Sunday, May 31, 2009


Summer is just around the corner, so there’s no time like the present to showcase some music that reflects just that. To keep the inspiration in my mixx making, I have to find ways to challenge myself. I enjoy tracking down songs from different genres with the same word or words in the title, and trying to make them sound good together. I created a mixx a couple of years ago using tracks with a summer theme called the “Hott Summa Mixx” and today I am posting part 2 of that mixx. I call part 2 the “Summer Sunshine Mixx” so be sure to put ears on it.

Summer Playlist:

01-DJ Spinna – Summer Madness ft. Fresh Daily/Daniel Joseph
02-Boyz II Men – Vibin’ (Cool Summer Mellow Mix)
03-Black Milk – Tronic Summer
04-Brandy – Sunny Day
05-Teedra Moses – Summer Love
06-Jeff Hendrick – Summertime
07-Stevie Wonder – Summer Soft
08-Freddie Joachim – Summer Breeze
09-Noel Gourdin – Summertime
10-Beaujolais Band – Ain’t No Sunshine
11-Musiq – Halfcrazy (Summer Madness Remix)
12-Phil The Agony – Summertime
13-HSID – Summer So Good ft. K-O
14-Carl Thomas – Summer Rain Remix ft. MIMS
15-D’Angelo – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
16-The Luvbugz – Sunny Days
17-Sarah Vaughn – Summertime( UFO Remix)
18-Nicolay – Indian Summer
19-Lupe Fiasco – Sunshine
20-Kenjo – Sunshine


Also, checkout part 1 if you missed it:


Saturday, May 30, 2009


If you've been hanging around these parts of the blogsphere for any length of time, you already know that Jay Dee/Dilla is one of my favorite all time producers. His ability to flip a sample is unmatched in my opinion. Since the beginnings around the "D" before all of the later fanfare I was addicted to his hypnotic production. Jay Dee's contributions to music in general will never be forgotten, even though he's no longer here in the physical sense. I possess just about everything that J Dilla has musically been involved with over the years, so I was pretty hyped to hear about Pete Rock and Mother Yancey (Ma' Dukes) releasing some more unreleased material.

The new album is called "Jay Stay Paid" and it hits the streets on June 2nd! The project was mixed and arranged by Pete Rock himself, and it's 28 joints full of instrumentals with a few vocals thrown in for good measure. Guest appearances include: Lil' Fame (M.O.P.), Frank-N-Dank, Illa J, M.F. Doom, Black Thought, Danny Brown, Phat Kat, Raekwon and Havoc (Mobbdeep). If you consider yourself a true Dilla fan, then you definitely need this album in your collection. Support great music...

Havoc (Mobb Deep) speaks on J-Dilla as producer

J Dilla - Havoc & Raekwon - 24K

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tiye Phoenix

By now real hip-hop fans know the true status of female emcees in the game. Basically, it’s non-existent at this point. Outside of the usual suspects like Jean Grae, Lil’Kim, Foxy Brown, etc. things have been pretty bleak. I introduce to some of you a female emcee that deserves your attention, and her name is Tiye Phoenix. Tiye is not only an emcee/writer/singer/producer, but she’s also a member of the underground rap crew Polyrhythm Addicts. She replaced Jean Grae after she departed the group. Tiye and Jean have similar qualities as rappers, but they both have their own unique style on the microphone. While Jeanie can get pretty explicit with her lyrics, Tiye seems to keep her rhymes on the PG-13 level, which works well for her.

I'll let the lady herself explain how she got started in the rap game:

Ms. Phoenix’s debut solo album entitled “Half Woman, Half Amazing” was released today. There are only limited guest appearances from Chip fu, Phonte and Dynas. This album takes it back to the basic with creative wordplay and solid production. Checkout the title track from the new album and hear what you think:

Here's a live performance of some of her earlier work:

If you want more Tiye Phoenix information and music, hit her up at:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I've been on an all instrumentals vibe lately, and this dope 9th Wonder track has stayed on repeat:
That joint still sounds good after all of these years!
Yes, I will be re-up my 9th Wonder Megamixx again sooner than later, so be on the lookout for all that missed the first time around!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In between watching NBA basketball, eating plenty of home cooking, and internet surfing I got a chance to listen to Busta Rhymes latest album release "Back On My B. S." the other day. By the way, the B. S. in the title stands for bologna sammich. I heard Busta likes himself some fried bologna from time to time. Anyway, so I'm speed listening to Busta's joint, hitting the skip button whenever necessary, and then I heard it! Comedian Mike Epps (from Friday movie fame) talking on what I thought was an album skit. It wasn't a skit though. It was actually the beginnings of one of my favorite tracks on the whole album produced by DJ Scratch. It's called "I'm A Go and Get My"...

Scratch's production is clever. He flips Mike Epps' hilarious scene in the drug store from the Ice Cube produced movie "All About the Benjamins" where he's singing his lotto numbers to Mr. Chef (the cashier).

I found the movie clip on Youtube, so check it out below:

Now, put ears on the Busta Rhymes/DJ Scratch track below:

One other hip-hop track that had the same impact on me back in 2007 based on production cleverness was the DJ Jazzy Jeff produced track "Practice" featuring J-Live. The way Jeff flipped that infamous line from Allen Iverson's interview on ESPN is still classic! Checkout the clip below:

If you haven't already, definitely listen to the track using that sample below:

Practice Time!

These are two reasons why I still love hip-hop...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ocean's 7?? This is one of the worse rap songs that I have heard in a long time! Is it too much to expect more from veterans like Jermaine Dupri? I have considered JD a tolerable rapper at best over the years, but I have respected his production catalog. To see his career come to some this corny just saddens me. Simply rappin' about exhausted and abused topics like sexy women, fancy cars and shopping at the mall in 2009 is wack!

I'm sure some of you will love this song and video, but I give it a definite two thumbs down!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Musically I approach, the two turntables because I ain’t no joke… Motivation is a necessity when you run any site or blog for a long period of time. It’s a challenge to come up with new ideas topics and material on the regular. It’s even harder to create fresh posts showcasing these things for the cyber world to see and judge. Many have asked me over my three years and some change of running this joint what keeps me motivated. Well, there are several things actually, but there are three things that are at the top of my list. The first is my dedication for showcasing musical talent that I feel deserves to be recognized. Since, the radio won’t do, folks like I have to take the ball and dribble it. The second thing is the people that come to this blog on a regular basis looking for that musical fix. Some visitors have been supporting the SoundNexx Movement since I started (u know who u are). The third is my fellow music bloggers that I have befriended since my beginnings.

I have met some really cool folks on the net, so I’d like to "typeout” (typewritten shoutout) some of them today. As you read these names bang on a nearby table or desk with your fists in a lunchroom-boom-bap rhythm so that it sounds better. This list is in no particular order:

Honeysoul (she put a CD to my head, and made me start this blog), Travis (WakeYourDaughterUp), DJ Synflood (My Berlin brotha from anotha), Todd Kelley (the beat maker), C. Brown (Flowink originator), Nikki (Infinite-Soulrific), EJ Flavors (The guru), nOvaslim (soulbounce), Mo (mosaicthump), Eskay (Nahright), S*dot (BlindIforthekids), Cubik Arubik (one of my 1st blog buddies), Kenny Fresh (freshselects), and many others that I could name! Everyone contributing something fresh and new to the blogsphere , keep on doing your thang! It’s greatly appreciated whether somebody tells you or not.

Here is soulful mixx that will hopefully make your ears cry tears of joy. I call this one the “Strangely Flyy Mixx” so be sure and check it out when you get a chance.

The Flyy Playlist:

01-Eakke = Pimp My Reindeer
02-Nicolay & Kay = What We Live
03-Redd = I Wanna
04-Giovanca = Joyride
05-L*Marie = Save Me
06-Darien = Sail Thru
07-Fred Joachim = Virgo
08-AB & The Souljourners = People
09-Tamara Wellons = Time’s Ticking
10-Peven Everett = Surely Shorty
11-Heavy = Do For You (Yam Who? Remix)
12-Hil St. Soul = Release
13-Intro = Let Me Be The One
14-Fred Joachim = Sun Kiss
15-Elaquent ft. Moka Only/ES = 2 am Reflections
16-Jason Weaver = Love Ambition (Remix)
17-V = Show Me The Way
18-Madden T = High
19-Lina = Smooth
20-Tony Thompson = I Wanna Love Like That (Doogie Remix)
21-Erykah Badu = On & On (Bomb Squad Remix)


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Okay, you know how I am always you folks not to judge a book by its cover sometimes? Well, this is definitely one of those moments when you should put my advice to good use. The husky gentleman that you see on your left is Juliano. He's actually half of the dope producer team called The Creators from London. Truth be told, one of the hottest rap albums that I bought back in 2000 was The Creators "The Weight" album! That joint had a slew emcees on it like Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Consequence, Phil Da Agony, Masta Ace, etc. rapping over some of the tightest production that I had heard in a while. Unfortunately, The Creators never released another project together. I am not sure what the status of their relationship is today, but Juliano is back at the beat making again on the solo tip. He's using the Recordkingz moniker now, and his new compilation album is called "Heavyweight" (which is fitting in more than one way).

This time around Juliano has upped the anty by having even more featured rappers than the 2000 debut album. The list is impressive with lyrics being spit by the likes of: Joel Ortiz, Mobb Deep, Little Brother, Tragedy, Guilty Simpson, Problemz, Evidence, Craig G and The Beatnuts. The production is onpoint throughout, so if you dug "The Weight" this new joint is a no-brainer.

To get a wiff of what Juliano is cooking up, here's a FREE mixtape called "The Heavyweight Mash It Up" mixed by DJ Mighty Atom:


Get more information and music below:

As usual, I am happily overwhelmed with music! So, please except my late pass on this Giovanca post. I've had this album in my possession for a while, but I never listened to it. Nothing personal of course, I just never got a chance to check it out. After a couple of listens to Giovanca's debut "Subway Silence" album, I have become a definite fan of her music. The Netherlands has been representing when it comes to soul music for years, and Giovanca is no exception. Did I mention that she's easy on the eyes as well? She's model too, so I guess her beauty is to be expected. What I dig most about this songstress is that she can actually sing! Remember when that was a requirement back in the day, except for Paula Abdul? It seems to be a rare quality these days, so it's difficult not to appreciate when it comes along. Make if your business to check out what Giovanca has to offer. Most of you can get the album on for $10.

Put eyes and ears on these video clips below showcasing Giovanca:

Get more information about Giovanca by clicking the links below:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Still don't know about Tanya Morgan? I began talking about this rap group with the woman's name back in 2006 (click here). More hip-hoppers are aware of them in 2009, but they still haven't gotten their props in my opinion. These are some hard working dude, especially Von Pea who seems to be all over the place dropping mixtapes and guest appearances. If you haven't snatched yourself a copy of Tanya Morgan's official debut "Who Is Tanya Morgan" yet, there is no time like the present. However, the group is about ready to drop some newness on us with their release of "Brooklynati" on May 12th.

To build a little buzz before the official release, the trio has put the new album on their Myspace page where everyone can listen to it for FREE. Hopefully, if you like what you hear, you'll spend some money on May 12th and make that purchase.

Listen to the album here:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers everywhere! It's time to celebrate the love you have for your: mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, big momma, madea, mamma, ma, mom, mommie, babies' momma and Godmother. Hopefully, you are showing love to these women on the daily, but if not you can start today. I know there is plenty of folks out in the stores doing that last minute shopping, but I think the best gift you can give is your personal time. I'm not suggesting that anyone be a cheapskate when it comes to spending on your love ones, but spending time is just as important. So, go ahead and make some lasting memories today!

Since, it's about the ladies on this day, I thought I'd drop a mixx showcasing some of my favorite remixed tracks with female vocalists. I call this one the "Ladies Club Tempo ReMixx" due its uptempo vibe. This one is a "headbobber" for real! This one should definitely get your day started off right, so put ears on it when you get a chance.

Music Playlist:

01-Tiffany Paige - Listen (Nic's Remix)
02-Ashanti ft. Charlie Baltimore - Happy (Remix)
03-Faith Evans ft. Freeway/Diddy - Burning Up (Remix)
04-Janet - That's The Way Love Goes (CJ Club Remix)
05-Mary J. Blige ft. Wayne - Just Fine (Treat 'Em Right Mix)
06-Zhane - Hey D.J. (Maurice's Club Mix)
07-Havana - Shine (Nic's Cubano Soul Mix)
08-Ledisi ft. Sergio - Waters of March (Spinna Remix)
09-Tweek - Addict (Bitter Suite Remix)
10-Teresa Jenee - Remember (Kaykonik Dub Remix)
11-Tamara Wellons - Oh Well (Bahsonik Mix)
12-Dyanna Fear ft. Reel People - Butterflies (Soul Heaven Mix)
13-Jill Scott - Crazy (Kenny Dope Remix)
14-Tweek - Just Happen (Doop-Doop Mix)
15-Sade - Stronger Than Pride (Mad Professor Mix)
16-Erykah Badu - Honey (DJ Day Remix)


Thursday, May 07, 2009


Chicago emcee Rhymefest is back at with a clever video his single "Chicago" off of his upcoming album "El Che" that drops later this year. Think what you will about the song itself, but the comic book based video is crazy! This video will definitely hav you pulling out your Underoos Underwear from the 1980s...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I have been stumbling onto some great soul artists lately. This kat Darien reppin' that Money Earnin' Mount Vernon is definitely one of them. No, this is not Darien Brockington from The Justus League and Foreign Exchange fame. That's a different R&B dude, but he's dope too! Honestly, when I first saw this album cover I almost avoided like a pothole in the road. Don't ask me why (because you probably already know why), but I took a chance anyway. To my surprise Darien's "If These Walls Could Talk" album was a lot better than I expected. Darien may not be recreating the soul music wheel, but he's definitely made the chrome rim a little bit shinier. All of the tracks flow nicely between uptempo to midtempo without missing a beat. If you enjoy soul artists like V, Eric Benet, Glenn Lewis and Kenny Lattimore...Darien might be right up your alley. Give him a listen, and if you like him make a purchase. Support quality music...

Here is medley of 4 Darien track snippets that you can listen to below:

1-Just Can't Wait
3-Sail Thru
4-All Kinds of Things


Darien's Sites:

Purchase Darien's album by clicking: AMAZON

Monday, May 04, 2009

Meet the songstress Oceana from Berlin. She brings a funky fresh feel with her music. It's catchy like the Swine Flu (no constant handwashing). I saw this singer few months ago surfin' around on the internet, but I didn't know what her name was. Sooner than later I discovered that Oceana had an album coming out entitled "Love Story" in May '09. Because I have friends in high and low places, I was given a sneak peak of the new joint, and I am truly diggin' it! Oceana has several genres and flavors all rolled up neatly within this album. There is a nice mixture of pop, soul and reggae throughout. Her music also has messages, so pay attention. If you currently enjoy artists like Estelle, Joss Stone, Kissey Asplund and Janelle Monae, you should definitely give Oceana a listen.

Here a few of her videos for your viewing pleasure:

HerSpace is below:

Support the music you love...

Get Oceana's "Love Story" album HERE

Everytime somebody is in my presence when one of these Diamond District tracks is playing, I get asked who they are. I have turned so many folks onto this album that I am almost tired of talking about it. NOT...this joint is dope, and I feel it's my duty to promote quality hip-hop like this! Instead of doing the Stanky Leg, how about putting your ears on this. The two emcees are definitely talented on microphone, but my love for this album is definitely the production by Oddisee! I have been a fan of the Low Budget family for years, but Oddisee has out done himself this time around. Hip-Hop is made up of all shapes, sizes and colors, but this is the type that I enjoy the most. If you haven't already done so, get know the members of the Diamond District crew. Check out the video clip below and get familiar...

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I've been listening to a lot of music over the last few weeks, so today I will showcasing some of those tracks for your listening pleasure. I have been playing this mixx a lot, and I hope you will be doing the same. Since, the weather has been so nice lately, I know many of you are out and about with family and friends. Hopefully, you will take this music along with you during your journeys and share with family and friends. I'm back on my soul music kick again, but I have included a couple hip-hop vibed jointz on here to just even things out a little. I would like to personally thank all of the folks that come through here all the time, some of the time and hardly ever. It is always appreciated!

I call this one the "Soulful Bloomz Mixx" and I hope you dig it like I do.


01-Keeley & Zaire ft. Femi – Ridin High
02-Havana –Yeah (Remix)
03-Tracy Cruz-Valentine
04-The Rhythm Teachers – Go On (Almost There)
05-Slakah ft. Mystic/Miranda – A Way
06-Chrisette Michele – Epiphany
07-Stephen Simmonds ft. Big L – Alone (Remix)
08-Rell ft. Amil – When Will U See
09-Slum Village ft. Marsha –Cloud 9
10-Muneshine ft. Denosh – Human Nature
11-JazzyFatNastees – Hear Me
12-Maxwell –Pretty Things
13-Mos Def – Bounce
14-Nas-Where Y’all At (Remix)
15-Carl Thomas ft. Brandy – Somethin Bout You
16-Full Crate ft. Mar – After Sexin
17-Darien – Showya
18-AB/Daru ft. JKwest/Supa C – Fresh
19-Rena – Turn it Up Pt. 4
20-AB/Daru ft. Elzhi – Voicemail


The weather around these parts is lovely today! Since, the Winter gets too cold and Summer is entirely too hot, Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year. Keep the temps in between 65 and 80 degrees and I'm good. Late Spring is the most entertaining time of year for me though because folks start pulling out their summer gear. Most of the time last year's summer wardrobe is just a little too tight, small, short, etc. due to minimal activities during Winter. Since, a lot of people remain in denial the whole Summer about their weight gain, I have put together a list of simples ways you can tell if your clothing is too small:

A) If you have on a pair of shorts, and no matter how hard you pull and tug they constantly stay in your butt, they are probably too small.
B) Men, if you are wearing a t-shirt and it looks like a half-top when you put both hands above your head, it's probably too damn small.
C) If you wore a pair of jeans last Summer that were touching your shoes, but this year they look like capris, that's a definite sign.
D) If you have to unbutton your pants, shorts, slacks, etc. after eating a small snack, they're too small.
E) Men, if you have obvious nipple prints on your shirt when you wear, give it to Goodwill.
F) If you belly is hanging below the bottom of your shirt, sounds like it's time for a Salvation Army dropoff.

That is all...

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Urban Mystic is back! I bet many of you didn't even know that he had left, but for his fans it's been a minute. I have been a closet fan of Mr. Mystic since he dropped that ghetto anthem "Where Were You" back in 2004. That joint sounds just as good today. Urban Mystic is an acquired taste for many, but what I dig about the brotha is his ability to be true to his style. When you listen to any one of his three albums, listeners can expect to hear a combination of sultry ballads, rugged beats and street flair. His voice reminds me of a younger K-Ci (from Jodeci fame). The new album is titled "GR III: Old School 2 Nu Skool" and it's out now. Guest appearances on the album include: Young Joc, Beenie Man, Shaggy, Cecile and Phyllisia.

Listen to the reggae flavored track featuring Shaggy called "I'm Waiting" below:
Remaining hidden behind the trees of your life can have consequences. Don't be affraid to come out of the shadows so that everyone can see you for who you really are...
Sometimes, a mother's love is all that you need...