Saturday, October 23, 2010

STR8 ERRO MIXTAPE!As I continue on with my soul artist dedications, Erro is up nexx! I have been following Eric Roberson's (a.k.a. Erro) career since the beginning, and this soul singer has not lost a step throughout the years. I have made it my business to turn as many soul music lovers onto Erro as possible because he's a deserving talent. All of Eric’s albums are great in their own way, but it wasn’t until I saw him perform live at an intimate venue that my “fanship” heightened. He sounded exactly the same live as he did on his CDs. That was very impressive. Erro’s music remains timeless, so I decided to create a musical collage showcasing some of his guest appearances and rare tracks, which are several of my favorites from his body of work. I call it the Str8 Erro Mixtape. If you consider yourself a true Erro fan, then you should definitely give this joint a listen...

Put ears on this joint here: ERRO MIXTAPE

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SoundNexx DJ said...

The List:
For The Love of The Game Remix
Plese Don't Leave Me
If I Had a Chance
This Could Be The Night
Still Remix
Let Me Know
Right or Wrong
Pleasure Before Pain
She Was Flyy
Damn Sista
I Dare U To Stay
Couldn't Hear Me Remix
One Time
A Tale of Two Remix
U Again
Hold On