Saturday, July 24, 2010

Slum Village is a rap group that has managed to survive just about every tragedy known to music throughout the years. Most other groups would have called it quits by now. The first major blow was when Jay Dee a.k.a. J Dilla left the group. With the man behind their sound gone, I wondered if Slum could still deliver the same quality, then they recruited Elzhi. His addition made the group better lyrically. Soon after the member Baatin left the group, leaving Elzhi and T3 to maintain on their own. Still the SV movement remained alive. Eventually, fans got word that J Dilla was rejoining the group for a reunion album, and Baatin would be coming back as well. Unfortunately, J Dilla died before that could happen. That was big blow to group and the music industry. However, there was finally some good news for fans after Baatin finally rejoined the group. The trio was back in the studio making music once again, and then Baatin died abruptly. It was another major blow to the group! T3 and Elzhi continued to push on with the making of their new album "Villa Manifesto" which drops on July 27th.

Recently, news has been buzzing around the Internet that Elzhi is no longer with the group? Elzhi stated that their label has basically removed him from SV, and he seems to be unsure why? As a fan I am dissappointed that this has happened. Without Elzhi being a member, what is the point of continuing the Slum Village movement. T3 is a decent rapper, but he's now a solo artist, not a group. This issue may finally put Slum Village in the grave for good!

Checkout this latest video for the track "Reunion Part 2" below and notice who's not in it! Looks like SV has grown over night too...SMH.


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