Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Me likey some Corinne Bailey Rae! Me likey her a lot! When I think of this songstress, the adjective that immediately comes to mind is elegant. She has a soulful classiness about her physical style, lyrics and vocals that is hard to define. I wouldn't even classify her as soul singer. She's just a good singer that creates various types of music that includes soul. Corinne's self-titled debut album really caught me off-guard because I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. At first glance I just figured she was another fly-by-night abstract artist trying to be heard via the Indie/Underground soul scene. I was total wrong, and I was happy about it!

Good news for Corinne Bailey Rae fans. She's for 2010 with her new album entitled The Sea which dropped today. Judging by the few tracks that I have heard off of the new joint, and it definitely has that flavor fans have come to know and love. The mellow production, soft melodies and sweet harmonies are all here. This would definitely be a good album to put on when you just relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon. My favorite track off of this album without a doubt is the tune "Closer" because it incorporates everything that I like about Corinne's music. No matter how many times it plays, I never get tired of it. So, if you didn't know the new Corinne album was out before reading this post, you're welcome! If you knew, but you still haven't picked it up...what are you waiting for??

Put eyes on Corinne performing "Closer" live below. At the beginning of this amateur Youtube concert footage, the picture is shaking like a Cloverfield and Blair Witch Project double feature. However, things get better after a few seconds, so remain patient.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soul singer Raheem DeVaughn has released another FREE album for the fans. No matter what you think about Raheem as an artist, or some of the musical decisions he's made in the past, you have to give the man credit for trying to remain relevant. It's tough for any artist when they're having label issues, and can't get their music out the fans. Raheem is putting up a fight by giving the music away for free. I wish all artists would do the same when they are getting screwed by these execs. Maybe, the record labels would finally get the message, and stop putting good artists on the shelf??
Click the cover above to get the album, then show Raheem some support if you dig it!
Who doesn't like great old school tracks from the 1980s and the legendary 1990s? No matter what nightclub, birthday party, backyard BBQ or babyshower you attend, when an old school song comes on everybody wants to get up. Well, maybe not everybody, but most people anyway. My cousin asked me if I would put together a mixx showcasing the "older schoolidge" of R&B and rap tracks from back in the day, so I did just that. It's harder than you may think to only pick 20 tracks from the many hot joints that exists for those eras. Regardless, I did what I had to do, and I am sharing the final result with you! No tracklist should be needed for this mixx because the featured songs were pretty popular for the most part. However, if you want to know the name of a track you don't recognize, give me a shout and I'll inform you.

Get the "80-90 Ol'Skool Mixx" here!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Lookie who's back on the music scene for the 2-0-1-0! I never thought I'd see this pretty face singing beautiful melodies ever again. Yep, that's KeKe Wyatt. Back in the day I used to be a fan of hers in more ways than two. However, I did get a little shaken after hearing that she'd stabbed her now ex-husband several times with a kitchen knife. I think she stabbed him for drinking all of the orange juice or something like that...LOL! That's worth a knife to gutt I guess? Regardless, she served the time for her crime, and now she is ready to get her singing career back on track.

KeKe has a new album called "Who Knew?" that drops on February 23rd. Her first single from the new album with the same name has been released. If you haven't yet, check out KeKe's video for the first single. She's definitely looking Beyonce-like in this video, but I am definitely not mad at her!!

It's definitely time to get back into some soul music. For 2010 I am beginning a soul music series that I call "Soul Flyy" and it will be dedicated to showcasing soul music from all over the world. Since, I do most of my music listening while I am driving, each mixx will be subtitled with the name of flyy vehicle. This one is the Porche' Panamera, which is shown in the photo above.

Click the Porche' to give your ears what they need...

Put eyes on Sade's new video for "Soldier of Love" below:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I really dig Indie music and its artists because they seem to have a rawness that doesn't exist in the mainstream sector. The Indie artist's original musical intentions are usually left in tact, which is a plus in most cases. An Indie artist that I just discovered is named Adina Nyree. She's a Hew York girl that has carried a real passion for poetry and music since her early youth. This poet/songstress has finally finished her debut album entitled "Certified Organic" for the world to hear. When I first listened her album I immediately thought of Jill Scott. That's because Adina effortlessly incorporates her spoken word into her music. Jill is a master at that! However, Adina's music has more of an jazzy-organic feel to it. Personally, I can't tolerate too much spoken word, but Adina's poetic efforts are to my liking. If you enjoy soul artists like Jill Scott, Brenda Russell and Ursula Rucker you should definitely give Adina Nyree a listen.

Check out Adina Nyree and jazz musician Mike Phillips perform "Love For Sale" live:

Listen to Adina Nyree's album for FREE at www.adinanyree.com

Also, hit her up on Myspace at www.myspace.com/adinanyree

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I know it's 2010, but I wanted to begin my first post of the decade by reflecting back on some Detroit hip-hop that dropped at the end of 2009. The best part about these releases is that they are all free for download. Some of these artists you may know, and others you may not. Regardless, put ears on all of these artists and hear what you think. First up is the dope emcee Elzhi from Slum Village fame. Many of you may not know, but Elzhi was a solo artists on Detroit's underground scene long before he joined Slum Village. Working with SV definitely gave him more exposure to the masses, but I think he shines more as a solo artist. In the fourth quarter of 2009, Elzhi dropped his solo mixtape "The Leftovers Unmixtape" for his fans. If you didn't get a chance to get it before, click the mixtape cover and grab it!

Next up to the batter's box is Marvwon (a.k.a Marvin Wonderful). Marv is definitely a local favorite on the Detroit hip-hop scene. He's been putting in work for many years around the way, and has earned the respect of his comrads. I came to know Marv back in the day as a member of the infamous Detroit Fat Killaz rap group alongside King Gordy, Bango and my homie Fatt Father. What I dig about Marv is that he keeps it street and he reps that Detroit flavor to the fullest. DJ Houseshoes (another Detroit favorite) and Marvwon dropped a free (very album-like sounding) mixtape last year called "Way of The Won" featuring 11 tracks. The hottest guest featuring on this joint is definitely the soul singer Bilal. We can always use a little more Bilal in our lives. Production duties were handled by Mr. Porter (D-12), Black Milk, 14KT and DJ Houseshoes. Check this album out by clicking the cover, then go to his website: MARVWON ONLINE and show him some love.

A new edition to the Detroit rap game is Ro Spit! He has made a local name for himself as an emcee in a short period of time. However, Ro is already known for his local Detroit sneaker store called Burn Rubber Detroit where you can go and step your shoe game way up. The dude is defnitely businesses minded, so now he's trying his hand in the rap game. He dropped his debut album "The Oh S#!t Project" back in November of 2009 and so far it has gotten a lot of positive praise. Guest appearances on the album include Bun B (UGK), Monica Blaire, Stretch Money, MarvWon and few other locals. It has 21 tracks on it! Get the new Ro Spit joint by clicking the cover above.

Also, just in case the joints above aren't enough to fill your craving for Detroit and the hip-hop music that is created here, I have one more local ear-goodie you should to endulge in. A crew of local emcees: Black Milk, Fat Ray, MarvWon, T3, Fatt Father, Buff1, Ro Spit, Phatboy Chef and One Be Lo have come together to make a track in rememberance of the Detroit Riots of 1967. Local clothing companies Burn Rubber and Acapulco Gold are backing this lyrical tribute and the clothing that's associated with it.

Click: DETROIT RIOTS to download the dope track and get more info...