Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back when I was a younger man/club hoppin' junkie I was pretty serious when it came to getting my boogie on! I was pretty good at it too, plus I wasn't one of those "drink in my hand, wall hoggin' type suckaz" either, so I stayed on the dance floor getting my groove on with many honey-bunnies. Certain clubs had deejays that knew how to keep a party jumping all night, while others were hit or miss. One crappy record and the dance floor would clear like a somebody farted. A good deejay always have a couple of those "get them back on the dancefloor" records in their stash, for just such an occasion. A couple of records that come to mind immediately from back in 1990s were two hot tracks from Crystal Waters called "Gypsy Woman" and "Makin Happy!" Those two tracks alone were guaranteed to save the night as soon as the needle hit the record. Even today both tracks sound pretty damn good...

So, that's why I have included them both in my latest mixx entitled "Party Gruvs Volume 1." This joint is full of some of my favorite party grooves, and I'm figuring a couple of yours as well. Put ears on it when you get chance, and expect atleast 60 minutes straight head bobbin' while it's playing!

I can't forget to shoutout to my sponsors:

This mixx is brought to you by Old Spice Deodorant Spray--"Keep it spicy with Old Spice!" ~ "Your great, great, great, granddaddy wore Old Spice, and you should too, plus it puts hair on your feet!"


Duncan Yo-Yo--"Whoever thought watching a cheap piece of plastic go up and down a dirty string could be so much fun?" ~"Nobody, but Duncan is still going to keep making them anyway dammit!"

Now, on to the mixx details...


01>Crystal Waters - Makin Happy (SoundNexx Horny Mix)
02>A Taste of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie
03>Anita Ward - Ring My Bell
04>Lily Allen - Smile (Gutter Mix)
05> - Make It Funky
06>Madonna feat. Kanye West & Pharell - Beat Goes On (Remix)
07>Virgo - Apple Pie
08>Patra - Pull Up (Salaam Remix)
09>Roger & Zapp - Doo Wa Ditty
10>Zhane' - Groove Thang
11>Floetry - Floetic
12>Koffee Brown - After Party
13>Jon B - Don't Talk
14>Toni Braxton - I Belong To You (Soulpower Remix)
15>Vee - Anotha Phase
16>Reggie B - Good Love
17>Janet Jackson - Feels So Right
18>Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman
19>Secret Weapon - Must Be The Music



Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yesterday was pretty much a bust for me in many aspects. I wasted my very good eye juice going to see that very predictable & boring Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Knumbskull movie, plus them damn Detroit Pistons lost home court while playing at home. Luckily, I had this album in my ipod and it actually saved my day overall! Phuck a superhero like Spiderman or Mighty Mouse...when your day is going terrible, put on some good music to save yourself from the misery...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just like most fans in the world, I have high-expectations for the product that my favorite artists release. Even though it's a little much to expect a great album to be made each and everytime, but I still do dammit! It's the nature of the beast really. Fans are picky, selfish, harsh critics and never happy most of the time with anything, but as an artist your job is to make us happy enough to by your records. The funniest thing about music fans is that they can get music for free and still get pissed when they don't like it, but that's a discussion for another time. Anyway, I was peeping out that new Usher album the other day, and I will admit my expectations were high. Probably too high actually, based off of his last release. I've listened to Here I Stand twice and it's decent, but it's definitely not moving me like some of his earlier releases. I was looking for exceptional and all I heard was plain with a mix of average. It sounded kind of OmariChrisDreamLloydish almost at times. Hopefully, Ush will remix many of those mediocre tracks and make them hits in the end??

Until then, I have a something soulful that will hopefully keep you occupied while we wait, and I call it the "Ultra-Soulfistication Mixx" just in time for the weekend. Give it a listen when you get a minute...


01~koushik - only dreaming intro
02~usher ft. jay~z - best thing
03~urban mystic - where were you
04~a.b. - name
05~tony hussle - she's a virgin
06~governor - on my way
07~sarina leah - free it out
08~jazztronik - listen to your love (mitsu remix)
09~calvin richardson - holla at you
10~lina - bye bye baby
11~wes felton ft. raheem devaughn & roddy rod - put in work
12~tavaris - questions
13~vinia mojica - on my way
14~nadine - tell me
15~middle child - put something in the air
16~stone mecca ft. rza - oh
17~vikter duplaix - manhood (remix)
18~wes felton - dilla glows
19~adriana evans - all for love
20~angela johnson ft. gordon chambers - get away
21~lalah hathaway - for always


I have sponsors now, so I need to shout them out:

This mixx is brought to you by Raid Roach Motel --"They check in, but they don't check out!"
and Hostess Ho-Ho's --"It's not a cupcake unless it's a HO-HO!"
As urban music has changed tremendously over the years, there are still some things that have remained the same. Not "those same old biscuits" type same, but more like "I'm glad you're still making quality music" type same! It's hard to get tired of a good thing, so if it isn't broke you must have a good mechanic? Yeah, I know...but, let's keep it moving though. When I mention the name Hathaway, who normally comes to mind immediately? Unless you are 12 or younger, it's probably the music legend Donny Hathaway. Even though Donny left us entirely too soon, he did help create his daughter Lalah Hathaway who embodies a lot of her father's talent. Her voice, delivery and beauty are all top notch, and I have been a serious fan since the beginning of her career. If you love that smooth adult contemporary soul, then you definitely need some Lalah in your life. If you've been in a coma, you can your Lalah collection with any of these albums: Lalah Hathaway (1990), Night and Day (1992), A Moment (1994), The Songs Live On feat. Joe Sample (1999) and Outrun The Sky (2004)...

Put ears on this album sampler to get a wiff of what Lalah's cooking:

Outrun The Sky Sampler

Now, it's 2008 and Mrs. Hathaway is back with another hot, hot album! It's titled "Self Portrait" and I mean it when I say it's smooth as a baby's bottom minus the diaper rash. The production is amazing! This album took me back to the days of Anita Baker and Sade. Since, I know for a fact that the radio would never touch an album like this, unless it's a smooth jazz station, it's important that sites like this give it some some deserved shine. Personally, I'm a sucker for female singers with a little meat on their bones, and that's probably why I have been staring at this album cover for 5 minutes straight? It's something about those beautiful soup coolers she has and everything else about her dammit!

A private side note to Jill Scott: I'm sorry Jilly...I know what we have is special and I still luv you, and you will always have a warm spot in my musical heart. Fortunately, you are a talented and understanding woman yourself, so please make room because Lalah is moving in...

As always, support good music!

Find out more about Lalah here:

Sunday, May 18, 2008

No, his name is not Drawls playa (getcha glasses fixed), it's J-Rawls out of the mid-west reppin' Ohio. Yep, I typed it right, O-H-I-O! As you may already know, I am a huge fan of great production, so I have decided to do a few posts targeting producers that should be on your radar in 2008. Mr. Rawls (no Lou) has been doing his thing for years with the underground hip-hop group Lone Catalyst. Providing crazy beats for his crew over the years. Rawls is to Lone Catalyst what 9th Wonder was to Little Brother. Excuse me while I take a pause to shed an e-tear for the break up of LB! 9th, you talented, yet selfish and turrible-knucklehead, you're lucky that Phonte and Pooh are still making it without you or I'd fly to NC and personally eat your Fruity Loops software with some skim milk. Nah, for real though, I'm just serious! Anyway, back to my dude Rawls...the man is a master at flipping and chopping up the beat samples. The best thing about him is that he's created a sound all his own. His choices of original samples sometimes comes way out of left field at times, but he always seems make it something special in the end. Check this joint to hear what I'm saying:


Then J. Rawls has the ability to change his sound up and get jazzy with his production. It's obvious that he's a true jazz fan from the heart, because he's definitely picked some classics to flip over the years. Put ears on this jazz tribute record he did. I won't bother telling you what jazz artist Rawls is sampling for this tribute because I know you already know, right:


An that's not even it for when it comes to the diversity of J. Rawls! My dude even puts it down on the soul tip as well. Personally, I don't mind a little hiphop flavor with my soul music, but I like it even more when a producer can totally transition between the two genres. Not many have mastered that ability, but J. Rawls is one of the few that has. This joint is actually one of my favs from the J. Rawls collection. It's featuring my girl Jonell, who for some reason hasn't gotten her just-due-due yet. If this one doesn't get you head bobbin' check your pulse because your probably retarded or death:


If you haven't heard of J. Rawls until now, it's time to get familiar. Show J. Rawls some luv on his myspace page:

Keep your eyes and ears out for upcoming releases from the Lone Catalyst and Middle Child. You'll definitely be hearing much of their stuff in my upcoming mixxes...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Digging through my many boxes of music, I came across a mixx that I did a very long time ago for a backyard BBQ. I hadn't heard this joint in a minute, so I slid the compact disc into my Alpine to put ears on it. This joint brought back many memories, so I said what the hell and posted it for you folks to enjoy! It's on the mid-tempo rhythm-n-blues tip overall, plus there are a few hot remixes that I forgot about as well. The track that took it back the most for me was that unreleased Rell track called "Never Know A Love!" I got this audio label stamped version of Rell's first album before it dropped, and the whole project was scrapped. I kept this track on steady rotation even with that annoying white woman talking through the whole record. The track is dope, and it still bangs in my personal opinion. If any of you folks have a quality version of that Rell track, please send it this way. I honestly believe there is a unmarked version floating around some where out there. I'm putting you folks on a mission that I know you can accomplish. I have faith in my visitors...


01~That's What It's Made For ~ Usher
02~Why Did You Go ~ Ginuwine
03~Shorty ~ Donnell Jones
04~One Last Time - Frankie
05~My Girl - Musiq
06~Why ~ Eric Benet
07~Closer ~ Lathun
08~Bad Girl ~ Jon B
09~Sweet Lies ~ Usher
10~Beautiful Day ~ Mary J. Blige
11~Dreamer ~ Carl Thomas
12~Realove ~ Musiq
13~All That I Am ~ Bilal
14~The Only One You Need ~ Donnell Jones
15~You're The One That I Like ~ Raphael Saadiq
16~My Heart ~ Frankie
17~Think of You (remix)
18~Almost Doesn't Count (remix) ~ Brandy
19~Tryna (remix) ~ Omarion
20~Destiny ~ Myron
21~Never Knew A Love ~ Rell (Bonus)

I tried a post like this a long time ago and it didn't go as expected, but then again I guess it did? Since, I don't bizzitch and moan about folks leaving comments around these parts, when I make a special request for them I normally only get a few. I'm not bothered by that, but it definitely keeps me from wasting time doing posts of this nature. Anyway, this post is about giving my visitors a chance to check out some new tracks to let me know whether they are worth my (and your) time or not. You (the visitor) can suggest that I either "SLAM" or "JAM" these tracks. Slam = it stinks like a fresh one and Jam = it's a nice joint! I get mad new releases and exclusives sent to my several email inboxes for review, and most normally get deleted based on my personal tastes. This time around I have decided to share a few joints with you folks. I'm hoping to see your personal perspectives and opinions about these new tracks in the comments section below. I will take the info I receive and actually pass it back to the labels that sent them to me...

The artists' names and song titles will be shown when you click each link. No free advertisements here until we decide whether they deserve it or not!

TRACK 1 - This is the first official track from one them female rappers from that Serch's reality show! I guess she won, but since I don't watch his show I really don't know?

TRACK 2 - This joint is sampling a classic track (you should know) with a twist of southern flava added to it.

TRACK 3 - This track has a raggae feel to it, which has seems to be missing these days in music.

Alright folks, have at it! Breakfast is served...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hear-yee, Hear-yee...all music fans need to put there ears on this latest mixx! This one is a mixture of old, new, soul, hip-hop, not so soul and really-really hip-hop joints! I can't play this one in the ride (a.k.a the whip, automobile, car, junk mobile) because I find myself weaving all over the road while listening to these massive beats. I keeps my stereo volume at 12 so that I can FEEL my music. Listening to music in any other way is just uncivilized, so step your listening game way up if you still have a tape deck in your vehicle. Even though I totally understand having that nostalgic feeling about the past and even being a cheap azz son of Biscquick, but I have my limits dammit! That's like trying to watch an Ironman bootleg on a 13 inch black & white television, so save up your nickels and get a CD player atleast. If you can afford an MP3 player, you can definitely kopp a CD player for the whip. I have a secret to share...I know a very popular internet figure that claims to have a Kenwood tape deck with her original Maxwell cassette tape inside it right nah...



01)hisd_cold world
02)roddy rod_take in stride
03)small eyez & 9th wonder_dothebrightthing
04)i self divine_ice cold
05)jane doe_bi-sexual
06)large professor_for my people
07)nas_life is a dice game
08)uni_let me be
09)tanya morgan_che tanya
10)panama blak/stacy epps ft. j-jarel_rhyme cycle
11)elzhi ft. t3_save ya
13)guilty simpson_pig
14)kissey asplund_you and i
15)rahel_let it out
16)rena_lonely nites
17)miguel jontel_god's in the building
19)houseshoes_get yours freestyle
20)prophecy_you ain't got it
21)black spade_as we
22)j-dilla ft. bilal_remember



Saturday, May 03, 2008

I remember as a younger man how rap music was my favorite genre of all. I definitely dug rhythm and blues too, but hip-hop was my bread & butter. Artists like Lord Finesse, Big Daddy Kane, The Fat Boys, Slick Rick, etc. kept my boom box tape deck on play all day. As mainstream rap music has shifted in another direction these days, I have put soul music in the number one spot when it comes to music choices these days. Most soul music has true feeling embedded throughout the lyrics that can't be duplicated by any other genre in my opinion. The line that used to obviously divide rap and soul back in the day has been greatly blurred now, which makes it even easier for me to make soul music my first choice. I'm getting the best of both worlds really, and you are too because I make it available for your listening pleasure...

This mixx has a few gems on it, so check it out when you get a minute. I know I have been slacking on house music posts, so I decided to end this mixx on a soulful house note for all of my heads out there...


01^sista>brand new (beemer remix)
02^wes felton>me and you and everyone we know
03^bilal ft. meagen livingston>b side
04^dav hall>woman of my world
05^mint condition ft. phonte>somethin'
06^anthony david>smoke one with earl
07^lyfe jennings>brand new
08^coultrain>the girl of my dreams
09^al green>what more do you want
10^oliver daysoul>simple luv
11^geno young>broadway
12^raheem devaughn>heaven help us all (remix)
13^tavaris>smile again
15^lizz fields>brooklyn flower
16^kissey asplund>hit me with medication
17^seek>life goes on
18^dwele>money don't mean a thing (house a soul mix)


Stay posted because my next few mixxes are going to showcase the essential songs in music...