Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do you remember the first female host Free from the original BET show 106 & Park? Some of my women visitors might not remember her, but I am sure the fellas do. What man could forget a sexy lady like that? She was really the only reason why I watched that show, and once she departed I stopped. Free left the show abruptly, and never really explained why she made that decision. Rumors had spread that she'd left to pursue her own music career as a rapper. I was one of the fortunate people to hear some of her early tracks that had leaked onto the Internet. Personally, I thought they were decent, but they seemed a little ruff around the edges. The foundation seemed solid, but they needed more work. Needless to say, her album never came out. Then she vanished from the scene. I thought we'd never see her again.

Recently, she popped up on the 106 & Park 10th Anniversary special that aired on BET last week. During the show Free mentioned that she had just dropped a new EP of music. It's called "Free The Hard Way" and there are 4 tracks total. It's available for free download at her website:

You be the judge. Is it hot or not?

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