you'll be glad you did! Enjoy and thanks for listening.


Get Ta SteppinHi-Tek ft. Mos Def & Vinia Mojica
Gold For A FoolFunky DL
Work It Out (Remix)Mos Def
I Can't Help YouFunky DL
1nce Again (Remix)A Tribe Called Quest
Rock Wit YouMichael Jackson
Good MusicThe Thyrday
We Run ThingsBush Babees
This LoveDwele
Hangin' On a String    Loose Ends
For The Lover In You Big Daddy Kane
Everything's Gonna Be AlrightFather MC ft. Jodeci
Back 2 UNatasha Watts
So Very Happy                             Prince Markie Dee
Anotha PhaseVee
People Get ReadyBrand New Heavies
Go NatalieFather MC
Love & LifeTMLR
I Like Your StyleBig Bub
To Keep Us RollinMoka Only
The Only OneBlu & Exile ft. Jimetta Rose
Betcha Don't Know


This mixx is dedicated to one of my favorite soul singing duos, and their name is Kindred the Family Soul. I have been a fan of Aja and Fatin since they dropped their first album and nothing has changed over the years. Their music discusses everything from love, life, family, uplifting the people and making world a better place. The best thing about Kindred is that they're really cool and down to Earth people. The soulful sounds that they create is like comfort food to my ears. Personally, I feel like they've been overlooked by the masses, so here is your chance to get familiar if you haven't already. Get ready for some mellow soul goodness...


All Day Lovin

     Kindred Family Soul w/Jeff Bradshaw
Far Away     Kindred Family Soul
As of Yet     Kindred Family Soul
Struggle No More     Kindred Family Soul w/India Arie
We All Will Know     Kindred Family Soul
No Limit     Kindred Family Soul
You Got Love     Kindred Family Soul
I Am     Kindred Family Soul w/Jasmine Sullivan
Do You Remember     Kindred Family Soul
Rhythm of Life     Kindred Family Soul
Contentment     Kindred Family Soul
If I     Kindred Family Soul
Stars     Kindred Family Soul
Where Would I Be     Kindred Family Soul
Just the Way You Are     Kindred Family Soul
House of Love (remix)


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Soul singer Erykah Badu is definitely a favorite artist of mines as well as many other music lovers around the world. It's deeper than music with Ms. Badu. She walks on her own path musically and in life. I have been following her career since the beginning, and she always amazes me with her ability to remain fresh in her approach to her music making. Erykah's like no other, and those that have tried to borrow her stylings over the years have failed miserably. Controversy has followed her career at times, but she's never fled from her convictions, even when naysayers have criticized her past decisions, opinions and actions. For that I applaud her. Her music is dope too, and that's the main reason why I remain a fan.

A couple of years ago, I made a mixx (Erykah Baduinit Mixx) showcasing some of my favorite Erykah Badu tracks and collaborations. Today, I am sharing a revised 2.0 version of that original mixx. This joint has some of the same songs from the original, but most are different. Soul music fans should definitely put ears on this one. Enjoy and thanks for listening! Continue to support quality music...

2.0 Track List:

The Notic feat. D'Angelo/The Roots
Rocket Juice feat. Manuela
Back In The Day (Puff)
The Light (Remix) feat. Common
ICU (Doin It)feat. A Tribe Called Quest
Fly Away feat. Georgia Muldrow/Sa-Ra
20 Feet Tall (Remix) feat. Rapsody
That Heat feat. Mendes
Humble Mumble feat. Outkast
Real Thang (Remix)
The Blast (Remix) feat. Talib Kweli
Otherside of The Game (Remix)
You Got Me (SNexx Mix) feat. The Roots/Eve/Jill Scott
Searching feat. Roy Ayers
Plenty feat. Guru
Bag Lady (Remix)
Afro Blue (Remix) feat. Phonte/Robert Glasper
One feat. Busta Rhymes
Southern Gul (Remix)
Bandy Bandy feat. Zap Mama
All Night Long feat. Common


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Originally, I dropped this mixx back on my birthday (Oct. 16th) via one my four Podomatic accounts where I post all of my mixes.  If you haven't become a follower on my Podomatic pages at this point then I suggest you do so sooner than later. It's the best way to stay current with music that I share and it's free. My mixx links are normally posted here weeks after being uploaded on my one of my Podomatic accounts.

This joint is Volume 2 of my "Quietstorm Tape" series, which showcases R&B slow jams from yester-year. This volume is all about the groups. There are plenty of musical goodies for everyone that I hope will bring a smile to your face. I miss R&B songs like these, so lets go back...waayyy back in time! Put your red light bulb in your lamp, burn some incense, get your favorite beverage and press "PLAY" on your tape player. Also, don't forget the checkout Volume 1 of this series as well. Enjoy!

Track List:

The Next - Butta Love
Mint Condition - My Dear
The System - Don't Disturb This Groove
Jodeci - Stay
Guy - Piece of My Love
E.U. - Taste of Your Love
Silk - It Had To Be You
Tony! Toni! Tone! - Whatever You Want
The Deele - Two Occasions
Shalamar - This Is For The Lover In You
H-Town - They Like It Slow
Force M.D.'s - Tender Love
The Time - Gigolo Get Lonely Too
Isley Jasper Isley - Insatiable Woman
The Isley Brothers - Make Me Say It Again Girl Pt. 1 & 2
U.N.V. - Something's Goin' On


My Podomatic pages:
Soul and electronica music stays in heavy rotation in my vehicle and on the many mp3 players that I own. The independent and underground musicians that I support keep supporting me by constantly releasing new music. On today's menu I am sharing tracks that I currently have in heavy rotation. It's a mixture of  new songs with some oldies thrown in for good measure. This is a 20 course meal for the music lovers out there, so don't hesitate to get some nourishment.

I'm really diggin' the new tracks from Eric Roberson, Jose James and Elle Varner. That original Commodores' sample used by rapper AZ on "Ho Happy Jackie" sounds wonderful as a backdrop to Elle's track! If you didn't know, I am a huge fan of instrumental tracks. Quality production is key to great song, so I am sharing a few of my favorite instrumentals by Damu, DJ Mitsu, Knxwledge and Koloah. I hope you enjoy this mix, because I sure did. Thanks for listening and support quality music!

Abstract Music Menu:

Damu - Never Off
IShe - Eye See You
Al Green - Call Me
DJ Mitsu ft. Mahya - Music Mate
Chanel - Love Affair
Roane Namuh ft. Reva Devito - Champagne
J. Mitchell - Flawless
Jose James - It's All Over Your Body (Spinna Remix)
DJ Kemit ft. Erro - Fortune Teller
Mecca:83 - Love Story
Vlooper-Modlee - Feeling Good

Steve Spacek - Rapid Rate
Fred Joachim - When You Sleep
Dwele - Going Leaving
Olivier DaySoul - Wantchu
Elle Varner - I Don't Care
Knxwledge - Myluv
Moonchild - Mmm (The Heaven)
The Floacist - Say Yes
Koloah - Thru Memories


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One of my favorite artist in this fickle game we call the "MUSIC BUSINESS" is the emcee/producer Jonathan Davis a.k.a. Kamaal Ibn John Fareed a.k.a. The Abstract b.k.a. Q-Tip! This pioneer is not only the frontman from one of my favorite hip-hop groups A Tribe Called Quest, but he is a chameleon in the game that has remained relevant over two decades. His impact on hip-hp and music as a whole is unpresidented. Q-Tip has written, produced and shared the stage with so many artists over the years, I'm sure he can't remember them all. His musical archives are FULL of classics that even your grandmother probably knows and loves.

This mixx is dedicated my man Kamaal. I compiled some of my favorite Q-Tip collaboration tracks. I dug deep in my archives for most of these songs and it was nice hearing these forgotten tracks again! Now, it's your turn to put ears on this joint and let the head-bobbing begin...

Kamaal Track Listing:

I Am The Black Gold of The Sun feat. Men At Work
Body Rock feat. Mos Def/Tash
On The Road Again feat. Jungle Brothers
Get Down Remix feat. Craig Mack
Can't Hold a Torch feat. Busta Rhymes
Sometimes (Ummah Remix) - Brand New Heavies
Make It Better feat. Rhymefest/Kanye West/Common
To Each His Own feat. Pete Rock/INI/Large Professor
Hold Tight feat. Slum Village
That's Sexy feat. Andre 3000
Get Involved feat. Raphael Saadiq
Scenario Remix feat. Phife/Kid Hood/L.O.N.S.
You feat. Lucy Pearl/Snoop Dogg
Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me feat. Quincy Jones/Mary J. Blige
Paris, Tokyo feat. Lupe Fiasco/Pharell/Sarah Green
Lightworking feat. Talib Kweli
We Fight, We Love feat. Raphael Saadiq
Come Close Remix feat. Common/Pharell/Erykah Badu
Believe feat. D'Angelo
The Frog feat. Sergio Mendes/
Like That feat. BEPs/Cee-Lo Green/Talib Kweli/John Legend
Gone 'Til It's Gone feat. Janet Jackson
Bonus Track

Periodically, I like to make mixx compilations that showcase singers, rappers and producers from the Detroit Metropolitan area a.k.a "The Motor City". I'd describe the musical sound from this particular midwest location as raw, aggressive, diverse and soulful. Eminem, Aretha Franklin, Kid Rock, Anita Baker, Dwele and Kem are only a few of the names you should know that's representing Detroit music. There are plenty others and I will be sharing some of their music in this mixx. Most of these artists are Indie/Underground, which seems to be where the dopest artists hang out in 2012! So, listen, check for the artists you like, and support quality music...

The pic above is a landmark known as "Hart Plaza" located in downtown Detroit on river located directly across from Windsor, Ontario (Canada).

MotorCity Track List:

Moodymann ft. Monica Blaire - Possible
Slum Village ft. Vice - Da Essence
Ro Spit/Fatt Father/Fat Ray/Guilty Simpson/Marvwon/Black Milk - Detroit 101
Boog Brown ft. Invincible MC/StaHHr - Dope Girl Magic (Remix)
Neco Redd ft. Miss Nissa - Xanadu
Dwele ft. Phife Dawg - What Profit (Remix)
Cake Boyz - Do It For Dilla
Tone Trezure - All I Ever Wanted To Do
Fatt Father - Hungry
DJ Houseshoes - Suspended Instrumental
Quelle Chris - Spinnin
L'Renee - Stereolab
DJ Houseshoes - Moe Dirdee/Marvwon - Trouble
Danny Brown - LOL
Monica Blaire - Set Me Free
Ro Spit ft. Buff1/Phil Ade - Who I Am
Fatt Father - Angel
DJ Soko ft. Guilty Simpson/Hassan Mackay - Stand Up
L'Renee - Venice Beach
Big Tone - God Bless You
Elzhi - Blue Window
DJ Soko ft. Guilty Simpson - Biters
Slaughterhouse ft. Busta Rhymes - Coffin
Dwele ft. J Tait/L'Renee/Black Milk - Must Be


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back in the day, most urban radio stations had a time of night where they would play nothing but slow jams, and it was called the "Quiet Storm" in Detroit. It was cool because they would play thunderstorm sound effects to set the mood. That's back when the radio took pride in being cool. Another popular feature from the days of old for the fellas was the infamous "slow jam" cassette tape. Men that had any type of game with the ladies kept a slow jam tape on hand at all times for whenever a young lady came by for some quality time. Just dim the lights and turn on a slow jam tape, and the mood was set! It was a form of musical fourplay thinking back on it. I don't know many women that don't like a good slow jam.

Even though cassette tapes are no more, I'm bringing back some of that good old slow jam music in 2012. I plan on making several volumes of Quietstorm slow jams, and this is the volume one. Put ears on it and tell a friend or foe about it...

Slow Jam Tracks:

Boyz II Men - Uhh Ahh
Al B. Sure - Oooh This Love Is...
Keith Sweat - Right and a Wrong Way
Troop - All I Do Is Think of You
Donnell Jones - No Interruptions
Jodeci - What About Us
Bel Biv Devoe - I Do Need You
DeBarge - Time Will Reveal
O'Bryan - You and I
After 7 - Ready or Not
R. Kelly and The Public Announcement - Honey Love
New Edition - Can You Stand the Rain
Bobby Brown - Roni
LeVert - Pop, Pop, Pop Goes My Mind
Ready For The World - Tonight
Guy - Goodbye Love


Let the babymaking begin...
For those that don't know, Faygo Pop is a soda that is made in Michigan. This tasty beverage comes in a lot of assort flavors, and everyone has their own favorite. I hardly ever drink soda pop these days, but whenever I do it's usually a Faygo Grape or Rock N Rye. If you add a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a Faygo, it takes things the nexx level! If you've read this far, you're probably thinking "what does this Faygo dialog have to do with music?" Notta dayum thing really, but I will say that this mixx is full of several musical flavors. This joint is dedicated to Faygo and the people that love it!
Enough typing and reading, so lets get into some music and thanks for listening people!

Faygo Traxx:

Suzi Analog/Sir F - BrokeTheDeal
Samon K - Playground
RH/Q Tip/Erykah Badu - Poetry
Biggie - One More Chance (Skew Mix)
Mitsu The Beats - Miwa Says
Chestor Gregory - High Love (Remix)
Reggie Watts - Wanna Got
Davina - Comin For You
Columbia Nights - In The Glow
9th Wonder - Close Your Eyes
Little Brother - Feelin Alright (Remix)
Yolanda Johnson - Flyshine
Linn - Available
Platnium Pied Pipers/Tiombe - Stay With Me (Remix)
Emma Shaheen - Sun Will Shine (Remix)
Modlee - Doo
Moonchild/Harry Mack - Doo
Wes Felton - I Hope You Get What You Want
Frankie - I Can Tell
Dwele G - Dime For Your Thoughts
Bilal Salaam - Get By Again
Phony Ppl -I Wish I Was A Chair
Wes Felton - Do Angels Fall In Love
Hazel/Eyo - Playground
R. Kelly - Feelin On Yo Booty

There is a little bit of something for every music fan in this mixx. There is old school R&B, soul and some hip-hop, so take a listen sooner than later! I blended a few of my favorite old school hip-hop and soul songs with some newer sampled tracks for fun. There are a couple of fresh remixes on this chumpy as well. Plus, there's a few underground artists on here for good measure. Music should be a journey full of wonderful discoveries, so get your Indiana Jones on and thanks for listening!

The Trackz:

*Enstro Entro
*Jill Scott = Slowly Surely (TV Remix)
*A Tribe Called Quest/Jack Davey - Electric Relaxation Blend
*Q-Tip/Busta Rhymes = For The Nasty (Remix)
*Breezy Lovejoy = Paradise
*SFP/Tone Trezure = Crush On You
*Dutchmassive/Stevie Wonder = I Want Her
*Modlee & Vlooper = Dancin
*Erykah Badu = On & On (Knx Mix)
*SFP/Yolanda Johnson = Gotta Move
*Jneiro Jarel = Big Bounce Theory
*Oddisee = That Real
*The Isley Brothers/Dwele = Footsteps In The Dark Blend
*Venus Malone = Eye On The Prize
*Dezaray Dawn = Drowing
*Pharoahe Monch = The Light
*Guy/Nas = Bye Love Blend
*Akil = Hey Love
*Adriana Evans = In The Sun
*BTA = Lost In Space
*Sheitan = Arret de scoufle
*I'Ced = The Finale


Monday, July 16, 2012

It's music time once again. I'm happy that Leela James and the infamous Tweet are back to making music. Their unique voices and stylings have been missed. Also, seeing D'Angelo perform on the BET Awards over the past weekend was a treat as well. All three of those soul artists have new albums dropping sooner than later, so fans of soul music should be all smiles. This joint has mellow soul vibes from some of my favorite artists, so take a listen and enjoy! If you hear something you like, please take the time to get familiar with that artist and support them to keep this music alive and well...

The Track List:

01 - Vibrations Entro
02 - Geno Young ft. Sy Smith - I Came To See
03 - Tweet - Trouble
04 - Eric Benet - News For You
05 - The Tim Terry Experience - Ooowee
06 - Soia - Lost In Memory
07 - Dezeray Dawn - Sail Away
08 - R. Kelly - Feelin Single
09 - Sy Smith - Teena (Lovergirl Syberized)
10 - Leela James - I'm Loving You More Each Day
11 - Conya Doss - Here For You
12 - Jeff Bradshaw ft. Raheem - Till Tomorrow
13 - Jarrard Anthony ft. Amma Whatt - Something Like Love
14 - Robin Thicke - Lovely Lady
15 - Rahsaan Patterson - April's Kiss
16 - John Michael - Sophisticated Lady
17 - Anthony Valadez ft. Mar - Under Water
18 - Will Downing - One Step
19 - Jon B - Do U Miss Me
20 - Jeff Bradshaw - He Is


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lately, I have been on some serious deep soul music vibes, so I felt like changing things up a little. I am still a fan of underground hip-hop, so I have incorporated some of my favorite tracks in this mixx. This one is a nice mixture tracks including some new joints from Teri Tobin, Suff Daddy, Dwele, Mar and classics from Faith Evans, Silhouette Brown, Slum Village, Bahamadia & Roddy Rod. I have this mixx in heavy rotation, so hopefully you will too. Put ears on it when time permits and enjoy!

Epik Tracks:

Damustromental Loop Intro
Faith Evans - Don't Cry
Miss Jack Davey - What We Do
Little Brother - So Fabulous
Jada Avenue - Sustenance
9th Wonder - Change Rearrange
Adwele - In Love
Slum Village - Fall In Love
Slum Village - Yum Yum
Dwele - What Profit
Silhouette Brown - Monday's Coming
Knxwledge - MndRt
Kae - True
Roddy Rod - Take In Stride
Wes Felton - Slow Down
Mar - Understand The Game
Funky DL - So Sexy
Teri Tobin - Love Me
Jean Grae - U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow
Bahamadia - One-4-Teen
Suff Daddy/Phat Kat/Elzhi - Det2bln
Soia - Stiller See
Elaquent - Black Magic
Slum Village/Phonte - Special
Wayna/Cy Young - Exposed
Damu - At Your Request


Checkout me out here: and
It's been a minute since I've posted a new mixx around these parts, so I am dropping this joint here for you! This one is a soulful musical experience with sprinkles of hip-hop and electronica vibes throughout. It's liquidy and fudgy, so I titled this one the "Lickwid Fudge Mixx" because it sounded good at the time. Put ears on this goodie and enjoy! Support quality music and thanks for listening...

Lickwid Tracks:

Bahidiyap Intro
Jimetta Rose - Castle
Mar - Pretend
Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones
Maylee Todd - Hieroglyphics
Tamara Soul - Wanna Be
Jesse Boykins 3 - The Perfect Blues
Samatha James - Angel Love
Reel People - High
STBC - Wanna Do
Vikter Duplaix - What Would I Do
Reva DeVito - They Say
Raheem DeVaughn ft. Snoop Dogg - Be The One
Jeff Bradshaw ft. Kindred - All Day Lovin'
Quadron - Baby Be Mine
Kay ft. Sy Smith - My Story
TheeSatifaction - Exstinct
Yasmine - Video
Versis - The Journey (4U)
Moka Only - So Far
Black Spade - Fall In Love


Friday, April 20, 2012

This mixx is definitely on some adult-comtemporary-jazzy-flavored soul music for sure. Good music feeds the soul through the ears, and you should be pretty full once you finish listening to this joint. I've been "chillaxing" to mixx for a couple of weeks now, so I'm sharing it today. I'm showcasing some of best female vocalist in the game today. The music and production for some of these songs were provided by Zo!, Incognito, Art Porter and Robert Glasper. There are a few earlier classics on here from N'Dambi, Brenda Russell and Ledisi as well. It's a mixture of my favorite older and newer tracks, so take a listen and enjoy.

Mello List:
a)N'Dambi - Deep
b)Lalah Hathaway - One More Chance
c)Jeanne Jolly - Same Ole' Love
d)Conya Doss - Paradise
e)Erykah Badu - Afro Blue
f)Esperenza Spalding - Cinnamon Tree
g)Meshell N'degeocello - Objects In Mirror Are Closer...
h)Mara Hruby - Send It On
i)Jill Scott - Comes To Light (Everything)
j)Ledisi - I Want'cha Baby
k)Goapele/Mos Def - Different
l)Chaka Khan - The Song
m)Gretchen Parlato - In A Dream
n)Laika - Black Narcissus
o)Deborah Jordan - Relax
p)Esperezna Spalding - I Know You Know
q)Gretchen Parlato - Weak
r)Brenda Russell - Way Back When


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I heard lots of house music growing up in Detroit, so I've always had love for it. Back in early 2006, I posted my first house music mixx on the World Wide Web! It was called the "Deep House Mixx" and back then there weren't many house music mixes available for download on the Internet. My original deep house mixx was created to showcase some of my favorite artists and tracks. I've always wanted to tweak the mixx a little over the years, but I never did. However, the time is now! Most of the tracks are included from the original joint, with a couple of additions. House music fans need to put ears on this one.

Thanks for listening and enjoy!

Jazzanova - Look What You're Doing To Me
Amanda Project - ICU
Society - How's Life
Jill Scott - Hate On Me
Tortured Soul - I Might Do Something Wrong
Terrance Parker - Love's Got Me High
Roy Davis Jr. - Heavenly Father
Peven Everett - Burning Hot
Roy Davis Jr. - Michael
Vikter Duplaix - Sensuality
V - In Time
Eric Roberson - Change For Me
Jamie Principle - Hot Body
Betty Carter - Naima's Love Song

Sunday, March 04, 2012

This mixx is full of mellow and soulful goodness! I am a huge fan of underground and Indie soul music and artists. These types of musicians keep my relationship solid with soul music. If all I had was mainstream radio, I would have cheated with country and folk music a long time ago. Sharing this music with other fans of soul is not only my pleasure, but it's my obligation. I have to be a supporter of quality music so that it can continue to flourish and thrive. I encourage my listeners to use the mixx tracklist as a road map of music discovery. Get your Google or Bing on, see what other goodies these artists have to offer. Put ears on this one when time permits and enjoy! Thanx for listening...

Taku - Dusty
Wes Felton - Simple SalvationHazel - V
Spacek/Saadiq/Common/Ledisi - They Don't Know You
Kaae - Body and Soul
Julien Dyne/Mara TK - So Far
Kaae - Hold You Down
DJ Center/Gretchen - You Got the Love
Morris Alan - Let It Ride
JoiStarr - Yay
Maimouna Yousief - Reason For Breathing
Gretchen Parlato - All That I Can Say
R. Glasper/King - Move Love
Fatima - Rubies & Diamonds
Rich Brown - Sanctuary
Vikter Duplaix - From Another World
Mars - First of Me
Mr. Dibase - Look of Love Remix
R. Glasper/Musiq/Chrisette
Michele - Ah Yeah
Miles Bonny - Dedicated
Suzi Analogue - Here We Go
Tha Rayne - Luv Bug
C2C - Someday

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

With Valentine's Day arriving today, it's time for some music that expresses the feeling of LOVE. One of my favorite musical artists is the legendary Steveland "Stevie" Wonder, so today I am showcasing some tracks from his catalog. This mixx is called the "Steveland's Wonderful Love" so put ears on it and feel this soulful goodness! Have a Happy Valentine's Day, and if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you with...

I am also a proud participant of the annual Cupid's Hunt Podcast Collaboration, which is a group of music lovers, deejays, podcasters and bloggers that post love driven music mixes for Valentine's Day. Checkout the Cupid's Hunt website at the bottom of this page for more details and music.

Wonderful Tracks:

You and I
Knocks Me Off My Feet
My Cherie Amour
Send One Your Love
Ribbon In The Sky
Do I Love Her
Rocket Love
You Are The Sunshine of My Life
That Girl
If You Really Love Me
Golden Lady
I'd Be A Fool Right Now
You've Got It Bad Girl
Ain't No Lovin'
Why I Feel This Way
Think of Me As Your Soldier
Lookin' For Another Pure Love
Sweetest Somebody I Know
Isn't She Lovely

Last year I dropped several mixxes paying homage to some of my favorite male soul artists like: Dwele, Raheem DeVaughn, Eric Roberson, Peven Everett, Jon B & Musiq Soulchild. I recieved a lot of positive feedback from some of the listeners, and that was greatly appreciated! I hope sharing that music created some new fans for those artists.

This year I am going to continue showcasing many of my favorite artists, and the first for 2012 is Ms. Conya Doss. She's definitely an underrated songstress from Cleveland that has releaased some very soulful and heartfelt music over the years. Love, life and relationships are consistant topics on any Conya Doss album, and I get the sense that a lot of it based on real situations. Her lyrics are hot, and her voice is even hotter. Plus, she's VERY easy on the eyes, which always helps. I met Conya in person a few years back, and she was really down to Earth.

Get to know Conya Doss through her music...


Here We Go * Find Away * What I'd Do * Call Me * Don't Change *
Never Be The Same * Let You Know * It's Over * What We Gone Do? *
Just Because * Wi-Fi * What Should I Do? * Ride * Missin You *
Message * No More *

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Finally, here is part two of that Peven mixx I dropped some weeks ago!
3-How Bad I Want Ya
4-Groove Thang
5-Got To Get Down
6-Put Your Back In It
7-Feelin You In & Out
8-Kissing Game
9-I Need You
10-This Just In

Soul Tracks:

King - Hey
Jill Scott - Wondering Why (You Don't Talk To Me)
AlumiGeorge - You Know You Like It
Coultrain - Green Remix
Fred Joachim - Running
Robin Thicke - The New Generation
Strange Fruit Project - Feel
Nujabes - Fellows
Julien Dyne ft. Parks - Fallin' Down
Lalah Hathaway - Small of My Back
Aloe Blacc - Happiness Is Love
Teelo - Yellow More New
J-Davey - Anything Goes
ISHE - Come Close
Omar - Rubber Soul
14KT ft. Tony Ozier - Width
Derrick Hodge ft. Common - We Live Today
Coultrain ft. Aischa - Edge of
9th Wonder ft. Mela Machinko & Median - Now I'm Being Cool
Jose James - Trouble (Remix)
Tall Black Guy - Speak Love