Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dang, is it New Year’s already? Where did the year go? Time does fly when you are having fun. Unlike most of the folks around the world that have probably made a thousand promises to themselves about changing a bunch of things for the better in 2009, I have done no such thing. As the saying goes, “if it ain’t fixed don’t broke it” or something like that. Regardless, however you live your life make sure you live it to the fullest. Since, most of you will be celebrating tonight, please have a drink for me and be safe. The year 2008 has been good for music (minus Kanye’s last contribution), but from what I can tell 2009 will be even better. Anyway, while I have a little free time on my hands, I’ve decided to drop a couple of posts today, starting with this one. Okay, before I start getting emails from the fellas, the attractive young lady in the photos on the left is a soul singer named Nadine Charles. I’ve been following her music ever since I heard her on track on Byron’s “The Aquarius Mix CD” that dropped awhile back. She doesn’t have an album out yet, but keep your ears out for her lovely voice in 2009.

I normally drop a mixx for the New Year and this year is no exception. It’s full of soul tracks and I call it the ‘Soul&Beyond’ Mixx. Put ears on it when you get a chance. It is full of soulful goodness.

Soul&Beyond Playlist:
01^Soulive - Don't Tell Me
02^Peven Everett - Soul Music
03^Dain Harris - Open Book (Kernit Remix)
04^Musiq Soulchild - Until
05^Collin Munroe ft Black Milk/Joel Ortiz
06^Rogiers ft Bilal - Hollywood Story
07^Elizabeth Withers - Somebody
08^Jon Bibbs - You've Got Soul
09^Anthony Hamilton - The Day We Met
10^2000 Black - Simple Sacrifice
11^Green Tea ft AB - Y.O.U.
12^Jesse Boykins III ft Theophilus London - Connected
13^Marsha Ambrosius ft Little Brother - Sunshine
14^AnOmali - Young Boi
15^Pancea - Treasure Hunt
16^Sarah White - Fade
17^Joy Jones - Beautiful
18^Nadine Charles - Your My Boy
19^Liquid Spirits - Closing Time
20^Foreign Exchange ft Yahzarah - If This Is Love


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