Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back in the day, most urban radio stations had a time of night where they would play nothing but slow jams, and it was called the "Quiet Storm" in Detroit. It was cool because they would play thunderstorm sound effects to set the mood. That's back when the radio took pride in being cool. Another popular feature from the days of old for the fellas was the infamous "slow jam" cassette tape. Men that had any type of game with the ladies kept a slow jam tape on hand at all times for whenever a young lady came by for some quality time. Just dim the lights and turn on a slow jam tape, and the mood was set! It was a form of musical fourplay thinking back on it. I don't know many women that don't like a good slow jam.

Even though cassette tapes are no more, I'm bringing back some of that good old slow jam music in 2012. I plan on making several volumes of Quietstorm slow jams, and this is the volume one. Put ears on it and tell a friend or foe about it...

Slow Jam Tracks:

Boyz II Men - Uhh Ahh
Al B. Sure - Oooh This Love Is...
Keith Sweat - Right and a Wrong Way
Troop - All I Do Is Think of You
Donnell Jones - No Interruptions
Jodeci - What About Us
Bel Biv Devoe - I Do Need You
DeBarge - Time Will Reveal
O'Bryan - You and I
After 7 - Ready or Not
R. Kelly and The Public Announcement - Honey Love
New Edition - Can You Stand the Rain
Bobby Brown - Roni
LeVert - Pop, Pop, Pop Goes My Mind
Ready For The World - Tonight
Guy - Goodbye Love


Let the babymaking begin...
For those that don't know, Faygo Pop is a soda that is made in Michigan. This tasty beverage comes in a lot of assort flavors, and everyone has their own favorite. I hardly ever drink soda pop these days, but whenever I do it's usually a Faygo Grape or Rock N Rye. If you add a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a Faygo, it takes things the nexx level! If you've read this far, you're probably thinking "what does this Faygo dialog have to do with music?" Notta dayum thing really, but I will say that this mixx is full of several musical flavors. This joint is dedicated to Faygo and the people that love it!
Enough typing and reading, so lets get into some music and thanks for listening people!

Faygo Traxx:

Suzi Analog/Sir F - BrokeTheDeal
Samon K - Playground
RH/Q Tip/Erykah Badu - Poetry
Biggie - One More Chance (Skew Mix)
Mitsu The Beats - Miwa Says
Chestor Gregory - High Love (Remix)
Reggie Watts - Wanna Got
Davina - Comin For You
Columbia Nights - In The Glow
9th Wonder - Close Your Eyes
Little Brother - Feelin Alright (Remix)
Yolanda Johnson - Flyshine
Linn - Available
Platnium Pied Pipers/Tiombe - Stay With Me (Remix)
Emma Shaheen - Sun Will Shine (Remix)
Modlee - Doo
Moonchild/Harry Mack - Doo
Wes Felton - I Hope You Get What You Want
Frankie - I Can Tell
Dwele G - Dime For Your Thoughts
Bilal Salaam - Get By Again
Phony Ppl -I Wish I Was A Chair
Wes Felton - Do Angels Fall In Love
Hazel/Eyo - Playground
R. Kelly - Feelin On Yo Booty

There is a little bit of something for every music fan in this mixx. There is old school R&B, soul and some hip-hop, so take a listen sooner than later! I blended a few of my favorite old school hip-hop and soul songs with some newer sampled tracks for fun. There are a couple of fresh remixes on this chumpy as well. Plus, there's a few underground artists on here for good measure. Music should be a journey full of wonderful discoveries, so get your Indiana Jones on and thanks for listening!

The Trackz:

*Enstro Entro
*Jill Scott = Slowly Surely (TV Remix)
*A Tribe Called Quest/Jack Davey - Electric Relaxation Blend
*Q-Tip/Busta Rhymes = For The Nasty (Remix)
*Breezy Lovejoy = Paradise
*SFP/Tone Trezure = Crush On You
*Dutchmassive/Stevie Wonder = I Want Her
*Modlee & Vlooper = Dancin
*Erykah Badu = On & On (Knx Mix)
*SFP/Yolanda Johnson = Gotta Move
*Jneiro Jarel = Big Bounce Theory
*Oddisee = That Real
*The Isley Brothers/Dwele = Footsteps In The Dark Blend
*Venus Malone = Eye On The Prize
*Dezaray Dawn = Drowing
*Pharoahe Monch = The Light
*Guy/Nas = Bye Love Blend
*Akil = Hey Love
*Adriana Evans = In The Sun
*BTA = Lost In Space
*Sheitan = Arret de scoufle
*I'Ced = The Finale