Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back when I was a younger man/club hoppin' junkie I was pretty serious when it came to getting my boogie on! I was pretty good at it too, plus I wasn't one of those "drink in my hand, wall hoggin' type suckaz" either, so I stayed on the dance floor getting my groove on with many honey-bunnies. Certain clubs had deejays that knew how to keep a party jumping all night, while others were hit or miss. One crappy record and the dance floor would clear like a somebody farted. A good deejay always have a couple of those "get them back on the dancefloor" records in their stash, for just such an occasion. A couple of records that come to mind immediately from back in 1990s were two hot tracks from Crystal Waters called "Gypsy Woman" and "Makin Happy!" Those two tracks alone were guaranteed to save the night as soon as the needle hit the record. Even today both tracks sound pretty damn good...

So, that's why I have included them both in my latest mixx entitled "Party Gruvs Volume 1." This joint is full of some of my favorite party grooves, and I'm figuring a couple of yours as well. Put ears on it when you get chance, and expect atleast 60 minutes straight head bobbin' while it's playing!

I can't forget to shoutout to my sponsors:

This mixx is brought to you by Old Spice Deodorant Spray--"Keep it spicy with Old Spice!" ~ "Your great, great, great, granddaddy wore Old Spice, and you should too, plus it puts hair on your feet!"


Duncan Yo-Yo--"Whoever thought watching a cheap piece of plastic go up and down a dirty string could be so much fun?" ~"Nobody, but Duncan is still going to keep making them anyway dammit!"

Now, on to the mixx details...


01>Crystal Waters - Makin Happy (SoundNexx Horny Mix)
02>A Taste of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie
03>Anita Ward - Ring My Bell
04>Lily Allen - Smile (Gutter Mix)
05> - Make It Funky
06>Madonna feat. Kanye West & Pharell - Beat Goes On (Remix)
07>Virgo - Apple Pie
08>Patra - Pull Up (Salaam Remix)
09>Roger & Zapp - Doo Wa Ditty
10>Zhane' - Groove Thang
11>Floetry - Floetic
12>Koffee Brown - After Party
13>Jon B - Don't Talk
14>Toni Braxton - I Belong To You (Soulpower Remix)
15>Vee - Anotha Phase
16>Reggie B - Good Love
17>Janet Jackson - Feels So Right
18>Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman
19>Secret Weapon - Must Be The Music




Jay said...

Great Play List!!!!!!!!!!

Kurt GoBang da2nd said...

man, crystal waters had THE cutest dimples this side of the planet! i used to watch "100% good love" just for the close ups. and when t.i.'s "why you wanna" dropped, all those old feelings for ms. waters came out of no where to the point where i found myself on youtube hunting down "100%...", vogue-ing down memory lane...

good looks on the mixx!

Anonymous said...

Great Mix Nexx...oh, Crystal Waters!!!


SoundNexx DJ said...

@Jay - Thanks for stopping thru.

@Kurt - Yep, Crystal is a good looking lady. We need less Mariah and more Crystal actually.

@rteer88 - I still haven't forgotten about you playa. I got that coming your way shortly...

bertrand said...

seriously, this one is one of your best........your best mix.
I use to hear this one 2 or 3 times per day (in my office, in the gyme club....)
Keep going