Saturday, March 27, 2010

There are mediocre cookie-cutter musical artists. There are also great musical artists that maintain solid consistency with every project. Then there is Erykah Badu! I knew she was a unique soul when I first listened to her debut album "Baduizm" back in 1997. Erykah was truly ahead of her time back then, and she has managed to evolve with each album release ever since. Not every Badu fan has adored her various forms of musical expression over the years, but I for one have enjoyed them all to some degree. Her consciousness, passion and ability to remain free with her speech even when feathers may be ruffled has always intrigued me. Many would bite their tongues at a time when Erykah chooses to shout. She has my respect for that reason. A Badu album for me is like a home cooked meal with mom's love and attention. It's musical comfort food for the soul, and my ears are always grateful when they can explore the some new tracks from the FatBellyBella.

Erykah's new album "New Amerykah Part 2: Return of The Ankh" drops on March 30th. After putting ears on this joint, I must say that it is hotter than walking on the sun in thermal underwear! It bangs from beginning to end. If the previous "New Amerykah Part 1" album lost you, consider Part 2 as the GPS to get you back on track. The Badu we all know and love has blessed us once again. Support quality music...

NOW, let's get into Erykah's new video for her single "Window Seat" just in case you missed it. There is definitely a deep message in this video, but I think each one of us will get something different after viewing it. Erykah exposes herself like never before! Put eyes on it below:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What true hip-hop head doesn't know the rap group Tanya Morgan (Von Pea, Ilyas and Donwill) at this point in the game? If I am describing you, maybe it's time to renew your "True Hip-Hop" membership card. Personally, I have been a fan of this crew since they dropped their first joint "The Sunset EP" back in 2005. TM has definitely shown their consistency as a group, but now it's time for Donwill to show he can deliver on the solo tip. Today is the official release of Donwill's debut album "Don Cusack In High Fidelity" for the masses to take notice. I heard Donwill's mixtape awhile back, and it was pretty dope, so I quickly bought the album this morning. After a quick listen to the new joint, I feel it's a solid release. His vibe is pretty mellow with plenty of soulful hooks and catchy beats. Don't take my word for it though. Check it out for yourself by clicking: DON CUSACK IN HIGH FIDELITY

Guests appearances on the album include: Peter Hadar, Von Pea, Ilyas, Kay of The Foundation and Opio.

View Donwill's "Laura's Song" video:

Monday, March 22, 2010

POOH AND HIS PURPLE TAPE!Just in case you missed it, here is that dope Rapper Big Pooh "Purple Tape" mixtape that you definitely want to snatch it up with the quickness. Big Pooh took the previously released Black Milk produced instrumental underground album using all Prince samples to spit verses over. If you are a Black Milk, Little Brother and/or Rapper Big Pooh fan, you'll definitely dig this joint. It's 11 joints deep, so don't sleep...

Get that joint here:

Before you leave, checkout this Little Brother "Left Back" album sampler. It is just a little taste of what's to come.

LB Sampler

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump-n-grind. That is why I am amazed to hear how many couples that are married, living together or have been in a committed relationship for years, who have an unhealthy sexual relationship. Many couples go months and even years without having sex with one another. Now, that's a shame! Personally, I think the missing ingredient to a great time under the covers is some smooth love making music to set the mood. There is something about mellow music and darkness that can turn an ordinary night of passion into a spectacular one! Note to the fellas...most women love to hear music during sex.

With that being said, I am providing you with a mixx that will help set the sexual mood. It's an explicit journey of musical sounds that I call "Sexual Theme Music" for the lover in you. This joint is for the ladies out there that are in love, have fallen out of love, looking for love, or anything in between...

STM Playlist:

Raheem - Bedroom
Luda/Trey Songz - Sex Room
Dream - Kelly's 12 Play
H-Town - Much Feelin'
Slique - Free
Playa - Birthday
Jesse Boykins - Victoria (Interlude)
Raheem - Slow Love
Jagged Edge/Trina - Tip of My Tongue
Art Of Noise - Moments In Love
Hygher Baby - Let U Go
Robin Thicke/Snoop Dogg - It's In The Mornin'
Case - Me & You
D'Angelo - How Does It Feel
Jimmy Abney - Let Yourself Go
Chris Star - Call Me
Melo - Real Slow
Jose' James - Love Conversation


Friday, March 19, 2010

In my last post I stated that there are tons of rappers on the grind reppin' Detroit. Well, today I present you with another Detroit emcee, and his name is Danny Brown. This kat is definitely about his business of self-promotion. I have been hearing his name buzzing throughout the Internet and the local tabloids since 2008. His first official album (mixtape to some) "Hot Soup" is considered a hood classic by many of his fans. After listening to several of Danny's underground releases, it obvious that his music is targeted for the streets. It's raw and explicit in every possible way, and he holds no punches! The best part about Mr. Brown is that he can actually rap. I wish I could say the same thing about other rappers in the game.

Danny is back with a new album he calls "The Hybrid" that is being sponsored by the good folks over at RappersIknow, and it's available for free download! Personally, I think this new joint is the best of Danny's musical projects. D.B. is focused man, so check it out for yourself and hear what you think...

Get the album by clicking: DANNY BROWN - THE HYBRID

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I must applaud all of the Detroit rappers that continue to stay on their grind, even though things are tough. It would be easier for many of them to give up and put the mic down for good. However, Detroit emcees like Marv Won are built from a different cloth. Like many others around my way, he refuses to quit. Instead of slacking, he works harder! He's still hungry, and his mixtapes and albums keep getting better and better. Marv's latest album entitled "Wayne Fontes Music" is definitely one of my favorites by this emcee to date. The beats are hot and his flows are solid. The humor that he incorporates into his stories makes his raps fun to listen to. Marv Won's big homie Fatt Father has a way with those funny one liners in his rhymes as well.

If you've been sleeping on Marv Won, stop hitting the snooze button and wake up! Wipe the crust from your eyes and head over to Marv's web site:
MARVWONDER.BANDCAMP.COM and get the new album now...
-------DARU GOT MORE BEATS 4 U!My dude Daru Beats has got to be one of the hardest working beat makers in the game right now! When Daru isn't on stage somewhere performing live with many of our favorite rappers and singers, he's making dope beats. It's easy to see the passion that he has for his craft, and it's cool that he shares it with us. I recommend encouraging your kids to learn some type of instrument other than the clarinet, because that didn't work out for your boy. I knew I should have tried to learn the saxaphone or drums instead...
Anyway, his latest compilation is called "Drum: Beats 10" and this joint is full of hot remixes and original tracks. Some of the featured artists include: Nas, Wes Felton, Fred Hammond, Killah Priest, Tony Ozier, Rena and Marvin Winans.

Download DRUM: BEATS '10 ---> [LINK 1] AND [LINK 2]

Monday, March 15, 2010


Anybody hungry for some dope music mixxes? Of course you are! I have doubled up the musical goodness this time. The first mixx is called the "S1N1 Vaccine Mixx" for the soul music lover in you. The second one I titled the "Hip-Hop Pandamonium Mixx" for my hip-hop heads out there. Both of these should fit nicely on your MP3 players or blank CDs...



Checkout the dope videos before you bounce!

That is all!

Congratulations to my homeboy Velben! He's a writer/singer of soul music, and he's been on the grind for a minute trying to get his latest album "Creative Flowz" out to the masses. The "masses" would be you good people reading this post. Just thought I'd clarify in case you didn't already know. Velben is from Detroit, but he has relocated to Atlanta, GA for the greater good, so he still gets much love from the folks in the D. I first met Velben a few years back through some mutual friends. After our first conversation I knew he was a good dude. I immediately felt his passion for singing and the drive he possessed. It's challenging for most singers in the music business, and it's twice as hard for independent artists. Paying for their own studio time, production and distribution can be pretty costly, and that is why we have to support such artists. After listening to several of the new tracks on "Creative Flowz" I can sense some growth by Velben as a artist. The new joint is more polished than his debut EP "Formless" from 2006, but it manages to keep that raw vocal style that is Velben's signature. What I dig most about the new joint is the dope production! Beats are my thing, so I am always trying to locate sounds to get my head nodding.

If you desire something fresh and new, you definitely need to put ears on Velben's new album. It's available at CD and iTunes. There are also snippets of each song at CD Baby as well.


Saturday, March 13, 2010



Monday, March 08, 2010

It just occurred to me that I have been both "hoodwinked" and "bamboozled" by several internet bloggers. It's my own fault actually for not double-checking the information I got about the hip-hop artist Eagle Nebula (shown on the left). Back when Nebula's debut album "Cosmic Headphones" dropped back in late 2008, I read many blogs/sites that swore it was actually Georgia Anne Muldrow. I guess they figured she was using a new alias name to rap under. I thought her voice sounded a little different, but with all of the audio tricks anything is possible. The album cover didn't help matters because it was cartoonish looking by design, which kind of resembled Georgia. Anyway, it's not Georgia Anne, and Eagle Nebula is a real person. BTW, if you overlooked that Nebula joint, check it out...

My dude Daru Beats forwarded me a remix of Eagle Nebula's "Unbreakable" track he calls "Unbreakable Pt. 2 (Bubble Gum Drum Mix)" and it is hot as expected! Now, I pass this dopeness on to you here: UNBREAKABLE PT. 2

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I still get pretty hyped about any new joints that drop from the original Wu crew members. Hearing their voices on a rhyme remind me of the good ole' days of hip-hop! I miss the originality and excitement from the Golden Era of rap, but a few of Wu members have kept that spirit alive. One in particular is Ghostface Killa. Some have said that he single-handedly saved the Wu movement with a couple of his earlier solo joints. That's a personal opinion of course, but I think Method Man and Chef Raekwon were doing their thing as well. The three of them have always been my favorites from the Clan, so I was happy to hear that they have united to make the "Wu Massacre" album. Tracks from this joint are already leaking all over the Internet, so be on the lookout. From what I have heard so far, the crew is solid as a rock! Sounds like 1995 all over again.

In Wu fashion there will be three different album covers released showcasing each emcee as a comic book character. The picture above has a cropped shot of each cover. The nu Wu joint drops on March 30th, so all Wu-Tang fans should mark their calendars...

Checkout Erykah Badu and The Roots perform her first single "Window Seat" live! Goodness-gratious...Erykah's thicker than a king size Snickers! How come nobody told me? First, Alicia Keys, and now Ms. Boodu...I mean Badu! Soul music is looking up...! The new album "Amerykah Part II (Return of the Ankh) drops on March 30th.