Sunday, October 25, 2009

Unbeknownst to many I am a true fan of the saxophone sound. It's stimulating to my ears, and those soothing sounds never fail to relax my mind during life's hectic moments. I have several saxophonists that are on my favorites list, and one of them is Detroit's own Mr. Shelby Brown. Shelby first hit the music seen back in 2003 with a collaboration project entitled "Miracle" featuring guitarist Dee Brown. He followed that one up in 2005 with the solo album "No Boundaries" which made jazz fans all over the world take notice. After taking some time off to regroup, Mr. Brown is back with his latest album entitled "The Meaning of Life" for all to hear. This is my favorite jazz album out right now! It's definitely his most soulful endeavor thus far. The featured guests include soulful vocalists Chanda Long and Alvin Frazier, plus musical contributions from Terrence Herd and Nick Colionne.

If you dig soulful contemporary jazz give Shelby Brown a listen, and hear what you think. For more information and music from this artist click on the links below:

The Meaning of Life Album

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