Saturday, January 31, 2009

As most of you know by now, one of my favorite rap dudes in the game right now is my man Guilty Simpson. Some might suggest that’s the case because he represents the D, but that is actually at the bottom of my list of reasons why I dig this kat. The biggest reason is that he can actually rhyme. His flow is nice, plus is wordplay is crafty. Some may beg to differ, but the voice matters when it comes to rapping. A weak or high pitched voice ruins the whole vibe for me. There are a few that I can tolerate, but most I despise. Guilty brings the whole package to the table. One other reason I am a G. Simpson fan is that he can rap over any type of beat. That’s a gift that many rappers don’t possess. As you put ears on this mixx I’m sharing called the “Guilty Spectacular Mixx” you’ll hear what I mean. I’m posting this mixx because I received a few emails requesting some Guilty Simpson tracks, so here ya go. It’s a mixture of some old and new stuff, so put ears on it when you get a chance.


01-Hey Hoe ft. Monica Blaire
02-Go! (Madlib)
03-Knockout Kings (Super Smokey Soul)
04-Mouth Music ft. Caltroit/Busta Rhymes
05-Ring The Alarm (Remix) ft. Black Milk/Royce Da 5'9
06-Late Night Drive (Remix) ft. Snowman
07-Heartbreaker ft. T3
08-Man's World
09-Home Invasion (Madlib Remix)
10-Make It Fast
11-Give It Up ft. Talib Kweli/Krondon
12-Just Like a Man ft. 88 Keys
13-Strategies ft. Shawn Jackson
14-Special ft. Dabrye/Paradime
15-Blow The Horns On Em' ft. Madlib
16-Money Motivated Movements ft. Fourtet
17-Watch Your Step ft. Percee P/Vinnie Paz
18-Can't F*** Wit My City ft. Trick Trick/Marvwon
19-Clap Your Hands
20-R U Listenin'? ft. Illa J
21-Nightmare - Phat Kat
22-Before I Die ft. The Heliocentrics
23-Bad Man ft. Fat Ray/Black Milk/Scorpion
24-Strapped (Madlib Remix) ft. Jaylib
25-Mash's Revenge ft. MF Doom/J Dilla
26-Play Your Position ft. Skyzoo


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muse said...

Thanks for the re-ups...I was able to snag more dope sounds. If possible...I would like to cop that Lover's Rock mixx...can't think of the name of it.