Saturday, May 03, 2008

I remember as a younger man how rap music was my favorite genre of all. I definitely dug rhythm and blues too, but hip-hop was my bread & butter. Artists like Lord Finesse, Big Daddy Kane, The Fat Boys, Slick Rick, etc. kept my boom box tape deck on play all day. As mainstream rap music has shifted in another direction these days, I have put soul music in the number one spot when it comes to music choices these days. Most soul music has true feeling embedded throughout the lyrics that can't be duplicated by any other genre in my opinion. The line that used to obviously divide rap and soul back in the day has been greatly blurred now, which makes it even easier for me to make soul music my first choice. I'm getting the best of both worlds really, and you are too because I make it available for your listening pleasure...

This mixx has a few gems on it, so check it out when you get a minute. I know I have been slacking on house music posts, so I decided to end this mixx on a soulful house note for all of my heads out there...


01^sista>brand new (beemer remix)
02^wes felton>me and you and everyone we know
03^bilal ft. meagen livingston>b side
04^dav hall>woman of my world
05^mint condition ft. phonte>somethin'
06^anthony david>smoke one with earl
07^lyfe jennings>brand new
08^coultrain>the girl of my dreams
09^al green>what more do you want
10^oliver daysoul>simple luv
11^geno young>broadway
12^raheem devaughn>heaven help us all (remix)
13^tavaris>smile again
15^lizz fields>brooklyn flower
16^kissey asplund>hit me with medication
17^seek>life goes on
18^dwele>money don't mean a thing (house a soul mix)


Stay posted because my next few mixxes are going to showcase the essential songs in music...


Julio PĂ©rez said...

Excellent compilation.

kurt GoBang da2nd said...

yeah, uh, i wanted to comment on your raw vs. polished post you had a few days ago (since i've been missing for a sec).

i agree. the end.

nah, i think if i could add anything, it would be to say that a lot of times by the time that 1st cd drops, they've pretty much been tampered with as far as their sound. whether it be because of influences by the industry, the label, the masses, the fans (someone once said there's no difference between the masses and the fans. after i ho slapped him tasteless, i kindly explained the difference), a lot of the time that sound they originally had has taken a backseat. the thing i wonder is, after all the artists that they've listened to, after all the disappointing purchases they've made themselves (because i'm sure they are fans themselves), why come they still chose to go that same route. and i'm sure 9 times out of 10 it's a conscious choice. ultimately, i have no idea. i can only go by the artists i know, and most of the time it's just them trying to be "more accessible", which basically means they're trying to make more money as opposed to making better music. oh well. i have no problem moving on to the next since i'm always on the hunt for new music anyway...

as far as 9th wonder, it's funny how adding a few more snares to your library can make a world of difference. i liked this album more BECAUSE it wasn't the same old stuff. i was ready to give up on his "riding premier HARD" ass. i didn't notice too much of a difference in sample selection, his chops were a bit to the left of what he usually does, but the drum patterns haven't varied much. my thing was the same complaint a lot of producers/beatmakers had with him: get out of premier's drum library and switch it up, home piss!

i haven't check out the mix yet (i'm sure it's hot though). i'm waaaay behind on my cds that i've purchased/downloaded, but i'll get to it soon enough. right now i'm listening to this french chick (i think) named april march. you need to check her out. i suggest "Chrominance Decoder" because the rest are cool, but... yo, she is a PERRRRRFECT example of raw vs. polished...