Friday, January 09, 2009

I definitely dig my dude Zo! on the production tip, and my other Motown homie Asylum 7 on the lyrics, but I like them even better together. It's kind of like a Reese's cup on the peanut butter and milk chocolate tip. The best part about it all is that the imfamous Detroit music vibe is being represented well once again. Mr. Zo! continues to amaze me with his versatility as a producer. He can transition between a hip-hop, soul and remixology effortlessly. The brother keeps his beats smooth and jazzy, which would even make your mom's sound good on the microphone. Even though I had not heard much from emcee Asylum 7 prior to a few months ago, I quickly realized that he has a couple of rap projects under his belt. The brother is no slouch on the microphone, and he definitely compliments Zo's style of production. Check him out at for more information.

Zo! and Asylum's joint project is called "Overdue Process" and without being bias I can honestly say that this album is dope! It flows nicely. The beats are melodic, and the lyrics are solid. With guest appearances from Miz Korona, AB, Buff1, Finale and Asheru, why wouldn't you add this joint to your music collection?

These independent artists need your financial support, so buy this album by clicking on the pic of album cover above.

Peep the album's title track on my Dirty Mitten Hip-Hop Mixx 2...

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Soulrific said...

This album is fire!