Friday, January 02, 2009

This is my first official post for 2009, so I thought I’d take it back to the essence of my love for music. Music and I have been having a love affair for the majority of my life, but the part of music that I appreciate the most is the productions. It all about the beats! The reason we nod our heads continuously until the neck muscles start to ache. A lyric without a dope beat behind it is just wack sentence as far as I am concerned, so I’ve decided to pay homage to some of my favorite beat makers from around the world. Honestly, some producers bite while others create new bangers all night. The producers that I am showcasing today definitely get it right. Many of them you should already know by name, but if not you definitely need to get familiar. I ran out of time before I could slide a Nicolay track on this joint, but let it be known that he's definitely one of my favorites in the game.

To all of the beat makers out there, keep doing your thing because my ears greatly appreciate it.


01-Black Milk ^ Quik Beat
02-Count Bass D ^ Organ Playa
03-Dr. Who Dat? ^Memories
04-J Rawls ^ Bongosss
05-Thes One ^ Pan Am
06-Gagle ^ Afternoon Doze
07-Zo! ^ Before Day
08-Mitsu The Beats ^ Spireedom
09-J Dilla – Stop
10-Flying Lotus ^ Massage Situation
11-El-p ^ Ridiculoid
12-Grooveman Spot ^ Neuralgia
13-Obsidian Blue ^ Live Showcase
14-Oddisee ^ Life After Love
15-Kankick ^ Kanstrumental 1
16-Madlib ^ Masala
17-9th Wonder ^ Fine as Wine
18-Count Bass D ^ We Love Hard We Fight Hard
19-Daru ^ Hold On (Somebody)
20-Black Milk ^ Purple Track 3
21-Afta-1 ^ The Gaze
22-DJ Spinna ^ Spirit of 94
23-Pete Rock ^ You Remind Me
24-Kev Brown ^ We Got This
25-Midimarc – Mama Say Instrum
26-J Dilla ^ Dilla Says Go
27-J Zone ^ Hit & Run
28-Madvillian – Fluid
29-RZA ^ Introsulizza
30-J Laine ^ Dilla Can Win
31-Oddisee – Rufus
32-Waajeed ^ Fat Asia
33-DJ Kou G ^ In Search Of
34-Count Bass D ^ Gorgeous Vomit
35-Black Milk ^ U’s A Freak B*tch


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MIDIMarc said...

Thank you so much for showing love!!