Saturday, March 27, 2010

There are mediocre cookie-cutter musical artists. There are also great musical artists that maintain solid consistency with every project. Then there is Erykah Badu! I knew she was a unique soul when I first listened to her debut album "Baduizm" back in 1997. Erykah was truly ahead of her time back then, and she has managed to evolve with each album release ever since. Not every Badu fan has adored her various forms of musical expression over the years, but I for one have enjoyed them all to some degree. Her consciousness, passion and ability to remain free with her speech even when feathers may be ruffled has always intrigued me. Many would bite their tongues at a time when Erykah chooses to shout. She has my respect for that reason. A Badu album for me is like a home cooked meal with mom's love and attention. It's musical comfort food for the soul, and my ears are always grateful when they can explore the some new tracks from the FatBellyBella.

Erykah's new album "New Amerykah Part 2: Return of The Ankh" drops on March 30th. After putting ears on this joint, I must say that it is hotter than walking on the sun in thermal underwear! It bangs from beginning to end. If the previous "New Amerykah Part 1" album lost you, consider Part 2 as the GPS to get you back on track. The Badu we all know and love has blessed us once again. Support quality music...

NOW, let's get into Erykah's new video for her single "Window Seat" just in case you missed it. There is definitely a deep message in this video, but I think each one of us will get something different after viewing it. Erykah exposes herself like never before! Put eyes on it below:

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