Friday, October 29, 2010

Guess who's back! Slakah The Beatchild straight out of Toronto. He's the Indie producer/singer that we've all come to know and love. Slakah's beat making is impeccable! It's hip-hop, soul, smooth, catchy and straight dope, just the way I like it. Check for his debut album "Soul Movement, Vol. 1" if you missed it to hear what I mean. Then when you finish with that one, put ears on his new joint "Something Forever" which is a 7-track EP. After my first listen of those new tracks, I can honestly say that this music is Slakah's best work to date! The vibe is incredible! Support this artist and his great music (if you dig it). It's stuff like this that keeps me loving music...

Here's a music snippets video for the new tracks:
Get the a digital copy of the new EP here: SLAKAH MUSIC

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Are you ready for some more soulful talent from the new Motown era? Of course you are! Nexx up is Mister J. Tait who just happens to be a song writer, music producer and a dope singer. I call that a triple threat. I had the privilege of seeing this young man perform live during an unplanned performance at the recent Eric Roberson concert intermission. The host of the show spotted him in the audidence and called him on stage. J. Tait did his thing! He kicked a nice acapella that had the crowd vibing. At that time I didn't know that Mr. Tait's "Things On My Mind" EP Part. 1 was on the streets. Once I put ears on it, I quickly realized that he is a great singer. He's has an old school feel with a new school twist. His EP has a retro soulfulness to it. If you enjoy soul singers like Jaheim, Calvin Richardson and Urban Mystic, Dave Hollister, Sam Cooke, J. Tait should be on your radar.

Put eyes on J. Tait's first official music video for "It's Just My Imagination" (Temptations classic remake) directed by and starring Dwele:

Get the J. Tait EP here--->Tait on iTunes and there--->Tait on CD Baby

Find out more about J. Tait by clicking on any one of the following links:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Kanye West is one of those artists that people love to hate. Even when you are a fan of his music, he seems to do something that makes you say "what the hell was he thinking?" Actually, that is part of his appeal. You never know what to expect from that kid. I'll be the first to say that his last album was a creative disaster that I am glad to forget. I gave him a pass though because his mother had just died around that time.

Recently, Mr. West has been on the grind releasing one hot track after another for his fans. The dude is back and focused, which is obvious by the quality level of his leaked tracks. Now, he's released a 30+ minute music video "Runaway" showcasing some of his new music. It's no Michael Jackson epic, but it's definitely interesting and creative. I'm sure there is more meaning behind the visuals and madness then I got from my one viewing, but that's cool with me. Now, it's your turn to peep the new extended video (if you haven't already)...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

STR8 ERRO MIXTAPE!As I continue on with my soul artist dedications, Erro is up nexx! I have been following Eric Roberson's (a.k.a. Erro) career since the beginning, and this soul singer has not lost a step throughout the years. I have made it my business to turn as many soul music lovers onto Erro as possible because he's a deserving talent. All of Eric’s albums are great in their own way, but it wasn’t until I saw him perform live at an intimate venue that my “fanship” heightened. He sounded exactly the same live as he did on his CDs. That was very impressive. Erro’s music remains timeless, so I decided to create a musical collage showcasing some of his guest appearances and rare tracks, which are several of my favorites from his body of work. I call it the Str8 Erro Mixtape. If you consider yourself a true Erro fan, then you should definitely give this joint a listen...

Put ears on this joint here: ERRO MIXTAPE

Thursday, October 21, 2010

BLACK THOUGHT/J. PERIOD MIXTAPE!When it comes to top-notch veteran emcees, Black Thought is definitely one of the most underrated greats! I don't this guy knows how to spit a wack verse. If one does exist, I haven't heard it. The Roots are legendary as a band, but this lyricist is who gives them credibility in hip-hop. Fans like myself are still waiting on that official Black Thought solo album, but in the mean time and in between time we've been blessed with a dope mixtape.
J. Period put together a live mixtape showcasing Black Thought doing what he does best. It's called "The J. Period Live Mixtape (Illadelphia Edition)" featuring a bunch of tracks recorded live at The Manifesto (a Toronto hip-hop festival) back on September 26, 2010. If you've ever seen or heard The Roots live, you know what to expect. Real emcees like Black thrive on stage. This joint is a must have for true hip-hop fans, so grab it immediately!
Click this link for the mixtape:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is why I love Motown! It's full of dope artists. A few days ago I posted a dope freestyle from my hometown homie Elzhi, and today Dwele drops a musical gem for his fans! It's called "Watch Me" and it's definitely worth watching. This is the kind of stuff Adwele does when he's bored. Calling him talented would be an understatement! Now, I just need to get the MP3 for this joint...

Monday, October 18, 2010


Here is a new unreleased (officially) freestyle video from Elzhi titled "Undefeated" featuring Madlib on production! This is more like a snippet, but it's hot nonetheless! Lyrical this dude is official, so watch what he does with words in less than 2 minutes...

Stuff like this is why I still dig hip-hop!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wes Felton is back at it again with more of his brand of conscious verbiage with a blend of soul and hip-hop. The new album is titled "Land of Sheep, Ran by Pigs, Ruled by Wolves" and it's a mouth full. It's deep too! Talk about going against the grain and using music as a vice for change. Remember, when that used to happen more often? I stay woke! After you finish doing the Dougie and listening to Maybach music, put ears on this Wes Felton joint. It's available for FREE download, so there are no excuses for not checking this album immediately. You just might learn something...
Click here to get the new album-->

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I was one of the many saddened fans that heard the bad news about Floetry breaking up. I didn't really know what to expect from those two ladies as solo artists. Could they actually do it alone? Well, Marsha Ambrosius took the microphone by the cord and ran with it! She dropped a couple of mixtapes soon after the divorce to showcase her solo abilities. The first mixtape joint was mediocre (IMO), but the second one was dope! My confidence in Marsha was restored. Natalie Stewart a.k.a. The Floacist seems to be still trying to find her lane as a solo artist. However, I do like her new track featuring Musiq Soulchild, so we shall see. In the meantime, everything is looking up for Marsha. She turned her once chunky-monkey frame into a slim goody! For that reason her score for sex appeal has gone up a several points. She pulled a Jennifer Hudson for real.

Marsha's new album "Late Night & Early Mornings" was supposed to drop this Fall, but now it has been pushed back to January 4, 2011. Let's hope nothing side tracks that from happening...

Here is the first single from Marsha's upcoming album:

Also, here's that Floacist featuring Musiq video as well:

That is all!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do you remember the first female host Free from the original BET show 106 & Park? Some of my women visitors might not remember her, but I am sure the fellas do. What man could forget a sexy lady like that? She was really the only reason why I watched that show, and once she departed I stopped. Free left the show abruptly, and never really explained why she made that decision. Rumors had spread that she'd left to pursue her own music career as a rapper. I was one of the fortunate people to hear some of her early tracks that had leaked onto the Internet. Personally, I thought they were decent, but they seemed a little ruff around the edges. The foundation seemed solid, but they needed more work. Needless to say, her album never came out. Then she vanished from the scene. I thought we'd never see her again.

Recently, she popped up on the 106 & Park 10th Anniversary special that aired on BET last week. During the show Free mentioned that she had just dropped a new EP of music. It's called "Free The Hard Way" and there are 4 tracks total. It's available for free download at her website:

You be the judge. Is it hot or not?

Saturday, October 09, 2010

NEXXCLUSIVE: ADWELOGY II! The "Adwelogy II" mixx is finally here! This joint has been long overdue, but for true Dwele fans it's definitely worth the wait. The new mixx starts where the first one ended, with more guest appearances, live and rare tracks from my hometown homie. Click on the link below to put ears on it immediately:
If you missed the original Adwelogy mixx from 2006, click the picture above to hear it!
Support quality music and buy "Wants World Women"...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

MUHSINAH AS VOCALIST SAFIA!Muhsinah fans take notice. This soulful and talented lady is back with a new tune for her fans using the name Safia. The acoustic cover track is called "Use Somebody" and it available for free download below:
There is a free music overload happening across the Internet right now, and I'm not complaining. My dude Daru Beats and Queen Eagle Nebula have released an EP with four hot tracks called "Love Bomb" for the fans. Daru on beats and Nebula dropping verses sounds like a win-win to me! Grab this joint while you can by clicking the link below:

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

THE PEA VON SPIT MIXX!This joint is long overdue. Von Pea of the dope Tanya Morgan crew has been one of my favorite emcees for a minute, so it's only right that I show some luv by blending up a few tracks showcasing the kid. Von's new solo album is coming soon, plus Tanya Morgan has tons of projects available right now. They will all keep your head bobbin'! Support real hip-hop you biddies!
Thanks to Von Pea for the shoutout to your boy on his website! Check it out: CLICK THIS!
Do you remember the soul singer Valvin Roane a.k.a. V? Back in 2006 the man released one of the best albums of that year, which still gets heavy rotation in my iPod in 2010! A few tracks on that joint are timeless as far as I am concerned, so if you still don't know get familiar. V is back at it with a new single entitled "Fantasy" from his upcoming third album Formation dropping in 2011. The track is pretty catchy, and I like it! He remains true to the his soulful stylings, which is nice to hear. I want to the thank V and my homegyrl Trelly for providing fans with some free music. Put ears on it now by clicking the link below:

V - Fantasy