Thursday, July 08, 2010

The man with the smooth vocals and jazzy vibe is finally back! Yes, my main man Kem is back on the scene after being absent for over 5 years. When most artists leave the game for that long, you begin to wonder if they will ever return... *cough* D'Angelo & Lauryn Hill *cough*! His first single "Why Would You Stay?" from his upcoming third album Intimacy: Album III is getting much airplay around these parts. It's a beautiful ballad that might make the ladies and sensative dudes cry? The new album drops on August 10th, so put an alarm reminder in your cell phone. Kem's first two albums were classics in my opinion, and I don't expect anything less from his third joint. If you missed the opportunity to hear Kem's new single up to this point, put ears on it below:

Showing Detroit some love...

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