Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hip-hop music can be original, predictable, boring, dope, moving, interesting, satisfying and annoying, which is still why I love it! I have been a fan since its early beginnings, and I still support artists that keep me interested. One of my favorites since I first heard him spit many years ago is my dude Von Pea (Tanya Morgan member). His rhymes always seem effortless, but they're interesting. One minute he might be making a joke about life, and the next he's dropping some real ish (while keeping it fun)! It's a nice balance, and he never takes himself too serious, which works well for this emcee. Von has released a couple of solo mixtape/albums, and on October 12th he'll be dropping his latest musical endeavor called "Gotta Have It" for the fans. I gotta have it (pun intended)!

Peep this "Boombox" track off the new joint:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Faith's new album drops on October 5th! I've heard 4 tracks off her new joint, and I like them all. It's good to hear that Faith can still bring it in 2010. Put eyes on her new video for the track "Gone Already" because it's hot. Welcome back Ms. Evans. We missed you...

Friday, September 17, 2010

THE VERBIAGE MELLO JOINT!This is a hiphop joint I put together for myself to vibe with, and I decided to post it for my visitors. I call it VerbiageMello due to the laid back beats and rhymes. Tracks feature Kay, Black Star, Rhymefest, Treklife, Braille, Black Spade, J. Rawls, Slum Village, Ken Ross, Blu and many other dope artists.
Turn the BS off and get with that real hiphop flavor!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here is one of my favorite tracks off of the new Incognito joint "Lowdown" featuring Chaka Khan, and the album is hot! Also, here is a new video from Slakah The Beatchild showing love to the B-Boys. If you haven't done so already, checkout Beatchild's Soul Movement Vol. 1 compilation...
Mr. Will Downing is a respected and cherished voice in R&B, soul and jazz music. A few years back Will had some medical issues that many of us thought would end his singing career, but he recovered stronger than ever.
Now, he's back with his 15th album release called "Lust, Love & Lies" for his fans. This album is unique because it plays like a novel, with 20 tracks full of songs and skits discussing lust, love and lies. It's basically a tale about modern love and relationships. Each song is a leadway into the next portion of the story. The music can stand on their own even without the albums' theme, but they work beautifully together. It's a very interesting listen on a lazy afternoon. All lovers of that sophisticated soul music needs to put ears on this one for sure!

The digital download is here: WILL DOWNING - LL&L

Here's one his classics before you exit:

Thursday, September 09, 2010

This mixtape is definitely the flavor of the month! The Mike Baker "Body of Work" joint. My kind of hip-hop for real! It's a fresh twist on some throwbacks and classics from the 90s and beyond. Get it where? Click that-a-way: Body of Work

That is all...

Friday, September 03, 2010

It's magnificent jazz again! The young lady in the pic above is Andreya Triana, and she has a wonderful album entitled "Lost Where I Belong" that is definitely worth checking out. It's mellow, jazzy-soul at its finest, so check her out at for more info. Independent artists is where the real soul music lives...

Onward to my latest endeavor on the jazzy tip. I find this is great way to introduce newbies to some of that good ole' jazz flavor without overwhelming them. There is plenty of great jazz musicians out there that go unheard, and I feel they deserve some shine too. Good music IS good music, right! I call it JazzPerception and will surely put you in a mellow mood.

Goodies list:
Andreya Triana-Up In Fire
Mike Phillips/Jamal - Right Person, Wrong Time
Kem-Can You Feel It
Carlos Cannon-As We Lay
Incognito/Chaka/Mario-Low Down
George Duke-No Rhyme, No Reason
Michael Franks-Tell Me All About It
Jonathan Butler - Good Times
Brian Culbertson/Avant-Skies Wide Open
Zo/Phonte-Flight of The Blackbird
Fourplay-Lets Make Love
Esperenza Spalding-Little Fly
Anita Baker-Mystery
Ronny Jordan-After Hours
Earl Klugh-Canadian Sunset
Gregory Parker-Illusion

Thursday, September 02, 2010


It's songs like these that keeps my loving music! Both are original and very catchy, which keeps my head bobbing. Cee-lo is such a pathfinder when it comes to his sound and style that no one can compare. Not everyone likes Cee, but I am a fan! I can't wait for his new album to drop, so FU and FU2...

Then we have newcomer Mike Baker. I don't know much about this kat at the present moment, but this "La La La" track has stayed on repeat for days now. It's a sick track, and the video isn't half bad either...*suddenly clears throat* so check it out if you dare. His mixtape "Body of Work" is dropping in a couple of days, and the movie clips shown in the video are from the film Beyond The Valley of the Dolls (1970). It's real groovy baby!