Thursday, October 21, 2010

BLACK THOUGHT/J. PERIOD MIXTAPE!When it comes to top-notch veteran emcees, Black Thought is definitely one of the most underrated greats! I don't this guy knows how to spit a wack verse. If one does exist, I haven't heard it. The Roots are legendary as a band, but this lyricist is who gives them credibility in hip-hop. Fans like myself are still waiting on that official Black Thought solo album, but in the mean time and in between time we've been blessed with a dope mixtape.
J. Period put together a live mixtape showcasing Black Thought doing what he does best. It's called "The J. Period Live Mixtape (Illadelphia Edition)" featuring a bunch of tracks recorded live at The Manifesto (a Toronto hip-hop festival) back on September 26, 2010. If you've ever seen or heard The Roots live, you know what to expect. Real emcees like Black thrive on stage. This joint is a must have for true hip-hop fans, so grab it immediately!
Click this link for the mixtape:

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