Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dang, is it New Year’s already? Where did the year go? Time does fly when you are having fun. Unlike most of the folks around the world that have probably made a thousand promises to themselves about changing a bunch of things for the better in 2009, I have done no such thing. As the saying goes, “if it ain’t fixed don’t broke it” or something like that. Regardless, however you live your life make sure you live it to the fullest. Since, most of you will be celebrating tonight, please have a drink for me and be safe. The year 2008 has been good for music (minus Kanye’s last contribution), but from what I can tell 2009 will be even better. Anyway, while I have a little free time on my hands, I’ve decided to drop a couple of posts today, starting with this one. Okay, before I start getting emails from the fellas, the attractive young lady in the photos on the left is a soul singer named Nadine Charles. I’ve been following her music ever since I heard her on track on Byron’s “The Aquarius Mix CD” that dropped awhile back. She doesn’t have an album out yet, but keep your ears out for her lovely voice in 2009.

I normally drop a mixx for the New Year and this year is no exception. It’s full of soul tracks and I call it the ‘Soul&Beyond’ Mixx. Put ears on it when you get a chance. It is full of soulful goodness.

Soul&Beyond Playlist:
01^Soulive - Don't Tell Me
02^Peven Everett - Soul Music
03^Dain Harris - Open Book (Kernit Remix)
04^Musiq Soulchild - Until
05^Collin Munroe ft Black Milk/Joel Ortiz
06^Rogiers ft Bilal - Hollywood Story
07^Elizabeth Withers - Somebody
08^Jon Bibbs - You've Got Soul
09^Anthony Hamilton - The Day We Met
10^2000 Black - Simple Sacrifice
11^Green Tea ft AB - Y.O.U.
12^Jesse Boykins III ft Theophilus London - Connected
13^Marsha Ambrosius ft Little Brother - Sunshine
14^AnOmali - Young Boi
15^Pancea - Treasure Hunt
16^Sarah White - Fade
17^Joy Jones - Beautiful
18^Nadine Charles - Your My Boy
19^Liquid Spirits - Closing Time
20^Foreign Exchange ft Yahzarah - If This Is Love


Monday, December 29, 2008


Diggin' through some archives the other day, I came across this gem from Marley Marl's remix collection. The rapper is Nas. The track is "One Mic." This was one of my favorite remixes of a Nas track. The beat is addictive, so make sure you grab it before it vanishes again...

One Mic (Marley Marl Remix)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Before I get this post started, I want to make one thing very clear. Personally, I hate the smell of the drink Green Tea, plus it taste like warm turtle piss with a touch of lime! However, I love the full-figured, soul singing artist that calls herself Green Tea from Washington D.C. Just like my favorite Philly filly named Jilly (Jill Scott), Ms. Tea is definitely a “thickum.” Oh yeah, and they both can sing pretty well too! I’ve been following Green Tea’s career every since I heard the track “Soul Connection” on some soul compilation I purchased a couple of years ago. If you’ve been downloading my mixxes for a minute, you’ve probably heard this track as well. What I like most about Green is that she keeps her music positive with uplifting messages about love and life. None of that male bashing “he ain’t sh*t, girl” type of hooplah that many young female artists sing about these days. If an angry female knocks my car windows out, I'm going Rambo Part 1 on somebody! So, if you are looking for that drama filled music, go that way.

Green Tea released her independent debut album “Have a Cup of Green Tea Dosage 1: Shades of Green” back in 2006. I can easily assume that most people never heard it. She’s back with her second album “Dosage II: Choices," which is full of sultry soul tracks that any music fan will enjoy. There’s a nice mixture of mid-tempo to slow jammish type joints that will fill all of your cravings. It bothers me a little that music like this doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. If you’ve never heard of Green Tea, here is your chance. Both of her albums can be purchased from sites like CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes, so go spend some money. Also, if you ever get to see her perform live, do so. Support quality music…



When I first came in contact with Georgia Anne Muldrow a few years ago, I didn't realize how funky she was. Not the "I never wear deodorant-African elephant type funk," but more like the Parliament-Funkadelic musical phunk! I think she's trying to keep up with Madlib and MF Doom with the amount musical aliases she uses, but it definitely keeps things interesting. No matter what she calls herself from album to album, you can bet that she’s bringing the funk. Georgia is multi-talented with her abilities to write, produce, rap and sing. Ms. Muldrow’s music is an acquired taste for most music lovers, but once you catch her vibe it’s hard to let it go. A lot of folks compare her to the independent soul artist Muhsinah, but I think she’s pretty tamed compared to Muldrow. Both ladies definitely bring it though, so you can’t go wrong with either.

Georgia’s most recent alter-ego is called Eagle Nebula. The album is entitled “Cosmic Headphones” and it dropped back in October
2008. I know most people probably overlooked it, so that’s why I am doing this post today.
Check out this track: E. Nebula - Spaceship Earth
Her Internet sites:

Saturday, December 27, 2008

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a Detroit native. Detroit is known by other aliases like Motown, Motor City, Hockey Town, The Murder Mitten and The Dirty Glove. No matter what the outsiders call it, the folks that live here call it home. I have visited and actually lived in plenty of other states and countries throughout my life, but nothing is like the vibe in Detroit. The culture here runs deep and once you experience it, you’ll never forget it. Yeah, there is crime, unemployment, ghettos and corruption throughout Detroit, but I can’t think of a city in the U.S. that doesn’t have those attributes to some degree. The good things about this city definitely out way the bad, but the media rarely speaks on it. Here are some the things that make Detroit special: Faygo Pop, Coney Island Restaurants, Hart Plaza, Chene Park, Detroit Auto Show, Belle Isle, International Festivals, Detroit Grand Prix, Canada, Fireworks, Fashion, Music, etc.

Speaking of music, it’s been a minute since I posted a mixx showcasing some of the Detroit’s hip-hop talent. This mixx is actually part 2 of the “Dirty Mitten Hip-Hop Mixx” that I dropped back in 2007. These are some of my favorite local artists, and they range from the usual suspects to some of the unknowns still on the grind. When you get a minute, put ears on this joint and if you like what you hear go the extra the mile and show these kats some love on their Myspace pages. Also, take some of that Christmas money and buy some of their music too dammit! They could use the stacks, trust me…

The Dirty Playlist:

01=Swagger - Illa J
02=Boss Up - The Funtouchables
03=Shake This - Royce Da 5'9
04=Blah Blah Blah - Fatt Father
05=Who's That - D. Allie
06=Knockout Kings - Guilty Simpson
07=Legendary - Street Lord Juan/Short Dawg
08=Overdue Process - Zo!/Asylum 7
09=Happiness - J Dilla/Baatin
10=Work - Leaf Erikson/AC Pull/Buried Glory
11=Yeah - Phat Kat/Elzhi
12=Hell Yeah - Black Milk
13=Are U Ready - Slum Village/Jazzy Jeff
14=Curtains - Smoke
15=40 Bars - Fatt Father
16=The Kingdom - Buff 1/Elzhi/Miz Korona
17=Bang! - D. Allie
18=DFTF - Illa J/Affion Crockett
19=Locusts - Invincible/Finale
20=Dumbstruck - Leaf Erikson
21=Jungle Music - Finale
22=Part of Me - Royce Da 5'9


Also, once the Detroit Lions lose to the Packers this weekend, we will own the rights to the worst season ever played by any NFL football team with 16 almost wins! No other city can make such a claim, so GOOOO LIONNNNSSS!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Need a soulful change of pace from the norm? The Dresden Soul Symphony has got what you need. This isn't your great-grandmother's symphony from yester-year. This a compilation of soothing/soulful tracks from the past being rejuvenated with a new school twist. Vocals are being soulfully delivered by great singers like Tweet, Bilal, Joy Denalane and Dwele! Talk about a super soul group for the ages. If you haven't heard this joint by now, I would suggest that you take the time to do so. Four of your favorite soul artists for the price of the one. Just in time for a stocking stuffer under the christmas tree or over the fire place. Maybe, over the by the radiator if you live in an old azz apartment. No matter where your stocking is located, just stuff it!

Peep the video for some live entertainment:

Dresden Symphony ft. Tweet and Joy - It's A Man's World

Peven Everett is back at it again for 2008. His unique and catchy style of soul music has been on my menu for years now, but many still don't know about him. I used to wonder why Peven's promotion tactics weren't more aggressive, but now I figure that being popular is not that important to this artist. Some are comfortable driving in their own lane with no real desire for change. Being independent gives him freedoms that many of the contracted artists never get a chance to experience. Peven determines his own schedule for making and releasing his music, which keeps fans like myself very happy. I don't have to wonder when or if a new Peven joint will be dropping, because he always keeps them coming. Unlike an artist like Rell who hasn't dropped an album since he was signed to the Roc years ago.

Peven's new album 'Sincerely Yours' is showcasing a softer and more mellow side of his soul swagger. Normally, his albums are full of uptempo tracks, but this one stays pretty much in the mid-tempo beat count. This is a nice change of pace for Mr. Everett and I this just might be the album that adds more fans to his already large following.

Put ears on this track: P. Everett - First Choice

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I came across this gem in my mixx archives and thought I’d share it with you folks. This is real hip-hop right here! Before we had rap crews like Wu-Tang, G-Unit, Dipset and The Dungeon Family there was a group of emcees that changed the hip-hop movement forever. They called themselves the ‘Native Tongues.’ The core members of the Native Tongue Collective consisted of The Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, DJ Red Alert and Prince Paul. Tongue affiliates included other artists like Monie Love, Queen Latifah, Black Sheep, Chi-Ali, Flavor Unit, Leaders of The New School and The Fu-Schnickens. Rappers Common Sense and Mos Def joined the crew several years later. When these artists united on a music project, it created a definite Voltron like effect. There was so much talent amongst the crew that all of their music projects seemed to be solid no matter who it was that released it. Consistency is not a word that I use often when it comes to most rap artists in general, but in the case of the Native Tongues it definitely fits. They pretty much dominated the underground hip-hop scene of the late 80s and early 90s in my opinion. Is the Native Tongues still a crew today? The answer to that question would depend on who you asked. Personally, I think there are fragments of that old NT vibe that appear in hip-hop from time to time. Nothing compares to originators though.

So, enjoy this journey back into hip-hop when the Native Tongue was the only language we spoke. Before all of the drugs, rims, phat asses, gats, bling, songs made up of only hooks, lame dances and teef grills. When being different was cool. Some of you were probably still peeing in the bed when some of these joints originally dropped back in the day, but it's never too late to appreciate great music!

NativeTouguez Mixx Playlist:

01-On The Road Again (Jimmy Mix) - Jungle Brothers/Q-Tip
02-Without A Doubt (Salaam Remix) - Black Sheep
03-Buddy (Remix) - De La Soul/Tribe/Jungle Brothers/Latifah/Monie Love
04-Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children - Latifah/De La Soul
05-Monie In The Middle - Monie Love
06-Doin Our Own Dang (JB Mix) - Jungle Brothers/Latifah/De La Soul/Tribe
07-Pubic Enemy (Saturday Disco Mix) - A Tribe Called Quest
08-Phife - Miscellaneous (Remix)
09-Scenario (Remix) - A Tribe Called Quest/LONS/Kid Hood
10-The Choice Is Yours (Remix) - Black Sheep
11-It's A Shame - Monie Love
12-Eye Know (The Kiss Mix) - De La Soul
13-Tribe Vibes - Jungle Brothers
14-Queen of Royal Badness - Queen Latifah/45 King
15-Strobelite Honey - Black Sheep
16-Ring, Ring, Ring (Piles Demo Tape Mix) - De La Soul
17-Promo No. 2 - Jungle Brothers/Q-Tip
18-Phife - Game Day

19-What "U" Waitin' 4 - Jungle Brothers



Then check out the classic posse joint below:

Scenario (Music Video)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The street savvy parent known as Detroit's own Fatt Father is back on his grind again just in time for Christmas. He's just released his latest mixtape he calls "Christmas With Fatt Father" for your listening pleasure. This isn't your daddy's Nat King Cole or Bing Crosby Christmas records, so don't get it twisted. This is still street music with a Christmas theme to it. Fatts keeps his lyrics on point throughout even though it's a Christmas theme, and many of his stories are well thoughtout. His unique sense of humour will probably have you chuckling a bit, but that's expected when he's on the mic. My dude is currently on the road with Trick-Trick getting his grind on all over the country, so when he comes to your town show some love. Until next time, be sure to kopp Fatt Father's free Christmas gift by clicking on the album cover.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remember Heavy D? Now, that's a name that you probably haven't heard in a long while. Personally, I was a big Heavy D back in the day. Truthfully, I've never stopped being a fan. Most of his hits from of past could still easily rock any party today. He was a master at taking the best soulful classics and turning them into head knocking party anthems. Who could forget his classic tracks like "The Overweight Lovers In The House," "Now That We Found Love" and "Big Daddy?" When he stopped dropping albums a few years back, there seemed to be a huge void in the rap game. Heavy D made fun and catchy rap songs that even your grandma could sing along to without saying one curse word. Plus, he made songs for the women. Some might dare say that the ladies loved Heavy D more than Cool James (LL Cool J). You women can debate about that amongst yourselves. Regardless, many rumored that Heavy was having a hard time dealing with the new image that hip-hop was taking on, so he stepped away. Others said that he gave up rapping to further his acting career. I'm inclined to believe the later of the two.

It doesn't really matter now though, because Heavy D is back at it once again! He's not rapping this time though. His new album entitled 'Vibes' is expanding on his reggae roots. This joint has a very 'lovers rock' feel to it, which is a nice sensation for my eardrums. I've been wanting some new reggae vibes to add to my collection, so this album couldn't have come at a better time. If you dare think or say that Heavy D is new to this whole reggae vibe, bite your tongue and then put ears on this classic 'Hotness' track he did with Buju Banton back in 1993.

Heavy D ft. Buju Banton - Hotness

Also, if you haven't seen his new video for his new single called 'Long Distance Girlfriend' yet, here is your chance:

Now, that you are feeling all 'Caribbean Vibes' like right about now, do yourself a favor and put ears on the new Heavy D album HERE!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


At first glance you just might think that's MC Serch from the rap group 3rd Bass in that photo above, but you'd be wrong. This guy goes by the name DJ Greenpeace and plus his "fourhead" is slightly bigger than Serch's, but not by much! Anyway, he's reppin' London and is very recognized and respected for his deejaying skills. Some say that you haven't seen great turntablizm until you've seen this kat live on the wheels of steel. Since, I've never seen him in person, I can't verify that last statement. However, I have heard a couple of his recorded mixes and they are pretty solid. I can care less about how well a DJ blends and/or scratches records. What impresses me is the ability pick quality records, which Greenpeace does well.

Put ears on his Chill Stereo Mix and let me know what you think. It's filled with hot hip-hop joints from the past that should definitely bring a tear to your left eye.

Track list in comments section.

Chill here and thank me later...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Over the last few months there have been a lot new R&B/Soul albums dropping like gas prices to keep your head bobbing. When a lot of music is released at one time (normally during the holiday season) it is easy for some of the better projects to get lost in the shuffle. I know that many music fans are all over those new releases like Keyshia Cole, Avant, Jamie Foxx, Brandy, Kindred and The Family Soul, etc., but make sure you don't overlook Anthony Hamilton's new joint. Anthony has one of the most recognized voices in the game right now, and his new album "The Point of It All" demonstrates why he's so respected. Unless you've been handcuffed and kept hostage in somebody's cellar, you've already heard A. Ham's first single off the new joint called "Cool" featuring David Banner. If you like that track I'm quite sure you'll find many others that you like even more once you put ears on the album.

The new album drops on December 16, 2008. Support quality soul music!

Since, this is the week of the 3rd Anniversary of starting this blog known as SoundNexx, I have decided to do something rare today. I plan on answering one of the questions that I have been asked at least a hundred times over the years. I have kept a lot of mystery about myself and how things work around here because I feel that the music should be the center of attention and not myself! It’s hard not to recognize that many of my visitors are somewhat interested in knowing more about the man behind this musical madness. So, here we go with some insight. I constantly get asked who’s behind that sexy female voice that saturates my mixxes. You know the one that says quotes like “It’s SoundNexx Babie” and “Enjoy the SoundNexx Experience.” Well, that’s Mrs. SoundNexx a.k.a Punkin Py. She’s been the voice of the SoundNexx brand since the beginning. Even to this day, she loves hearing her voice blended in various spots throughout my mixxes. She laughs when I tell her that her voice is being heard all over the world, thanks to all of my out of country visitors that frequent the site.

That photo above is actually her, but since she wants to remain incognegroe I had to blur it out a little. Let me clear when I say that she’s a hand full. I still remember how much work it took for me to get those final voice drops that you get today. I am a part-time perfectionist, so I know that I can be demanding at times, but I didn’t think we’d ever get done. I had to actually go into Ike Turner mode to get the output I wanted (minus the azz whuppins of course). I'd say things to her like, “I’mma need you to put some stank on it” and “Say it just like I told you Annie Mae!” Needless to say that didn’t work at all, but in the end we finally got it done. So, now you know, and hopefully you won’t need to ask me anymore?

I know you can’t tell by that pic I posted above, but Punkin Py is definitely beautiful in mind, body and soul! To close out this post, I have decided to share a mixx that I call the “OhSo Beautiful Mixx” for your enjoyment.


01^LB – Beautiful Morning
02^SoulID –Beauty & Sin
03^MJB – Beautiful Ones
04^K. Cole – Beautiful Music
05^Purple St. James – Beautiful Place
06^Keith Murray – The Most Beautifullest Thing In The World
07^DJ Tonk ft Rahsaan Admad – Beautiful
08^Darien Brockington – Beautiful
09^Eijay – Beautiful Lady
10^Cody Chestnutt – The Most Beautiful Shame
11^Musiq – Sobeautiful
12^Jaheim ft. MJB – Beauty and Thug
13^Aloe Blacc – I’m Beautiful
14^Donnie – Beautiful Me
15^Damien Marley ft Bobby Brown – Beautiful
16^MJB – Beautiful Day
17^Rhian Ayanna – Beauty
18^Tamar Davis ft Prince – Beautiful, Loved & Blessed
19^Wes Felton ft Big Brooklyn – Beauty Fall of Things Ever
20^Lacks – Beautiful
21^Masta Ace – Beautiful Outro

It's really beautiful too!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Personally, I am already sick of the contant Christmas music that is being played everywhere I go. I'm hearing it at work, the malls, TV, bookstores and even in the movie theater lobbies! I don't have problems with ALL of the holiday music, but I only like a few artists and they NEVER get played. I only hear stuff like Johnny Cash sings 'Frosty The Snowman' and Tito Jackson doing his rendition of 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause.' Don't hate me because I prefer Nat King Cole and The Temptations instead. If I can't here them, this 'Bad Santa' compilation from Peanut Butter Wolf and the dope artists over at Stones Throw is the next best thing. Yes, some underground artists celebrate Christmas too, with a twist. This compilation may not be your thing, but check it out anyway. So, don't be a ho, ho, ho and have a very Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time has definitely flown by since I started this blog. On December 9th, it will be the third anniversary of the SoundNexx Movement via the blogsphere! Who knew that I would still be blogging after all of this time? It damn sure wasn't me! I gave myself approximately 6 months back when I first started this spot. I still remember when I would only get about 10 visitors around these parts in a weeks time, and 6 of them were my personal friends. Regardless of the minimum blog hits I got back then, it was all gravy. I was content with talking and sharing music with those kats back then, the same as I do now with hundreds of more visitors that come through on the regular today. I have met some good folks during my time running this blog, so I must admit that it has been worthwhile venture. For those of you that have been rolling with the kid since the beginning, I appreciate your support of my blog and good music. It is you that has kept me motivated to keep doing this even when I was ready to call it quits. Phuck pimpin'...bloggin' ain't easy!

Alright, enough typing. Let's get into some music! I have decided to post a very old mixx that never saw the light of day. Since, my 3rd Anniversary is just around the corner, I'll share it. This mixx is full of classic grooves that I actually used to dance 2 back in the day. Yep, ya boy used to cut a serious rug back in the day. Poplock to ya don't stop and all that. A few of these songs are definitely Detroit club classics, so enjoy!

Playlist of Gruvs:

01-Kid-N-Play - Toe 2 Toe
02-Sister Sledge - He's The Greatest Dancer
03-Chic - Good Times
04-D Train - You're The One For Me
05-The Whispers - And The Beat Goes On
06-Shalamar - A Night To Remember
07-Parliament - Flash Light
08-Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real
09-Howard Johnson - So Fine
10-Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove
11-GQ - Disco Nights
12-O'Bryan - I'm Freaky
13-Foxy - Get Off
14-Cherrelle - Fragile...Handle With Care
15-Captain Rapp - Bad Times
16-Cameo - I Just Want To Be
17-Ashford & Simpson - Street Corner
18-Stezo - Put Your Body Into It
19-Jungle Bros. ft Tribe, Queen Latifah, De La Soul & Monie Love
20-Funkadelic - Knee Deep

Freak The Gruvs!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Finale - All Day

Black Milk - Give The Drummer Some

The Finale joint is from his upcoming album release "A Pipe Dream and A Promise" which hits the streets in March 2009! The Black Milk track is from his new album "Tronic" and if you haven't picked that one up by now, it's never too late to fix your mistake. Go get it today!
I have been meaning to do this post for a few days now, so here we go. Whenever I come across a musical talent that is worth talking about, I try to give them some deserving shine on this site. Meet this soul singer named Jesse Boykins III. After hearing this dude’s debut EP entitled “Dopamine: My Life On My Back” a while back, I knew that he had what it takes to be a force in the independent soul movement. If you missed that joint, it’s never too late to put ears on it. Now, Jesse has just released his official album debut “The Beauty Created” which is just as entertaining as his EP. The album actually gets the edge over the EP because it has more music on it. The theme that both projects share is love, life and relationships. I truly dig soul music like this because it has definite replay value.

I hate to compare artists, but Jesse reminds me of Vikter Duplaix with a hint of Dwele and Eric Roberson mixed in there as well. That last statement is not taking anything away from his unique creativity, but they all share the ability to write great love songs. Mr. Boykins is in great musical company. The overall production is solid as well the album as well. It complements rather than overshadows the lyrical content. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing many more great things from this kat sooner than later.

If you enjoy good soul music give Jesse Boykins III a listen.

The digital version of the album is available on Amazon, so click the album cover to check it out.

Then check his Myspace Page:

Support independent artists!