Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm still playing catch up with this post, but whenever it comes to my extended family the Platinum Pied Pipers, it's a must that I show support. Ever since they dropped their first album 'Triple P' back in 2005 I've been a fan. After meeting both Waajeed and Saadiq a few years ago, it was obvious that these two gents love music. Waajeed shared some a few things about the music business as well, so I developed an even larger respect for the independent music movement as a whole. Self promotion is tasking, so I have to give props when it's done well. Now, that PPP is back at it again, they've recruited some new voices to broaden the funk even further with the additions of Jamila Raegan, Coultrain and Karma Stewart. Their new album 'Abundance' is supposed to drop sometime in the first quarter of 2009, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Until then, put ears on this Part 1 preview of the 'Abundance Mixtape' that dropped a couple of months back via Bling47radio that you probably missed. I held off posting this because I thought the official joint would be out by now, but since that's not the case...take this with you if you haven't already.

Click the photo for the link and check the comments for the tracklist.
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SoundNexx DJ said...

BLING47 RADIO EPISODE 5: Abundance Mixtape Preview Part 1

1. (Waajeed Intro)
2. PPP feat. Coultrain - Angel (Waajeed Remix) - SINGLE DOWNLOAD: 3. Waajeed - Resurgence
4. (Angel Remix Commentary)
5. PPP feat. J Dilla - Shotgun (Waajeed's Plinky Remix) - SINGLE
6. Waajeed - Fresh Boogie
7. (Plinky Commentary)
8. PPP feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Your Day Is Done (PPP vs. DJ Topspin Remix)*
9. (Day Is Done Commentary)
10. PPP feat. SA-RA & Rozzi Daime - Deep Inside (Waajeed Remix) %
11. PPP feat. Tiombe Lockhart - Stay With Me (Waajeed vs. DJ Topspin Remix)
12. (Deep Inside & Stay With Me Commentary)
13. PPP feat. Zeno - Fever (DJ Topspin's Stay With Me Blend) ^
14. PPP feat. Jamila Raegan - Goodbye (PPP EXCLUSIVE) +
15. (Fever Blend & Goodbye Commentary)
16. Jazmine Sullivan feat. Coultrain - Jump Off (BLING47 RADIO EXCLUSIVE)
17. (Jump Off Commentary)
18. PPP feat. Coultrain & Jamila Raegan - Stand For Something (PPP EXCLUSIVE)
19. (Stand For Something & Pigeon Hole Commentary)
20. PPP feat. Coultrain - Pigeon Hole (PPP - ABUNDANCE PREVIEW)

Leandro said...

Ubiquity Records says January 20th., the same. I think this might be the official release date.


Soulrific said...

I always did love Fever.

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Leandro - I hope so! I've been waiting for the new album for a minute now, and the official date has been changed twice. If it changes again, I'm slapping somebody in the face..LOL!