Monday, January 12, 2009


Who hasn't seen the comercial for the new flick based on the lengendary Notorious B.I.G called "Notorious" by now? If you don't know, now ya know ________! I can't pretend that I am overly excited about seeing this movie at the theater. It's not just because I expect this flick to attract a million loud mouth kids talking on their cellphones while the movie is playing, but I don't think I will learn anything new about Biggie's life. What can this movie tell his true fans that they (we) don't already know? Plus, whatever we don't know, is it worth paying the theater admission price to find out about it? I hope the movie does well because Ms. Wallace put her blood, sweat and tears into this project to make sure that the story was told accurately. I applaud her for making this project happen because most of Rap's fallen soldiers never get a chance to tell their stories.

Of course, every urban movie has an urban soundtrack and this movie is no different. The OST is mostly old Biggie tracks, a few early unreleased and couple of new guest featured joints. One of the tracks that stands out from the others is the Jadakiss joint "Letter to B.I.G" featuring Faith Evans. It's Jada showcasing his classic slow flow, with Faith handling the vocals. Peep the video above...


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