Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zo! of my favorite producers out of Detroit is releasing "...Just Visiting Too" on November 3rd! Not only is he dropping new music, but the album will downloadable for free! Guest features on the album include: Sy Smith, Carlitta Durand, Darien Brockington, Yahzarah and Phonte. Enough said!

Watch Zo! @ work below:

Checkout the "thank you" message to the fans from Zo!:


Newcomer Melanie Fiona is documenting her travels while in New York and Canada, as she sings with various street performers in those locations. The video footage shows Melanie's diversity as a singer, and her love for music. She sounds good over just about any instrument or human sound that she comes across. My favorite of her many encounters is the one when she sings as this guy beatboxes in a New York park. That was pretty dope!

Check the footage out for yourself below:

New York City Series

Canadian Series

Melanie's album "The Bridge" drops on November 11th, so mark your calendars.
There is so many rappers running around like roaches in the game these days, I can't keep up. I am not really trying to actually. I find myself sticking with familiar names that have proven to be worth my attention rather than immediately jumping on the bandwagon of some "nu-skool" kat. The Miami based emcee named Dynas may be be new to many of you, but he's been putting work on the underground for some years now. I originally took notice when I heard Dynas drop verses on the DJ Spinna produced track "Spittin" from the "Beyond Real Experience Vol. 2" joint back in 2002. Over the years I lost track of the rapper, but I did hear some of his guest appearances on tracks with Nas, Little Brother, Masta Ace and DJ Spinna.

Fortunately, Dynas has released a brand new album entitled "The Apartment" that is full of solid tracks. It's described as an coming of age album for the emcee. It's a musical look into the endeavors of his life over the last few years.

Production duties are being handled by: Illmind, J Dilla, Jazzy Jeff, M-Phazes, Khrysis, DJ Spinna, S1 and Exile. Now, that's a helluva line up! Guest vocalists on the album include: Tiye Phoenix, Slick Rick, Rich Medina and Tone Trezure.


Checkout the Spittin' track below:
Those of you that have been frequenting my blog over the years have probably figured out that I hardly ever speak on mainstream music artists. Why? Most of them lack true talent and/or they are already getting plenty of exposure through radio airplay, TV commercials and music videos. I normally feel there is no reason to post about artists that already have strong marketing teams. However, my main man Ryan Leslie is an exception. This guy is the best thing to hit the mainstream in a minute, and I appreciate this man because he's a real musician. He understands and respects music enough to not pimp the artform for a quick buck like so many others in his genre. Also, the guy makes great music! His catchy basslines and hooks stay on your brain long after hearing them. Ryan has perfected his sound, and with each album he seems to get even better.

R. Les is releasing his new album "Transition" on November 3rd. The first single from this album "You're Not My Girl" was released earlier this year, which was a banger!

Peep the video below if you missed it:

Get more info about Ryan Leslie and his music below:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bare with me as I play catch up, and drop knowledge about some previous releases that may have been missed. This is a great place to start! You see that stunning young lady you on the album cover showing on the left? At first glance I know you thought that was a young Olivia Newton-John, but it's not. Her name is actually InLove. She's a soul singer from Nigeria, Africa that was discovered by DJ Cam a few years ago. DJ Cam took InLove under his mentoring wings and began developing her talent. She's been on the underground scene for a minute now, and InLove is finally releasing her debut album. It's called "Stories" and I was taken back by how soulful this joint sounded when I first heard it. InLove's voice has that sultry-hypnotic sound that deserves recognition. Add in DJ Cam's production, and you have the makings of a classic album!

I have consistantly kept this joint in heavy rotation since it dropped back in September, and I still can't get enough of these smooth grooves.

Get a taste of what InLove is cooking by listening to the track "Rain" below:

Fall InLove by checking out these links:

Get the "Stories" album here!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I am in musically bliss right about now! There is soooo much good music that has dropped over the last month or so, and I can't keep up. Trust me, I am definitely trying though. Unfortunately, time hasn't been on my side lately. I will be posting about some of the more interesting projects in the near future, so stay posted. However, to keep you occupied until then, I have put together a listing eargasmic joy for those that have the time to listen. I call it "SoulHigh" and once you hear it you'll hopefully understand why. The tracklist is now available, so check it out.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Unbeknownst to many I am a true fan of the saxophone sound. It's stimulating to my ears, and those soothing sounds never fail to relax my mind during life's hectic moments. I have several saxophonists that are on my favorites list, and one of them is Detroit's own Mr. Shelby Brown. Shelby first hit the music seen back in 2003 with a collaboration project entitled "Miracle" featuring guitarist Dee Brown. He followed that one up in 2005 with the solo album "No Boundaries" which made jazz fans all over the world take notice. After taking some time off to regroup, Mr. Brown is back with his latest album entitled "The Meaning of Life" for all to hear. This is my favorite jazz album out right now! It's definitely his most soulful endeavor thus far. The featured guests include soulful vocalists Chanda Long and Alvin Frazier, plus musical contributions from Terrence Herd and Nick Colionne.

If you dig soulful contemporary jazz give Shelby Brown a listen, and hear what you think. For more information and music from this artist click on the links below:

The Meaning of Life Album

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The sounds of soul music are delivered in many different forms and styles. For that reason I never underestimate an artist's ability when it comes to making a soulful tune. You can never judge a book by its cover. The songstress Joss Stone is a perfect example of why you shouldn't. Looking at her exterior you may not think she's a soul singer, but you'd be quite mistaken. Joss is not only an accomplished singer, but her voice has a soulful energy that the average artist can't even tough. The girl can sang! She's back with her fourth studio album Colour Me Free that is filled with uplifting, political and relationship tracks that we have come to expect from this young lady. Her first single from this album is called "Free Me" which is getting some play on the radio airwaves.

Watch Joss perform Free Me live on Jimmy Kimmel below:

Saturday, October 17, 2009


My Detroit bretheran Finale has released his lastest music video for the track "The Senator" off of his Pipe Dreams album. He samples one of the most famous lines from highly acclaimed HBO show The Wire that fans will recognize immediately. It's not really a line actually. It's a word that is said by the show's character named Senator Clay Davis, but he says it with such conviction and swagger that it sounds like a sentence. Finale's song is loosely based on this character and the city of Baltimore.

Check it out above when you get a chance.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

There are plenty of rappers trying to make their way through or into the music industry. One local talent trying to get his name out to the masses of the world goes by the name V-Stylez. For hip-hop heads around my way, he definitely not a new comer, but for those unfamiliar it's time for change. V-Stylez has a new album dropping later this year entitled "Masterpiece Theater" and the first single "Clash of the Titans" features Royce 5'9, Elzhi, Phat Kat & Rapper Big Pooh. This is definitely one of those raw posse records for the streets. It's full of beats, rhymes and curses!
Put eyes and ears on the Clash of the Titans video below:

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Some music makes you want to dance, while others inspire the act of sexual healing. Then there are those artists that put words and sounds together in a way that literally touches your soul, which reminds you why you love music in the first place. Me'Shell Ndegeocello is one of those special musicians! I have been a closet fan of hers for many years, and each of Me'Shell's albums over her 20 year career has touched me a different way. Me'Shell's diverse talent allows her to share different aspects of her musical creativity. None of her albums sound exactly the same. The 8th and latest album from Ms. Ndegeocello called Devil's Halo is definitely one of my favorites! She describes this album as--all about contrast - then and now, raw and polished, beats and harmonies, Devil's Halo, good in evil in all things.

If you have never experienced the Me'Shell movement up to this point, I would definitely suggest that you start by listening to this album. It's truly a buffet of her various styles, so go get a plate of what she's cooking and dig in dammit! If this joint moves you, then begin backtracking your way through some of her previous records.

Get the Devil's Halo HERE!

Then checkout for more info and other stuff...

Before you leave, put ears on one of my favorite jams from her last album 'The World Has Made Me The Man of My Dreams' called Lovely Lovely...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Checkout some of my favorite videos out right now:

Monday, October 05, 2009



Jay Dee ft. Ma Dukes – Believe in God
Daru – Spread Love Pt. 2
Todd Smith – The Power of God
Coko – I Get Joy
Jaafar – We Can Make It
Phil & Melba – Optimisitic
Kindred – So Much Better
Rahsaan P – Cloud 9
Donny Hathaway – Lord Help Me
Kelly Price – It Will Rain
SFP – In the Garden
Big Bub – This is the Day
Reggie B – Spiritual
Commodores – Sweet Love
Carmen Rodgers – Just Believe
Marvin Gaye – Praise
Marvin Gaye – God is Love
Faith – Keep the Faith
Dana Owens – What Ya Gonna Do

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Remember, the emcee known as Royce 5'9" from Motown? His new album is called Street Hop. Detroit hip-hop fans have been waiting on this joint for a minute. I spoke about this project earlier this year when he drop his EP, but the actual release date for album is literally just a few days a way. October 20th is the drop date, so mark your calendars. Personally, I look forward to emcees like Royce to release albums because they actually deliver lyrics with some type of substance. Royce still loves and respects hip-hop enough to keep his craft in perspective. With all of the money making rap gimmicks out there in 2009, many have converted over to the dark side, but Royce remains true to his roots. Hot beats, clever rhymes and that's it! Truthfully, that's all any hip-hop fan should need.

Royce has provided fans with an album sampler until the official one drops, so put ears on it by clicking the album cover above. Shoutout to Onsmash for the link...

Before you exit, be sure to put ears on some new mixxes under the video player on the right.