Friday, December 16, 2011

It's has been several months since I posted about a musical artist. Recently, my time has been limited, but at this moment my free time has improved greatly! Now, I am back in the saddle once again to bring you some artists you need to check for. I am starting things off with one of my favorite discoveries within the last few months. His name is Tim Terry a.k.a. The Tim Terry Experience.
This soul-singing crooner is representing Memphis, Tennessee and he has a very soulful and organic vibe to his music. Mr. Terry is determined to bring the purity and honesty of music back from the dead. He's definitely heading in the right direction. I've had his If you enjoy soulful ballads and mellow grooves Tim Terry is worth a listen. I've had his "Live & Unplugged" album in heavy rotation for some weeks now...
Check out his video for the track "Ooowee" below:
Welcome to another musical journey for your ears to explore. Music comes in all different forms of noises, sounds and basslines, which I try to share through each mixx that I make. This one is a mixture of old, new and rare tracks that I hope you can vibe with. Sometimes, I wonder if there will ever be a day when urban mainstream radio will start playing more artists of substance. It saddens me that our children only get a fragment of quality music available through radio. Okay, I am stepping off of my soapbox for now. As always, support quality music and thanks for listening! Please, share these joints with your family, friends and foes to make the world a better place...

The Soothy Tracks:
Tonya Dyson - Today
Chester Gregory - Initializing
Portforms ft. Cherri - Myself I
T-Love ft. Dwele - Se7en
Slum Village - Fall In Love (Remix)
Leon Ujure - Locean
Marvin Gaye - After The Dance
Hazel+Slakah - Ice In My Drink
Troubleman ft. Steve Spacek - Without You
Tom Brock - I Love You More And More
Suzi Analogue - Simplicity
EPMD - Please, Listen To My Demo
Faze-O - Riding High
Hi-Tek - On My Way
Eric Roberson - Talking Reckless
Tenka - Summer Nights
Drake ft. Andre 3000/Lil Wayne - The Real Her
Azure ft. D'Angelo - Love Is So Cold
Fudge Fingaz - Gettin Together
Angela Johnson - Glad You're Mine
Samon Kawamura - Last Call
Phonte - Home
Lionel Richie - Love Will Find A Way

Monday, November 07, 2011

This soulful "Ladie Serenade Mixx" is especially for all the females around the world. Who said the romance in music is dead?! It's right here for your ears to experience. There's some old, new and forgotten tracks on here that will hopefully fill your soulful music appetite. Yo fellas, play this joint for your lady (or potential lady) along with a nice meal, drinks, chivalry and romance, and you just might get lucky? I can't make you any promises though, but if you don't get lucky you shouldn't blame it on the music. Enjoy and thanks for listening!


Tyrese - I Miss That Girl
Erro ft. Phonte - Picture Perfect
Isley Brothers - You're Beside Me Parts 1&2
Van Hunt - Down Here In Hell (With You)
Noel Gourdin - Young Love
Darnell Kendricks - Can't Wait
Musiq Soulchild - She
Electric Empire - Baby Your Lovin'
Chester Gregory - If U Only
Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It
Johnny Gill - Lady Dujour
Jagged Edge - Healing
Sam Bostic - This Is Your Song
Al B. Sure! - Only You!
Maxwell - Drowndeep: Hula
Jesse Boykins III - Itis
Boyz II Men - Slowly
R. Kelly - Etcetera
Phill Wade - Dreams of You (Reaching For Your Love)

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

As is more music for your ears, and this mixx is a candy bag full of "track-or-treats" just in time for Halloween. Wow, that was a horrible play on a Halloween reference, but I'm leaving it there for the hell of it. Anyway, I've included some soulful classics with new-school twists, mixed with a bunch of other noises that should keep your mind occupied. Think of this mixx as a pizza with everything on it (except anchovies because they stink and taste funny)with your favorite buttery crust. I hope you enjoy this goody, and thanks for listening!

The Treats:
2}Applejac/Ramona-Deja Vu
4}Stokely Williams-Life's Interlude
5}Barry White-Playing Your Game, Baby
6}Ayah-Maybe We Can Just
8}Mara Hruby-Alright
10}Tiron & Ayomari-A Sucker For Pumps
11}J*Davey-Let It Bleed
12}D'Nell-This Thing
13}Shaun Escoffery-Feeling Good
15}Eric Roberson-Right Back 2U(Remix)
16}Jill Scott-Prettier
17}Smokey Robinson-Cruisin'(Remix)
18}Reva DeVito-Nasty Stuff
19}Marvin Gaye-Ain't That Peculiar(Soul Remix)
21}Knxwledge-Best Friends
22}Haul&Slakah-Hold On Tight
23}Eddie Kendrick-Intimate Friends


Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Are you ready to shake tailfeather? If so, you definitely need to checkout this mixx showcasing another one of my favorite soul music artists Peven Everett! This underrated Illinois native has been making quality music for years now, and I actually became a fan of his work back in 2003. I heard the classic track "Gabriel" he did with Roy Davis Jr. and I was all in. Peven has several worthy mellow to mid-tempo tracks in his musical archives, but fans mainly love the guy for his hypnotic dance and soulful house joints! His production just makes you want to move and his hooks are usually very catchy, which is the perfect musical marriage for my ears.

Today, I present you with a Peven Everett mixx full of many favorite dance and house tracks. This kat has endless remixes of his tracks and one mixx would not be enough, so this only part 1 of 2 mixxes. A lot of Peven's older joints were vinyl only releases, and many of them are now out of print. The quality on a few of the earlier vinyl joints is of a lesser quality, but neverless still dope! Hope you dig this joint...Enjoy!

Part 1 Tracks:
-Enough of you
-Testin Me
-Soul Music
-New Day
-Sexy Make Up
-Surely Shorty
-Take Away My Sunshine
-Heat Up
-Feelin Who You Are
-Girl of My Dreams
-Easy Livin'


Checkout this website:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Time for another tribute mixx for one of my favorite R&B artist, and his name is Jon B. Putting it simply, the boy is BAD! Any true soul music lover is a fan of this guy, and if not they should be. His music is timeless. Jon has evolved as an artist over the years of his lengthy career, but he hasn't lost that signature musical flavor that his loyal fans cherish. That is what separates him from other vanilla soul crooners like Robin Thicke, Remy Shand, Mayer Hawthorne and Miles Bonny.

Earlier this year I saw Jon B perform live at a local venue, and he gave us a nice show! He sang all of his hits, which was great! The most amazing part of his set was that he handled all of the instrumentation and vocals by himself. No band or back-up singers anywhere, plus he ended his performance with a dope drum solo. There is nothing like the sound of live music. It's nice to see a music artist with real stage presence, so when Mr. B comes to your city make sure you support him. Jon's new album "Comfortable Swagg" is scheduled to drop in early November...

Now, put ears on this mixx. These are some of my favorite tracks by Jon B, with a some rare remixes and unreleased joints as well. Enjoy!

The Tracks:

A-They Don't Know (Remix)
B-One More Chance
C-Don't Talk (Remix)
D-Do Today (DJ Quik)
E-City Lights
G-Lifting Me Up
H-Lately (Tank)
J-All I Want Is You (Cuban Link)
K-Oooh So Sexy (Paul Wall)
L-Won't You Say Yeah
M-Az U
N-Don't Say (Remix)
O-Love Is Candi
P-Finer Things (Nas)
Q-Cool Relax
R-Pleasure U Like
S-Bad Girl
T-Can We Get Down
U-Before It's Gone

Hip-Hop is back in your web-space! As I've been saying for several years now, I stay on the underground when looking for quality hip-hop music. Undiscovered talents remain hungry looking for their opportunity to shine for the masses, which usually generates creativity. No big budgets, videos, radio airplay or label deals for many of my favorite musical artists, but they still remain true to their craft. I continue to use my web presence to showcase these individuals and groups. This mixx is also showing love to some of my local comrads representing the hip-hop scene here in Michigan. This joint is raw, real and a head-bobbing experience for hip-hop fans...ENJOY!

Who's Who:

a-Median/Phonte - Take A Chance
b-Jigmastas/Mos Def/Talib Kweli/P. Monch/Shabaam - Lyrical Fluctuation
c-Ketchphraze/Elzhi/Trick Trick - My Detroit
d-The Union/Elzhi - Wings
e-9th Wonder/Phonte/Median - Band Camp 2
f-Doomstarks - Victory Laps (Remix)
g-De La Soul/Yummy Bingham - Turn It Out
h-Unspoken Heard - Smiley
i-Bad Meets Evil - Welcome 2 Hell
j-Royce 5'9/Joe Budden - My Own Planet
k-Rapper Big Pooh/Joe Scudda - I'm The Man
l-LSD/King Mez/Phonte/Charlie Smartz - In The 336
m-The Roots - The Spark
n-DJ Flash/9th Wonder/Phonte - Band Camp 1
o-Lil'B/Jean Grae/Phonte - Base For Your Face
p-Black Milk - Don Cornelius
q-Killer Mike - Ric Flair
r-Rapper Big Pooh - Zone Out
s-Phonte/Elzhi - Not Here Anymore
t-Pharoahe Monch/Jean Grae/Royce 5'9 - Assassins
u-Cesar Comanche/Legacy/Sean Boog - Daily Operation
v-Helluva/A1/Omack - Bout To Set It Off
w-Kankick/Vio Monsoon/Leezim - Advance Balance
x-yU - Beats & Rhymes

Other sites for more mixxes:

Friday, September 09, 2011

Another musical journey has arrived. This was a very fun mixx to make. It's packed with diverse musical stylings and sounds from the genres of soul and hip-hop. This is the kind of joints that keeps me loving music. Who said that good music doesn't exist in 20--? There are 27 tracks of hypnotic classics, instrumentals, exclusives and underground goodies for your ears to absorb. Now, sit back, relax and get into it...

01-B.Lewis = Cancel That
02-Luther Vandross = Got You Home
03-Ayah = Hold On
04-Talib Kweli = Rock On (FJ Remix)
05-Suzi Analogue = Lost+Found
06-Brand New Heavies ft. Phonte = Sex God (Remix)
07-Big Pooh ft. D-Brock = My Mind
08-DJ Spinna ft. Ovasoul7 = Surely
09-Kindred ft. Snoop Dogg = You Got Love (Remix)
10-Median ft. Yahzarah & Phonte = Special
11-I,Ced ft. Stopha Vasquez = Now or Later
12-Obsidian Blue = Windows
13-DJ Center ft. Gretchen Parlato = You've Got A Friend
14-Teedra Moses = Another Luvr
15-SFP = Ooh Wee
16-Fatima = YellowSound
17-Critically Acclaimed ft. Yahzarah & Phonte = Private Conversation
18-DJ Quik ft. Dwele = Time Stands Still
19-Knxwledge = Kards
20-Byron Da Aquarius = Outerspace Esctacy
21-Gina Thompson = Into You
22-GMK ft. O-Ohrap & Mario Sweet = Choose Me
23-The Roots ft. D'Angelo = The Hypnotic
24-Suzi Analogue = Electronic Get Down
25-B.Lewis = Les Saisons
26-T.Hemingway = 2:00 am
27-Slum Village ft. D'Angelo = Tell Me

Download HipNotik Vibe

What do you know about the supergroup Little Dragon?:

Friday, September 02, 2011

Guess who's back? Okay, time's up! Here is another mixx for your ears to enjoy. I call this one the "Late Night Cruising Mixx" because this music goes perfect with a warm summer drive during the evening hours. Hell, put the car top down if your finances have afforded you to opportunity to own such a vehicle. If not, just open the sunroof or the back windows on your ride, it's all the same really? As usual, this joint is ipod (or mp3 player) ready, so put ears on it immediately.

01=Knxwledge- Up There
02=I,Ced ft AB- Love Is The Conqueror
03=Ayah ft Tona- One Life
04=Erykah Badu- Telephone (FJ remix)
05=Avila Bros ft Little Brother- Smile
06=Anita Baker- Perfect Love Affair
07=Slow Drag Travellers- Feel
08=Deborah Bond- You Are The One
09=Trackademiks ft Phonte & Carlitta- Halfway
10=Teedra Moses- Special
11=Boney James ft Latoya Luckett- When I Had The Chance
12=ReneeDion- Everything Is Changing
13=Deiadre Gaddis- What Are You Gonna Do
14=Tracy Cruz- Flowers and Candy
15=SFP- Gotta Lotta
16=Erykah Badu- Cleva
17=Kindred- Love Has No Recession
18=KeKe Wyat- Unbelievable
19=Jill Scott- Le Boom Vent Suite
20=Madlib- Please Set Me At Ease
21=Roy Ayers- I Feel Like Making Love


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The 90's aren't considered the "Golden Era" just for hip-hop. It's also known for being the decade when the hottest remixes were created! A remix in 2011 is adding another rapper or singer on a song, or spitting a slightly different verse over the original beat. That's not a remix, and it's a pretty lazy approach if you ask me! A REAL remix is when the original song is totally reworked and transformed into something else like Optimus Prime. It needs a new beat (slower or faster than the original), different lyrics, reworked hooks and melodies to make it a legit remix.

Producers like Eddie F, All-Star, Puff Daddy, Teddy Riley, Jermaine Dupri, Chunky Thompson, Kenny Smoove, The Ummah, etc. did just that back in the good ole' days. This mixx is a tribute to that generation of producers. I through in a couple extended versions of tracks I hadn't heard in a while as well, so pull out your Cross Colour short sets and enjoy!

1=702 - Steelo Remix
2=Joya - Gettin' Off On You Remix
3=Usher - Think Of You Remix
4=SWV/Jay-Z/Busta Rhymes/Trigga/Mr.Cheeks - You're The One
5=Craig Mack/Q-Tip - Get Down Remix
6=Tevin Campbell - Back To The World Remix
7=SWV/Wu-Tang Clan - Anything Remix
8=Johnny Gill - Wrap My Body Tight Extended Mix
9=Jodeci - Get On Up Remix
10=Rome - I Belong To You
11=Adina Howard - Somethin' 2 Ride 2 Remix
12=Xscape - Do You Want To Remix
13=Jonell/Method Man - Round & Round Remix
14=Christopher Williams - Every Little Thing U Do Remix
15=911 - Cutie Remix
16=Today - Girl I Got My Eyes On You Extended Mix
17=Monica - Before You Walk Out Of My Life Remix
18=Mona Lisa - You Can't Be Wasting My Time Remix
19=Aaliyah = If Your Girl Only Knew Remix
20=Total - Kissin' You Remix
21=Mary J. Blige - Your Child Remix

Get the Re-Mixx Here!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

This year has been filled with a lot of great music releases from some of my favorite musical artists. I love being overwhelmed with quality music. I'm like a kid in a money store. One musical moment that stood out for me this summer was hearing Detroit native Charity Ward's first single "Sounds Like Love" on the local radio. I've seen her perform live three times and she's a great talent, so I'm very happy that her career is moving forward. Definitely check for Charity, and when her album finally drops get it. You'll be glad you did! It's been a minute since I dropped a mixx, so here you go. It's soulful with a bit of hip-hop thrown in the musical brew for more flavor. Supporting quality music and artists is not optional...

1=Apollo Brown - What You Need
2=Marcos - Mais Do Que Valsa
3=Darnell Kendricks - Strawberry Lemonade
4=Fatima - Mind
5=Dwele - Timeless
6=Ayah - Tables Turn
7=Dego/Nadine Charles - It's Nothing
8=MdCL - Heaven
9=Zo/Erro/Phonte - Marzipan
10=Brian McKnight - Gimme Your Love
11=Rahsaan Patterson - Bluephoria
12=Mary J. Blige/Q-Tip - Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me
13=Jill Scott - Love Soul Bounce
14=Havana - Journal
15=Charity - Sounds Like Love
16=Stevie Wonder - Love's In Need of Love Today
17=Ayah - Press Play
18=Rapper Big Pooh/Chaundon - Let It Be
19=Anthesis - Don't Really Know
20=Wes Felton/Mr.G - Real Summer
21=Teedra Moses - Falling 4 U
22=Ledisi - So Into You
23=Gavin Turek - Little Pleasures
24=L'Renee - Red Dress


Listen to Charity below:

Are your ears ready for some good music? If you like your sounds filled with unfamiliar voices and stylings, definitely put ears on this joint! This mixx contains some of the indie artists that I am listening to right now, so get to know them (if you haven't already). I've learned during my years of music listening that some songs and artists require several listens before the music can be digested. There are songs that I thought I hated when I first heard them, but now they have an exclusive spot on my favorite tracks list. So, if you dislike a song immediately after the first listen, be sure to listen again before making a verdict. However, if after several listens it still sucks, delete from your mp3 player with the quickness! Always support quality music. Enjoy!

The Goody List:
a)fred joachim - my heaven
b)miles bonny - what's life like
c)soulive/ekena nwokoyw - arruga de agua remix
d)ayah - find my way
e)tyler woods - i want u
f)bembe segue - sunshine
g)luvbugz - whut ever
h)mar - bipolar friendship
i)erro/chubb rock - summertime 2011
j)sunshine anderson - say something
k)nas/ginuwine - you owe me
l)ledisi - coffee
m)wes felton - prom queen
n)mara hruby - the panties
o)ishe/hezekiah - can we
p)jrawls - heeey
q)lisa banton - something new
r)jaguar wright - let me be the one
s)jill scott - blessed
t)jesse boykins 3 - nectar
u)heather victoria - missing you

Listen 2 The Soulspects Here!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

When it comes to my favorite female soul duos, first in line is Changing Faces, and right behind them is Zhane'. Their sound & style was unique and soulful, with some of catchiest hooks in the game. For that reason alone, I still miss these ladies and their music. Classics like "Groove Thang" and "Hey Mr. DJ" could still get the booties on the floor at the club in 2011! Those joints are timeless. I also love their collabo tracks with De La Soul, Busta Rhymes and Queen Latifah. All you youngsters out there that don't about Zhane', get familiar. Start with their self-titled debut album, and you'll be glad you did. Now, lets get into some music. My latest mixx is actually one that I have kept in the archives for a minute. I listen to this one mainly when I am working out, cleaning, working, etc. I call it the "Groovyish Uptempo Mixx" because these grooves are uptempo for sure. Check it out when you get a chance.

Tha Party Grooves: busta rhymes ft. zhane' - it's a party(remix)/krs~one - step into a world/janet-enjoy/j*davey-quicksand/tamia-it's a party/rihanna-what's my name/jeff hendrick-old school party/zhane'-hey mr. dj/dwele ft. dj quik-i wanna/shaggy-dance & shout (remix)/janet-all for you (remix)/d'angelo-glass mountain trust/neyo-cause i said so/mike baker-la la la/n.e.r.d.-perfect defect/robin thicke-my life/black eye peas-imma be/sy smith-truth/jsoul-up in the club/raheem devaughn ft. wakka-no hand(nexx remix)

download the groovy here

Sunday, May 22, 2011

KINDRED: THE NEW ALBUM The soul duo Kindred The Family Soul is finally releasing their new album Love Has No Recession on June 28th. I like both of the new singles "You Got Love" and "Magic Happens" from the new joint. Mark your calendars people. Kindred always delivers that soulful goodness.

Before exiting, put eyes on this artistic video from Timothy Bloom just in case you missed it:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is a REAL Detroit emcee! His name is Elzhi. You should know this kid. He used to be a member of the group Slum Village. He was basically kicked out of the group. That was a huge mistake in my personal opinion. It is 2011. Elzhi is back at with his latest mixtape release entitled "Elmatic" which is paying homage to Nas' classic "Illmatic" album from the early 90s. I have heard several Illmatic tribute mixtapes throughout the years from other rappers, but I must say that I feel this Elzhi joint is the best. You may think I am being biased because I rep Detroit, but I'm actually not (this time). El's tribute bests the others because he actual captures the flow and delivery of Nas during that time. He's not just spit verses over the best, but he embodies the essence of Nas and the Golden Era of Hip-Hop! Take a listen for yourselves...

Make sure you put ears on the hidden track where he discusses in detail the situation with his SV departure.


Elzhi website

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When most music fans think of vanilla soul artists, the first names that come to mind are the usual suspects like Jon B, Teena Marie, Robin Thicke, Mayer Hawthorne, Remy Shand, etc. Well, if you haven't already, add Mr. Miles Bonny to that elite list as well. He's a really dope singer, producer, DJ and trumpeter from Kansas City, if you didn't know! I have been following this gentleman's career for several years now, and he never fails to impress me with his diversity as an artist. Miles performs classics from the past, soul ballads, hip-hop and remixes. He's gifted enough to flow over the most complicated production, but never fails to keep it soulful. His new album "Lumberjack Soul" drops on June 24th, so mark your calendars. Miles Bonny is defnitely one of my favorite Indie artists doing it right now, and if you close your eyes you'd swear he was a brother from another!

I decided to finally make a mixx showcasing some of my favorite Miles tracks from the past and present. As a fan, I want to give this artist some well deserved exposure, so put ears on this joint expeditiously. It's long overdue, so I hope you enjoy!

MB Goodies:
Late Night
Learning To Fly
5 O'clock
What It Is I See
Sng Your Song
Too High
Salmon Steaks
Never Be The Same
J Birly
Endless Possibilities
Blue and Green
Still Miles
Yes I Do
Miles Gets Open
Golden Lady
Nothin' But You


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here is some of the latest and greatest video joints on the Internet:

Is it the end of April already? Now, that's a semi-vacation, but I am back at it. For how long is unsure. Anyway, today I reintroduce to you that beautiful Ghana native soul-singer Rhian Benson. Remember her?? She's not only a looker, but she sings great too! It's been six years since her debut album "Gold Coast" dropped, and it was sort of a letdown after her first single "Say How I Feel" blew up. The remix featuring Dwele and Slum Village was even better! In 2011 Rhian is back with a new and refreshed outlook, and it definitely shows in her new music. Her new joint "Hands Clean" has a more uptempo-electronic sound to it. The beats are catchy and her vocals are on point. Rhian describes her new sound as "Sade meets DJ Shadow" and she's right. Personally, I dig it!

The first single off this album is "Better Without You" so check for it, and the album to hear what you think. Now, just in case you missed this remix classic from 2005, check it out below:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I was shocked to hear about the death of Nate Dogg from The Dogg Pound. Even though he's left us physically, his music will continue to live on. After reading more about the Nate's death, it got me thinking about all of the others music has lost over the years. Ms. Aaliyah immediately came to my mind. I still hole in the music game since her departure. Many have tried to step into her shoes, but there will only be one Aaliyah. For that reason I felt the need to add a little of her flavor to my current mixx, so she's starting this one off. I call this joint "Everlastting Soule" and it's full of old, new and rarely heard soul remixes.

Put ears on this one when you get a minute...

BIG POOH'S MIXTAPE IS FAT BOY!Rapper Big Pooh has released this hot mixtape for the fans, and I have to admit that these tracks are fire, minus all of the host jaw-jacking that goes on throughout. Statik is my man and all, but I prefer DJ free. Until we get the unmixed versions of these songs, this will have to do.

Grab this joint immediately if you are a Little Brother fan, or just a fan of good hip-hop music.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Remember the soul singer Mr. Anthony David? His track "Smoke One" is still one of my favorite soul tracks ever. It's soulfulness is simplistic, but words hit home and the beat is hypnotic. Anthony's sound has a definite old school vibe like many of the past greats, and I really believe that's what will separate him from the rest of the pack. I recently heard him perform live on Tom Joyner's morning radio show, and I couldn't tell if it was live or Memorex. The first single "4evermore" featuring Algebra from his new album "As Above So Below" is creating a lot of buzz right now. The album hits the shelves on March 22nd, so be sure to mark your calendars. His remake of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" is real nice too. A Nas verse on that joint would have taken it to another level. Maybe a remix in the near future...

Check the video for "4evermore" below:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hip-Hop music has it's good and bad qualities in 2011, and today I present you with some of good ones. I put compilations together of my favorite tracks all of the time for my personal listening pleasure, but today I am sharing one with you. It's called "Boombox Gemz" and it's iPod ready. This will be available for a limited time, so don't hesitate or it maybe too late...
The Goodies:
Black Milk/AB ~ Oh Girl
Lords of the Underground ~ What I Am After
Guilty Simpson ~ Real Heavy
Nottz/Mayer Hawthorne ~ I Still Love You
Kanye/Raekwon ~ Gorgeous
Kaimbr/Kev Brown ~ The Combination
Von Pea ~ Dreamz
Apathy/Phonte ~ True Love
E. Major ~ Want To Be Me
Kaimbr ~ Firewater
Big Remo/Collin Munroe ~ Girls Most Wanted
Jay Electronica/Tone Trezure ~ Jazzmatazz (SN Mixx)
Elzhi ~ Freestyle
Peep this smooth Faith Evans joint before you exit stage left:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why J-Davey isn't a super-group on the mainstream in the new millennium is beyond my comprehension. All of their music is dope, and they have continued to impress me by pushing the music boundaries further with each release. They're definitely in their own music lane, and deserve to be recognized by the masses. Okay, now I am stepping down off of my soapbox. Fortunately, for the J-Davey babies, they have just released a new joint "Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes" EP. It is five tracks deep, and this joint bumps from end to beginning! This EP was available for free download for a few hours, but now it's costing a few $$$. It's well worth it, so support independent artists.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hip-Hop heads take note! The emcees and producers from the Low Budget Camp are back at it again. Kaimbr has teamed up with Mr. Kev Brown (producer extraodinare) to create the "Alexander Green" project. The dopest thing about this album outside of Kev's production is that he only uses Al Green samples. If you haven't heard, Al Green has some of dopest soul samples known to man. Even though Kev is not the first producer to flip a classic Al Green sample, he does put his own original and magical touch on these beats. Listening to this joint reminded me just how much I missed Kev Brown and the Low Budget Crew. This is what the game has been missing. This truly reminds me of back when I'd get hyped once I heard Gangstarr, Def Squad or Wu-Tang dropped new music. This is a Golden Era flashback joint...

Support the indie underground artists where real hip-hop lives!


Checkout this video below for a taste of that A. Green flavor:

That is all!

Monday, February 14, 2011

After posting about the magnificent Imani Waddy and his lovely "Love Letters To: Yellow" project, I felt the collaboration project featuring Nikko Gray on vocals deserved its own post. Listening to Nikko's sultry vocals over Imani's smooth instrumentals is heaven in a hand basket. Nikko stated this about working on this project: “For me, this project created itself in a sense… Love as Art. Love creating itself. Through Art. Given, received, reflected, accepted, and given again. I recorded most of everything myself at home with the intention of capturing the first sparks of my creative energy.” This project is 5-tracks deep with soul, and features Chris Young as a special guest on the "Press Play" track.


Now, this joint here is on some serious mellow madness! Definitely a great listen during a relaxing afternoon when whinding down is critical. Musician Imani Waddy (whom I recently discovered) has an album "Love Letters To: Yellow" that has me smiling from ear-to-ear. It's always a treat when I discover new and talented artists in a time when many feel that real music is on the decline. This proves that great music is still available, but you have to put a little effort into finding it. Imani's Yellow has a jazzy-lounge sound, and should appeal the fans of instrumentals and smooth jazz. One of the seven tracks inlcudes guest vocals from soul singer Nikko Gray. The beatmaker AFTA-1 also adds a little of his flavor to one of these tracks as well.

Stop reading now and click there to get it---> IMANI WADDY BANDCAMP

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Thursday, February 10, 2011

CUPID'S HUNT 2011Valentine's Day and music go hand-in-hand just like a couple in love. This year I am dropping two mixxes dedicated to the music lovers for V-Day. This post is part of the Cupid's Hunt crusade, which involves DJs, podcasters and music scholars all over the world releasing various Valentine's Day mixes.

My "Nu Dopest Duetz Parts 1 & 2" mixxes showcase some of my favorite duets from the new school soul and hip-hop artists. Below are the track lists and links for each of the mixxes.


  1. Vikter Duplaix & Ms. Saigon - Stimulate
  2. Steve Spacek & Mpho Skeef - La Bougie
  3. Anthony Hamilton & Angie Stone - Stay For A While
  4. Keith Sweat & Athena Cage - Like You've Never Been Done
  5. Changing Faces - Keep It Right There (Remix)
  6. Kelly Rowland & Tank - The Show
  7. Carl Thomas & Lalah Hathaway - Thought You Should Know
  8. Yahzarah & Darien Brockington - All My Days
  9. Hil St. Soul & Dwele - Baby Come Over
  10. J.S.O.U.L. & Natalie "The Floacist" - Closer
  11. Kindred & The Family Soul - Where Would I Be
  12. Common & Mary J. Blige - Come Close (Nic Remix)
  13. T-Love & Dwele - 7
  14. Teedra Moses & Raphael Saadiq - Take Me
  15. Jose' James & Jordena De Lovely - Love Conversation
  16. Amel Larrieux & Glenn Lewis - Where Is The Love
  17. Ron Isley & Lauryn Hill - Close To You
  18. Chante' Moore & Kenny Lattimore - Here We Go
  19. Marva King & Tru-ko - Know Me


  1. Anthony Hamilton & Lina - Around The World
  2. Stacy Epps & Finale - 00:00
  3. Iman Williams & Velben - I, Confide
  4. Eric Benet & Chrisette Michele - Take It
  5. Wes Felton & Wayna - You Can
  6. Koffee Brown - Qualified
  7. Melo & Fatima - Coming Home
  8. Darien Brockington & Yahzarah - Sacrifice
  9. Lil'Mo & Fabolous - 4Ever
  10. Raphael Saadiq & Rosie Kaye - Skyy, Can You Feel Me
  11. Missy Elliott & Ginuwine - Take Away
  12. Nivea & R. Kelly - Laundromat
  13. Avant & Kelly Rowland - Separate (Remix)
  14. Aaliyah & Smokey - One Man Woman
  15. Vinia Mojica & Mos Def - Get Ta Steppin'
  16. Daniel DeBoung & Dyanna Fearon - Bubblebath
  17. Joya Mooi & Mar - My Day
  18. Mary J. Blige & Dave Young - Settle Down
  19. Tone Trezure & J. Bird - No You Without Me
  20. Jill Scott & Mos Def - Love Rain (Remix)
Soul singer Corinne Bailey Rae has released her latest joint "The Love EP" just in time for Valentine's Day. All 5 of the cover tracks are about love and were originally performed by legends like Prince, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Belly, Doris Day and Sly & The Family Stone. Corinne is paying homage to some her favorite musicians and many that influenced her career. Things are going good for Ms. Rae as she's traveled around the world on tour. This project is testimate to her giving back musically. Personally, I am not complaining at all. I'll take all of the new music I can get from Corinne. Do yourself a favor and put ears on this EP. Click the link below to check it out:


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Detroit emcee alert! Rappers like Big Tone have been representing Detroit for many years, and I have been a fan for a minute. Ironically, I ran into the guy and family eating at the best pancake restaurant in the world "The Pancake House" eating breakfast. Around this town you never know who you might see. Tone has released two albums at point, and now he's released a free EP titled "Flesh & Sole" for his fans. The fans that have been supporting him since day one. It's six tracks deep. He's in a good space right now in his life, and he wanted share his feelings. I'm giving myself a late pass on this one, so if you missed it like I did don't sleep.

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Thanks to Eminem and Chrysler representing Detroit well in this great commercial! I couldn't have said it better myself...

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Awhile back, I came across this soulful track by a soulful kat from Baltimore that calls himself J.S.O.U.L. and my interest was sparked. I love discovering new music artists. Unfortunately, I forgot to check for the dude when I originally planned, but eventually did it a few months later (so I thought). I Googled his name and another soul (gospel) singer using the same moniker popped up. The other kat was alright, but it wasn't the sound I was expecting judging by the track I'd previously heard. Luckily, I heard a remix track from the right JSOUL featuring Erro awhile later, and from that I figured out who was who. The timing was perfect because happened right around the release of his latest "Black Sinatra" music project. Don't sleep on this joint! There are 11 tracks with featured guests that include Eric Roberson, Natalie "The Floacist" Stewart, Substantial, Carol Riddick and Julie Dexter. Support independent soul music.


Checkout his website here:

Thursday, February 03, 2011


It's dope that people are still showing love to the missed, but never forgotten producer Jay-Dee a.k.a. J Dilla after all of these years. The dude will always remain one of my top 5 producers of all-time list forever. He's unmatched in my music book! His fans will love this upcoming video dedication project "J Dilla: Still Shining" that drops on February 7th. It's a further look into the man's life through his eyes, words and commentary from many from aritsts that he's worked with in the past.

If you haven't already, checkout the trailer above...
The only thing I like better than beat instrumentals is free beat instrumentals. I like them even better when my dude Soulful! is creating them. What makes a producer unique to my ears is having a somewhat original sound. It could be a signature loop pattern, odd sample choices, bells, dogs barking or whatever. However, it can't be too repetitive because then the beats become boring and predictable. That's a definite no-no! Legendary producers like Pete Rock, Dre & DJ Premier have figured out this magical formula. You can hear their beats at anywhere and know they're behind the boards. Their signature sounds very recognizable to music lovers around the world. I believe that's the level where any up & coming producer in the game aspires to reach.

With that being said, beat lovers need to keep this kat Soulful! on their radars. He's back with another hot album called "Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks" that's a mixture of fresh instrumentals, and songs featuring some underground artists. This is available for free download, and we should thank Soulful!, FWMJ and Inner Loop Records for making this available for the masses.

Okay, enough click the link below and grab this joint right now:


Saturday, January 29, 2011

My time for blogging has become limited lately, so I try to post when time permits. It's mixx time again, and this joint is all about soul music. I call this mixx "Esquisite Tastes" and it's full of all types of underground and unique artists worth checking for. Most of these guys and gals stay on repeat in my ears via my iPod and car stereo. Defintely, put ears on it when time permits. The track list is finally available for those seeking artists names and album titles. Check the commments section for it, then show support to those artists that you're feeling by spending $$$ or telling a friend. Radio still sucks, so lets work at keeping the music we love alive...

Get Esquisite Tastes is here!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yeah, I know! Don't call it a comeback...I've been here for years. The break was great, but now it's time to fill up your music crate. I love dropping those almost verses from time to time, just to let you that have mediocre talent and that's why I blog instead of rap. Anyway, this post is not about me, it's actually about the soul singer Jaafar. I did a post about Jaafar back in 2009 when he dropped his sleeper first album "Travel Light" that went unheard by the masses. Now, he's back with his latest project called "Supernatural Love" and I am digging it! Jaafar is not recreating the soul wheel with this album, but he stays in his lane pretty well. Musical choices are very personal, so I recommend that you take a listen to this joint and hear what you think. If you like it, buy it!

Monday, January 03, 2011

On your mark, get set and get ready for more of that Detroit hip-hop vibe. A four man group called Clear Soul Forces has dropped some music for all to hear. Their latest EP is called "Departure" and it's a free download. I really digs the cover artwork as well. That street in the photo is named Woodward Avenue located in downtown Detroit. What I enjoy about this new joint is that it doesn't sound like typical Detroit street music. It has a fun and polished sound to it that I really enjoy. The beats and rhymes are tight, and it continues to deserved rotation in my iPod. Definitely some "head-bobbin' music. Ok, enough typing! Time for you to click on the link below and get this EP:

The hardworking Oddisee is a producer, rapper and group member, so he keeps the e-streets filled with hot material! For fans like myself, that's always welcomed. To bring in 2011 Oddisee released a compilation of his favorite joints from 2010, and he's calling it "A Year In" for those that slept. Even I missed some of the included 22 tracks, so finally getting them is sweet! It's only $5 (U.S. currency) so take some of the Christmas money that you have saved up and pick this joint up. The featured guest list is thorough and includes: Trek Life, Olivier Daysoul, Muneshine, Blu, Asher Roth and Andreya Triana. I got my copy, so go get yours.
MUSIQ SOULCHILD IN THE MIXX!I want to wish a Happy New Year to all of my family, friends, fans and supporters! The year 2010 was solid overall, but I want 2011 to be even better. I wanted to start the year off by paying homage to one of my favorite soul artists Musiq Soulchild. His unique musical stylings have kept me pretty entertained over the years. However, I feel that he's an overlooked and slept on artist even today. I still remember when I first saw Musiq perform live as an opening act for Erykah Badu prior to the release of his first album. At that time "Just Friends" was popping on the radio. Even as an unknown artist he ripped the stage, and the rest is history. I can't wait until Mr. Soulchild drops another album, but until then I present you with this "sho-nuff" Musiqal goodie...Enjoy!