Monday, July 26, 2010

Here is another independent soul artist from Dallas, Texas worth checking for, and his name is Geno Young. He started his musical journey working as a musical director, arranger and producer for lovely Erykah Badu. The knowledge and experience that he gained from touring with Erykah gave him enough courage to step out on his own as a soul artist. Geno released his debut album "The Ghetto Symphony" in early 2004. I first became aware of Mr. Young after my homegirl HoneySoul let me hear the dope "Honeydew" single from his album. That track never gets old! Another nice track worth mentioning from that album is called "Broadway" and I thing George Benson would be proud if he heard it. The whole album was solid, but as usual it went under the soul radar for most music lovers.

Fortunately, Geno is back after 6 years with his second album entitled "Ear Hustler" and I like this album even better than the first. This joint seems more focused. I noticed some growth in the production and lyrical content as well. With the right push, this album could put Geno Young on the "soul map" for lovers of the genre. Currently, the new album is only available for purchase digitally through the web-site. You can listen to snippets of each song of the album on that site as well.

Here is a direct link for the album: EAR HUSTLER

If you have never heard the "Honeydew" track, check the video below:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's been a minute since I dropped a Phonte Coleman dedicated mixx for the fans. I believe it was 2007 when the original Phontigallo Phavorites joint hit the e-streets. I originally put it together to showcase some of my "phavorite" underground and collaborative featuring the man himself. Being a fan, I wanted everyone to pay attention this up and coming talent. A lot of things have changed for Phonte since 2007. He's become a household name in hip-hop music, been nominated for a Grammy with Foreign Exchange, ended his run with Little Brother, Twitter checked 9th Wonder, and established himself as a respected soul singer. It just shows that true talent can't be denied. I hope Little Brother reunites in the future, but until then rumor has it that Phonte is working in his solo album. The fans are anciously waiting for that to drop. Hurry that $#%! up Phonte!

Enough with the typing, it's time for some music! This joint is the "Phontigallo Phavorites 2 Mixx" showcasing more collabos featuring Mr. Coleman.


So Far From Home (Jazzanova)
Ladder of Success (DJ K.O.)
Guaranteed (DJ Spinna)
All Because She's Gone (Oddisee)
Bring Ya'll Back (Pete Rock)
Give In ft. D Brock (4Hero)
Now or Never (The Roots)
Best of Times (Strong Arm Steady)
If You Don't Love Me (Liquid Spirits)
Purple Flip ft. Carlitta Durand (?uestlove)
Look What Your Doin To Me (Jazzanova)
Something 2 Ride 2 (Royce Da 5'9)
Close Call (88 Keys)
She's Gone (Tanya Morgan)
Too Late (Tiye Phoenix)
This Time Around (Roddy Rodd)
Been In Love (Erro)
Somthin' (Mint Condition)
Yellow Lines (Dungeon Family)
My Flames (Zo!)
The Perch (Oddisee)


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Slum Village is a rap group that has managed to survive just about every tragedy known to music throughout the years. Most other groups would have called it quits by now. The first major blow was when Jay Dee a.k.a. J Dilla left the group. With the man behind their sound gone, I wondered if Slum could still deliver the same quality, then they recruited Elzhi. His addition made the group better lyrically. Soon after the member Baatin left the group, leaving Elzhi and T3 to maintain on their own. Still the SV movement remained alive. Eventually, fans got word that J Dilla was rejoining the group for a reunion album, and Baatin would be coming back as well. Unfortunately, J Dilla died before that could happen. That was big blow to group and the music industry. However, there was finally some good news for fans after Baatin finally rejoined the group. The trio was back in the studio making music once again, and then Baatin died abruptly. It was another major blow to the group! T3 and Elzhi continued to push on with the making of their new album "Villa Manifesto" which drops on July 27th.

Recently, news has been buzzing around the Internet that Elzhi is no longer with the group? Elzhi stated that their label has basically removed him from SV, and he seems to be unsure why? As a fan I am dissappointed that this has happened. Without Elzhi being a member, what is the point of continuing the Slum Village movement. T3 is a decent rapper, but he's now a solo artist, not a group. This issue may finally put Slum Village in the grave for good!

Checkout this latest video for the track "Reunion Part 2" below and notice who's not in it! Looks like SV has grown over night too...SMH.


Monday, July 19, 2010

It's that time again to mellow things out jus' a little. One of my favorite female independent artists Rena Songs used the term "smoove grooves" to describe this mixx, which definitely describes it perfectly. I call it "JusLykeJazz" because it's very soulful with a jazzy feel. Ready to get your lounge on? Need some sounds to get you through your workday? This mixx is great for any occasion actually.


Jonathan Butler-Factual
Robert Glasper-Dilla Shine
Jackson Conti-Sas Paolo Nights
The Roots-Girl
Carlos Cannon-Loves Gonna Last
Roy Ayers ft. Betty Wright-Long Time Ago
Ledisi-Sugar Brown Sugar
Jose' James-Velvet
Frank McComb-Just Ride
Till Bronner-Diavolo
Chris Botti/Jill Scott-Good Morning Heartache
Shaun Escoffery-Feeling Good
Lalah Hathaway-1 Mile
Kem-Why Would You Stay
Ty Causey-Rocket To The Moon
Melba Moore/Phil Perry-Weakness
Pete Belasco-Love Train
Jeff Lorber Fusion-Rain Dance
Kenny G/Robin Thicke-Fall Again

Click here for JusLykeJazz

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It's dope that Mr. Felton will be performing live in Motown this Thursday! It is even doper that I will be there to see him do his thing live! Click the flyer to get information about this upcoming event.

Listen to my W. Ellington Felton Tribute mixx below if you missed it:


Saturday, July 10, 2010


The Detroit producer/emcee Black Milk is back with his first official single called "Welcome" from his upcoming album 'The Album of The Year' that drops on September 14th. I am hearing some growth in Black's production, so fans maybe in for a real treat this time around.

Get your free download of this new single by clicking HERE!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The man with the smooth vocals and jazzy vibe is finally back! Yes, my main man Kem is back on the scene after being absent for over 5 years. When most artists leave the game for that long, you begin to wonder if they will ever return... *cough* D'Angelo & Lauryn Hill *cough*! His first single "Why Would You Stay?" from his upcoming third album Intimacy: Album III is getting much airplay around these parts. It's a beautiful ballad that might make the ladies and sensative dudes cry? The new album drops on August 10th, so put an alarm reminder in your cell phone. Kem's first two albums were classics in my opinion, and I don't expect anything less from his third joint. If you missed the opportunity to hear Kem's new single up to this point, put ears on it below:

Showing Detroit some love...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Good soul music brings me JOY, so today I am bringing you a hot singer named Joy Dennis representing Jacksonville, Florida. I heard a nice track from this young lady a few months back called "He Waits" and immediately became interested. Joy sound is a jazz and soul infusion that can keep your head bobbin' one minute, and have you mellowed out the next. Her sound reminds me a little of Ledisi, but she's definitely not a clone. Ms. Dennis is doing her own thang. Her debut album "Music Is..." is proof that Joy Dennis has a great future ahead of her. Each song reveals something different about this singer. No track sounding the same. One of my favorite tracks on the album is called "Good Lovin" which has this hypnotic piano intro. I really enjoy the live instrumentation displayed throughout the album. No computerized software or program can ever truly duplicate the beautiful sound of real instruments...

Give Joy Dennis' album a listen here: MUSIC IS...

Put eyes on this live performance by Joy and her crew:
Zo! has released the official video for his new single from the upcoming album Sunstorm called "This Could Be The Night" featuring Eric Roberson, Rapper Big Pooh and Darien Brockington. Foreign Exchange Music is doing big things this year, and from what I've heard so far, Zo's new album should be a banger! I love good music, so I am pretty hyped about this release and you should be too dammit!
Lately, I've been out of pocket like missing car keys, but now I'm back like athlete's foot! To kick things off, I showing love to my dude Fatt Father who has just released his latest album "Fatherly Advice" for all to hear. I have to admit, the album cover is the funniest I've seen in a long time (LOL). If you didn't recognize that the family on his cover is the Evan's family from my favorite sitcom "Good Times" you need to step your ghetto TV sitcom game way up! Thelma Evans' "finery" is enough reason to this show by itself! Fatt Father definitely has a huge sense of humor, but don't take him for a joke though. He puts down serious lyrics from the heart, so each track provides a look at the actual man behind the music. That is actually what I dig most about this kat.

This is real Detroit hip-hop music, so make sure you show support if you are feeling the joint. Put ears on it at the new album by clicking the link below: