Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I must applaud all of the Detroit rappers that continue to stay on their grind, even though things are tough. It would be easier for many of them to give up and put the mic down for good. However, Detroit emcees like Marv Won are built from a different cloth. Like many others around my way, he refuses to quit. Instead of slacking, he works harder! He's still hungry, and his mixtapes and albums keep getting better and better. Marv's latest album entitled "Wayne Fontes Music" is definitely one of my favorites by this emcee to date. The beats are hot and his flows are solid. The humor that he incorporates into his stories makes his raps fun to listen to. Marv Won's big homie Fatt Father has a way with those funny one liners in his rhymes as well.

If you've been sleeping on Marv Won, stop hitting the snooze button and wake up! Wipe the crust from your eyes and head over to Marv's web site:
MARVWONDER.BANDCAMP.COM and get the new album now...

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