Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mr. Will Downing is a respected and cherished voice in R&B, soul and jazz music. A few years back Will had some medical issues that many of us thought would end his singing career, but he recovered stronger than ever.
Now, he's back with his 15th album release called "Lust, Love & Lies" for his fans. This album is unique because it plays like a novel, with 20 tracks full of songs and skits discussing lust, love and lies. It's basically a tale about modern love and relationships. Each song is a leadway into the next portion of the story. The music can stand on their own even without the albums' theme, but they work beautifully together. It's a very interesting listen on a lazy afternoon. All lovers of that sophisticated soul music needs to put ears on this one for sure!

The digital download is here: WILL DOWNING - LL&L

Here's one his classics before you exit:

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