Thursday, August 18, 2011

The 90's aren't considered the "Golden Era" just for hip-hop. It's also known for being the decade when the hottest remixes were created! A remix in 2011 is adding another rapper or singer on a song, or spitting a slightly different verse over the original beat. That's not a remix, and it's a pretty lazy approach if you ask me! A REAL remix is when the original song is totally reworked and transformed into something else like Optimus Prime. It needs a new beat (slower or faster than the original), different lyrics, reworked hooks and melodies to make it a legit remix.

Producers like Eddie F, All-Star, Puff Daddy, Teddy Riley, Jermaine Dupri, Chunky Thompson, Kenny Smoove, The Ummah, etc. did just that back in the good ole' days. This mixx is a tribute to that generation of producers. I through in a couple extended versions of tracks I hadn't heard in a while as well, so pull out your Cross Colour short sets and enjoy!

1=702 - Steelo Remix
2=Joya - Gettin' Off On You Remix
3=Usher - Think Of You Remix
4=SWV/Jay-Z/Busta Rhymes/Trigga/Mr.Cheeks - You're The One
5=Craig Mack/Q-Tip - Get Down Remix
6=Tevin Campbell - Back To The World Remix
7=SWV/Wu-Tang Clan - Anything Remix
8=Johnny Gill - Wrap My Body Tight Extended Mix
9=Jodeci - Get On Up Remix
10=Rome - I Belong To You
11=Adina Howard - Somethin' 2 Ride 2 Remix
12=Xscape - Do You Want To Remix
13=Jonell/Method Man - Round & Round Remix
14=Christopher Williams - Every Little Thing U Do Remix
15=911 - Cutie Remix
16=Today - Girl I Got My Eyes On You Extended Mix
17=Monica - Before You Walk Out Of My Life Remix
18=Mona Lisa - You Can't Be Wasting My Time Remix
19=Aaliyah = If Your Girl Only Knew Remix
20=Total - Kissin' You Remix
21=Mary J. Blige - Your Child Remix

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