Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hip-Hop is back from the dead, if you truly thought it had met its fate in the first place! As I've stated many times in the past, the underground has always been thriving even when mainstream rap was in a music coma. The underground is still birthing new talented producers on the regular, so with no further ado I bring you Elaquent. This kat is nice with his! I'm a sucka for those smooth-hypnotic grooves and Elaquent is showcasing some of that flavor on his latest mixtape called "After Midnight." This joint is mostly fresh hip-hop instrumentals with a few guest appearances from some underground katz like Moka Only, Es, Mishoo, Solar C and Thesaurus Rex. If you are just getting familiar with Elaquent's music, this mixtape is a good place to start. Keep your ears open for this kid because you will definitely be hearing some nice things from him in the near future.


The Elaquent Myspace page:


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