Friday, March 19, 2010

In my last post I stated that there are tons of rappers on the grind reppin' Detroit. Well, today I present you with another Detroit emcee, and his name is Danny Brown. This kat is definitely about his business of self-promotion. I have been hearing his name buzzing throughout the Internet and the local tabloids since 2008. His first official album (mixtape to some) "Hot Soup" is considered a hood classic by many of his fans. After listening to several of Danny's underground releases, it obvious that his music is targeted for the streets. It's raw and explicit in every possible way, and he holds no punches! The best part about Mr. Brown is that he can actually rap. I wish I could say the same thing about other rappers in the game.

Danny is back with a new album he calls "The Hybrid" that is being sponsored by the good folks over at RappersIknow, and it's available for free download! Personally, I think this new joint is the best of Danny's musical projects. D.B. is focused man, so check it out for yourself and hear what you think...

Get the album by clicking: DANNY BROWN - THE HYBRID

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