Sunday, January 10, 2010

I really dig Indie music and its artists because they seem to have a rawness that doesn't exist in the mainstream sector. The Indie artist's original musical intentions are usually left in tact, which is a plus in most cases. An Indie artist that I just discovered is named Adina Nyree. She's a Hew York girl that has carried a real passion for poetry and music since her early youth. This poet/songstress has finally finished her debut album entitled "Certified Organic" for the world to hear. When I first listened her album I immediately thought of Jill Scott. That's because Adina effortlessly incorporates her spoken word into her music. Jill is a master at that! However, Adina's music has more of an jazzy-organic feel to it. Personally, I can't tolerate too much spoken word, but Adina's poetic efforts are to my liking. If you enjoy soul artists like Jill Scott, Brenda Russell and Ursula Rucker you should definitely give Adina Nyree a listen.

Check out Adina Nyree and jazz musician Mike Phillips perform "Love For Sale" live:

Listen to Adina Nyree's album for FREE at

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Adina Nyree said...

Thanks for your post! It truly means a lot to me that people are embracing Certified Organic and me. I hope your readers will order a physical copy of the album (with all that good stuff like liner notes and artwork) at or download the album at iTunes or!
Thank you for supporting independent artists and real music!
-Adina Nyree