Saturday, January 10, 2009

I haven't dropped one of these slow jam joints in a minute, so since it's cold outside this is the perfect time to snuggle up with someone. With the right music playing in the background, snuggling a.k.a "playing covers" can be fun and exciting. In most cases "playing covers" leads to the hippity-dippity (sex) between two conscenting adults. I remember back in my juvenile days when I would make cassette tapes that I called "Get The Panties" mixtapes that I only played when the ladies would come over. My tapes got so popular with my male buddies that I would loan them out, which eventually became a profitable endeavor for me. I charged a $1 for a 24 hour cassette rental and $5 for a copy to keep. Music and sex go together like peanut butter and jelly, so don't let anybody tell you different. For all you fellas out there still making the rounds with the ladies, a good slow jam compilation will increase your success rate. Ladies love romance, so don't forget the simple things.

Today, I bring you this "GetThePanties" mixx with no charge, so get while you can. Ladies, you want this and the fellas need this...

Panties Playlist:

01-112~Call My Name
02-Bobby Valentino~Slow Down (Remix)
03-Jon B~On & On
04-Jesse Boykins~Whispers (Interlude)
05-Dwele~Love Ultra
06-Myron~I Love Her Now
07-Mint Condition~What Kind of Man Would I Be
08-Ginuwine~Far Away
09-Joe~Sex Girl (Interlude)
10-Avant~When It Hurts
11-Carl Thomas~Hey Now
12-Jesse Boykins~Come To My Room
13-Jagged Edge~In Private
14-R. Kelly~Sex Planet
15-Case~Sex Games
16-Mint Condition~The Never That You'll Never Know
17-Jodeci~My Heart Belongs To U
18-Jamie Foxx~Overdose
19-Xavier Aeo~Rock-A-Bye


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much I love this mix.