Thursday, May 22, 2008

As urban music has changed tremendously over the years, there are still some things that have remained the same. Not "those same old biscuits" type same, but more like "I'm glad you're still making quality music" type same! It's hard to get tired of a good thing, so if it isn't broke you must have a good mechanic? Yeah, I know...but, let's keep it moving though. When I mention the name Hathaway, who normally comes to mind immediately? Unless you are 12 or younger, it's probably the music legend Donny Hathaway. Even though Donny left us entirely too soon, he did help create his daughter Lalah Hathaway who embodies a lot of her father's talent. Her voice, delivery and beauty are all top notch, and I have been a serious fan since the beginning of her career. If you love that smooth adult contemporary soul, then you definitely need some Lalah in your life. If you've been in a coma, you can your Lalah collection with any of these albums: Lalah Hathaway (1990), Night and Day (1992), A Moment (1994), The Songs Live On feat. Joe Sample (1999) and Outrun The Sky (2004)...

Put ears on this album sampler to get a wiff of what Lalah's cooking:

Outrun The Sky Sampler

Now, it's 2008 and Mrs. Hathaway is back with another hot, hot album! It's titled "Self Portrait" and I mean it when I say it's smooth as a baby's bottom minus the diaper rash. The production is amazing! This album took me back to the days of Anita Baker and Sade. Since, I know for a fact that the radio would never touch an album like this, unless it's a smooth jazz station, it's important that sites like this give it some some deserved shine. Personally, I'm a sucker for female singers with a little meat on their bones, and that's probably why I have been staring at this album cover for 5 minutes straight? It's something about those beautiful soup coolers she has and everything else about her dammit!

A private side note to Jill Scott: I'm sorry Jilly...I know what we have is special and I still luv you, and you will always have a warm spot in my musical heart. Fortunately, you are a talented and understanding woman yourself, so please make room because Lalah is moving in...

As always, support good music!

Find out more about Lalah here:

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