Saturday, January 31, 2009

As most of you know by now, one of my favorite rap dudes in the game right now is my man Guilty Simpson. Some might suggest that’s the case because he represents the D, but that is actually at the bottom of my list of reasons why I dig this kat. The biggest reason is that he can actually rhyme. His flow is nice, plus is wordplay is crafty. Some may beg to differ, but the voice matters when it comes to rapping. A weak or high pitched voice ruins the whole vibe for me. There are a few that I can tolerate, but most I despise. Guilty brings the whole package to the table. One other reason I am a G. Simpson fan is that he can rap over any type of beat. That’s a gift that many rappers don’t possess. As you put ears on this mixx I’m sharing called the “Guilty Spectacular Mixx” you’ll hear what I mean. I’m posting this mixx because I received a few emails requesting some Guilty Simpson tracks, so here ya go. It’s a mixture of some old and new stuff, so put ears on it when you get a chance.


01-Hey Hoe ft. Monica Blaire
02-Go! (Madlib)
03-Knockout Kings (Super Smokey Soul)
04-Mouth Music ft. Caltroit/Busta Rhymes
05-Ring The Alarm (Remix) ft. Black Milk/Royce Da 5'9
06-Late Night Drive (Remix) ft. Snowman
07-Heartbreaker ft. T3
08-Man's World
09-Home Invasion (Madlib Remix)
10-Make It Fast
11-Give It Up ft. Talib Kweli/Krondon
12-Just Like a Man ft. 88 Keys
13-Strategies ft. Shawn Jackson
14-Special ft. Dabrye/Paradime
15-Blow The Horns On Em' ft. Madlib
16-Money Motivated Movements ft. Fourtet
17-Watch Your Step ft. Percee P/Vinnie Paz
18-Can't F*** Wit My City ft. Trick Trick/Marvwon
19-Clap Your Hands
20-R U Listenin'? ft. Illa J
21-Nightmare - Phat Kat
22-Before I Die ft. The Heliocentrics
23-Bad Man ft. Fat Ray/Black Milk/Scorpion
24-Strapped (Madlib Remix) ft. Jaylib
25-Mash's Revenge ft. MF Doom/J Dilla
26-Play Your Position ft. Skyzoo


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


After all of these years, I am still puzzled why there is still a lack of hot female emcees in the game right now. Yes, there are a few worth mentioning, but there are not nearly enough. Outside of the usual suspects reppin' for the females, there is one up and coming femcee that I think you should know about. Her name is Mae Day and she's straight out of Motown. Her latest project is called "Cherish The Day" with Dewitt Moore on production duties. The coolest thing about this project is that they are flipping Sade samples on all of the tracks and it will be totally free! It hits the streets on February 3rd and will be available at her web site for free download. If you are a Sade fan, you need this one for sure!

Cherish The Day Tracklisting (Sade originals)

1. Maeday Maeday! // Fear
2. DJ (Same Song) // King of Sorrow
3. Hold On // Nothing Can Come Between Us
4. Crime // Is It A Crime
5. Give It All // Give It Up
6. Jezzebelle // Jezzebel
7. Sweetest Taboo // Sweetest Taboo
8. No Ordinary Love // No Ordinary Love
9. Still Love H.I.M. // Your Love Is King
10. Keep Looking // Keep Looking
11. Cherish the Day // Cherish The Day

Click the photo to listen a track from her joint!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

One of the problems that I have with the music industry is their inability to properly classify certain artists. Some feel that any classification is an injustice, but I need a way to locate CDs in the store when I’m on the hunt. It’s difficult as hell to locate an artist when you don’t know where to look. Ignoring my selfish thinking, I truly understand why artists hate being labeled. When you are making music for listeners across the board, poor labeling can definitely limit your success. For example, I am not a big fan of pop music, so I overlook most pop artists. One artist in particular named Adele representing London never sparked my interest when I first saw her album early last year because it had that pop label on it. The title didn’t help any because it was called “19” (dope), which I assumed was targeted for teenagers. It wasn’t until I saw her perform live on television that I took notice! The girl was killing it on stage and every since then I’ve been a fan. If you like Joss Stone, give Adele a listen. This is just another reason why everyone should eliminate genre biases from their musical lives. You’ll miss plenty of good music that way. If it sounds soulful, I consider it soul music no matter what the industry says.

Speaking of soul, it is time for some music again! I call my latest mixx “Soul Flakez N Winter” because it has been snowing around here like never before. I’m used to Michigan winters, but damn! Old Man Winter is putting his foot in thou ass this season for sure. For all of you out there suffering like I am, here is some music that will hopefully warm up your ear drums at least.

Soul Flakez Playlist:

01*Siji – Morenike
02*Tracy Cruz – Waited For You
03*Kim Arrington – White Dress (ft. Suede)
04*Jaguar Wright – Dear John Pt. 1 & 2
05*Green Tea – Sweet Georgia Brown
06*Raheem – Bring It Back
07*Raheem – Bulletproof Remix (ft. Ludacris)
08*Faith No More – She Loves Me Not (Spinna Mix)
09*Glenn Lewis – It’s Just Like
10*Almost September – Stay
11*Raphael Saadiq – Just One Kiss (ft. Joss Stone)
12*De La Soul – Thru Ya City (ft. D.V. Alias Khrist)
13*PPP – Pigeon Hole (ft. Coultrain)
14*Jagged Edge – Trying To Find the Words
15*Theo Parrish – Second Chance
16*AJK – Come 2 Me (ft. Raheem/Yahzarah)
17*Adele – Melt My Heart into Stone (ft. Big Pooh)
18*Waajeed – Now or Never Remix (ft. Tiombe)
19*Kelis – Game Show
20*Till Bronner – Oscar Said


Chasing Pavements (Video)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The wait is finally over! No more words are necessary....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dammit man, I have been waiting on Havana's second album to be released ever since I heard the first joint! Her first album "Life"was classic in my opinion just based on the fact that Nicolay and Zo! were handling the majority of the production duties. Combining her smooth vocals with their soulful hip-hop influenced beats is a match made in heaven. Most had a hard time finding that joint because it was only sold online or at limited mom and pop record stores. It's 2009 now, and Havana has stepped her game up. Her new album is called "Entervention" and it hits the streets on February 17, 2009! I have heard about 3 new songs from the upcoming release, and they sound pretty good overall. They don't have that hip-hop feel like the some of her previous tracks, but I am still digging them though. Keep your ears open for this young lady. She needs to be on your music radar in 2009...

Check out some more of her music here:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Keeping in the spirit of unstoppable underground hip-hop movement, I'm sharing some more dope music. It's called the "BackPack Lint Mixx" so enjoy!

01=eloquent – the love
02=fred joachim ft. profile/lataya luckett
03=zo! & asylum 7 ft. asheru – gotta love
04=oddisee ft. aziz, phonte, jean grae and josh – soul clap remix
05=shawn jackson ft. ty 7 kory – soopafly
06=donel smokes – got me high
07=fred joachim ft. othello – wake up
08=elaquent ft. mishoo – all for one
09=choice 37 ft. lauren saniago – hope
10=blu ft. phonte and – for whom the bell tolls
11=finale – run it back
12=little brother – can’t let her
13=leaf erikson – rare form
14=shawn Jackson – fix ya face
15=common – i used to love her remix
16=mishoo ft. dutchmassive – i won’t stop
17=fred Joachim ft. ran – the so remix
18=oddisee ft. phonte and tor – the perch
19=saneyes – a child is born remix
20=eloquent ft. moka only and es – 2 am reflections
21=pancea – vandalism
22=melo-x – the peepz
23=jay electronica – exibit a (transformation)

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'the backpack'

Hip-Hop is back from the dead, if you truly thought it had met its fate in the first place! As I've stated many times in the past, the underground has always been thriving even when mainstream rap was in a music coma. The underground is still birthing new talented producers on the regular, so with no further ado I bring you Elaquent. This kat is nice with his! I'm a sucka for those smooth-hypnotic grooves and Elaquent is showcasing some of that flavor on his latest mixtape called "After Midnight." This joint is mostly fresh hip-hop instrumentals with a few guest appearances from some underground katz like Moka Only, Es, Mishoo, Solar C and Thesaurus Rex. If you are just getting familiar with Elaquent's music, this mixtape is a good place to start. Keep your ears open for this kid because you will definitely be hearing some nice things from him in the near future.


The Elaquent Myspace page:

Monday, January 12, 2009


Who hasn't seen the comercial for the new flick based on the lengendary Notorious B.I.G called "Notorious" by now? If you don't know, now ya know ________! I can't pretend that I am overly excited about seeing this movie at the theater. It's not just because I expect this flick to attract a million loud mouth kids talking on their cellphones while the movie is playing, but I don't think I will learn anything new about Biggie's life. What can this movie tell his true fans that they (we) don't already know? Plus, whatever we don't know, is it worth paying the theater admission price to find out about it? I hope the movie does well because Ms. Wallace put her blood, sweat and tears into this project to make sure that the story was told accurately. I applaud her for making this project happen because most of Rap's fallen soldiers never get a chance to tell their stories.

Of course, every urban movie has an urban soundtrack and this movie is no different. The OST is mostly old Biggie tracks, a few early unreleased and couple of new guest featured joints. One of the tracks that stands out from the others is the Jadakiss joint "Letter to B.I.G" featuring Faith Evans. It's Jada showcasing his classic slow flow, with Faith handling the vocals. Peep the video above...


Saturday, January 10, 2009

I haven't dropped one of these slow jam joints in a minute, so since it's cold outside this is the perfect time to snuggle up with someone. With the right music playing in the background, snuggling a.k.a "playing covers" can be fun and exciting. In most cases "playing covers" leads to the hippity-dippity (sex) between two conscenting adults. I remember back in my juvenile days when I would make cassette tapes that I called "Get The Panties" mixtapes that I only played when the ladies would come over. My tapes got so popular with my male buddies that I would loan them out, which eventually became a profitable endeavor for me. I charged a $1 for a 24 hour cassette rental and $5 for a copy to keep. Music and sex go together like peanut butter and jelly, so don't let anybody tell you different. For all you fellas out there still making the rounds with the ladies, a good slow jam compilation will increase your success rate. Ladies love romance, so don't forget the simple things.

Today, I bring you this "GetThePanties" mixx with no charge, so get while you can. Ladies, you want this and the fellas need this...

Panties Playlist:

01-112~Call My Name
02-Bobby Valentino~Slow Down (Remix)
03-Jon B~On & On
04-Jesse Boykins~Whispers (Interlude)
05-Dwele~Love Ultra
06-Myron~I Love Her Now
07-Mint Condition~What Kind of Man Would I Be
08-Ginuwine~Far Away
09-Joe~Sex Girl (Interlude)
10-Avant~When It Hurts
11-Carl Thomas~Hey Now
12-Jesse Boykins~Come To My Room
13-Jagged Edge~In Private
14-R. Kelly~Sex Planet
15-Case~Sex Games
16-Mint Condition~The Never That You'll Never Know
17-Jodeci~My Heart Belongs To U
18-Jamie Foxx~Overdose
19-Xavier Aeo~Rock-A-Bye


Friday, January 09, 2009

I definitely dig my dude Zo! on the production tip, and my other Motown homie Asylum 7 on the lyrics, but I like them even better together. It's kind of like a Reese's cup on the peanut butter and milk chocolate tip. The best part about it all is that the imfamous Detroit music vibe is being represented well once again. Mr. Zo! continues to amaze me with his versatility as a producer. He can transition between a hip-hop, soul and remixology effortlessly. The brother keeps his beats smooth and jazzy, which would even make your mom's sound good on the microphone. Even though I had not heard much from emcee Asylum 7 prior to a few months ago, I quickly realized that he has a couple of rap projects under his belt. The brother is no slouch on the microphone, and he definitely compliments Zo's style of production. Check him out at for more information.

Zo! and Asylum's joint project is called "Overdue Process" and without being bias I can honestly say that this album is dope! It flows nicely. The beats are melodic, and the lyrics are solid. With guest appearances from Miz Korona, AB, Buff1, Finale and Asheru, why wouldn't you add this joint to your music collection?

These independent artists need your financial support, so buy this album by clicking on the pic of album cover above.

Peep the album's title track on my Dirty Mitten Hip-Hop Mixx 2...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

PPP - ABUNDANCE LP (01-20-09)!


1. Angel
2.Smoking Mirrors
3.On A Cloud
4.Luv Affair
5.Go, Go Go
7.Aint No ifs Or Maybees
8.Pigeon Hole
9.Lovers And Haters
10.Ghost Of Aveiro, The
11.Countless Excuses
12.American Pimp
13.Dirty Secrets
14.Rocket Science

Put it on your calendar!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Here is another mixx to sink your ears into called "SteadyRoc"...

01-Spaceship = OlivierDaySoul
02-UMC 1.5 = Idle Warship
03-Bar Star = Kudu
04-Withdrawal = Karma Stewart
05-Caught Up = Megan Rochell
06-Sex 4 Sugar = Common
07-Till The Weels Fall Off = Kelis
08-Paper Planes = M.I.A
09-Stay Tuned = Exile/Muhsinah
10-Fever (Spinna Remix) – PPP/Zeno
11-Coming Home = Higher Baby/Fatima
12-My Beau = Daedelus/Erika Rose/Paperboy
13-Break Off = Colin Munroe/Saukrates/Black Milk
14-If I = Justin Timberlake/T.I.
15-Jitterbug Fonk = Eagle Nebula
16-Findaway – Rena/Daru
17-Enjoy Ya Self = Skalah/Drake
18-SoSo = Muhsinah
19-Angel (Waajeed Remix) = PPP/Coultrain
20-Try It On = Idle Warship
21-Dreaming of Your Love = Tony Williams


I'm still playing catch up with this post, but whenever it comes to my extended family the Platinum Pied Pipers, it's a must that I show support. Ever since they dropped their first album 'Triple P' back in 2005 I've been a fan. After meeting both Waajeed and Saadiq a few years ago, it was obvious that these two gents love music. Waajeed shared some a few things about the music business as well, so I developed an even larger respect for the independent music movement as a whole. Self promotion is tasking, so I have to give props when it's done well. Now, that PPP is back at it again, they've recruited some new voices to broaden the funk even further with the additions of Jamila Raegan, Coultrain and Karma Stewart. Their new album 'Abundance' is supposed to drop sometime in the first quarter of 2009, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Until then, put ears on this Part 1 preview of the 'Abundance Mixtape' that dropped a couple of months back via Bling47radio that you probably missed. I held off posting this because I thought the official joint would be out by now, but since that's not the case...take this with you if you haven't already.

Click the photo for the link and check the comments for the tracklist.
(Right click on photo and "Save As")

Friday, January 02, 2009

I’m playing catch up a little with this post, but I think it’s worth speaking on. This is one of those albums that I truly enjoyed that dropped last year that I think most soul music fans totally missed. My dude Siji representing those Nigerian vibes dropped his second album entitled ‘AdeSiji’ back in October 2008. Adesiji is short for his full name Adesijibomi. I’ve been a fan of Siji since I heard his first classic album ‘God Given’ back in 2004. I kept that joint on replay for years after it dropped and I still pull it out from time to time. Siji’s new album has that same organic soul feel as the first one. Even after all of these years, Siji has not skipped an afrobeat or a sultry verse for that matter. His unique voice combined with those Yoruba rhythms is something special to hear. His music reminds me of sitting on the beach in Hawaii sipping on a pina-colada watching the sunset. Siji knows what his fans like and he stays in his lane, which is fine by me. If you missed it in 2008, start your new year off right and check for it now.

Here’s a track to give your ears some of that Siji flavor:
Music Sites:
This is my first official post for 2009, so I thought I’d take it back to the essence of my love for music. Music and I have been having a love affair for the majority of my life, but the part of music that I appreciate the most is the productions. It all about the beats! The reason we nod our heads continuously until the neck muscles start to ache. A lyric without a dope beat behind it is just wack sentence as far as I am concerned, so I’ve decided to pay homage to some of my favorite beat makers from around the world. Honestly, some producers bite while others create new bangers all night. The producers that I am showcasing today definitely get it right. Many of them you should already know by name, but if not you definitely need to get familiar. I ran out of time before I could slide a Nicolay track on this joint, but let it be known that he's definitely one of my favorites in the game.

To all of the beat makers out there, keep doing your thing because my ears greatly appreciate it.


01-Black Milk ^ Quik Beat
02-Count Bass D ^ Organ Playa
03-Dr. Who Dat? ^Memories
04-J Rawls ^ Bongosss
05-Thes One ^ Pan Am
06-Gagle ^ Afternoon Doze
07-Zo! ^ Before Day
08-Mitsu The Beats ^ Spireedom
09-J Dilla – Stop
10-Flying Lotus ^ Massage Situation
11-El-p ^ Ridiculoid
12-Grooveman Spot ^ Neuralgia
13-Obsidian Blue ^ Live Showcase
14-Oddisee ^ Life After Love
15-Kankick ^ Kanstrumental 1
16-Madlib ^ Masala
17-9th Wonder ^ Fine as Wine
18-Count Bass D ^ We Love Hard We Fight Hard
19-Daru ^ Hold On (Somebody)
20-Black Milk ^ Purple Track 3
21-Afta-1 ^ The Gaze
22-DJ Spinna ^ Spirit of 94
23-Pete Rock ^ You Remind Me
24-Kev Brown ^ We Got This
25-Midimarc – Mama Say Instrum
26-J Dilla ^ Dilla Says Go
27-J Zone ^ Hit & Run
28-Madvillian – Fluid
29-RZA ^ Introsulizza
30-J Laine ^ Dilla Can Win
31-Oddisee – Rufus
32-Waajeed ^ Fat Asia
33-DJ Kou G ^ In Search Of
34-Count Bass D ^ Gorgeous Vomit
35-Black Milk ^ U’s A Freak B*tch