Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is a REAL Detroit emcee! His name is Elzhi. You should know this kid. He used to be a member of the group Slum Village. He was basically kicked out of the group. That was a huge mistake in my personal opinion. It is 2011. Elzhi is back at with his latest mixtape release entitled "Elmatic" which is paying homage to Nas' classic "Illmatic" album from the early 90s. I have heard several Illmatic tribute mixtapes throughout the years from other rappers, but I must say that I feel this Elzhi joint is the best. You may think I am being biased because I rep Detroit, but I'm actually not (this time). El's tribute bests the others because he actual captures the flow and delivery of Nas during that time. He's not just spit verses over the best, but he embodies the essence of Nas and the Golden Era of Hip-Hop! Take a listen for yourselves...

Make sure you put ears on the hidden track where he discusses in detail the situation with his SV departure.


Elzhi website

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DMecca7 said...

Yeah I like Elzhi's flow he is one of my fav emcees. Good looking out J.