Friday, June 30, 2006

Damn, time flies! It's summertime already? I don't know about where you live, but it's hot & humid azz hell around this place! Can you say "MUGGY?" To all you folks out there helping to mess up the ozone layer, I blame you for my misery? Now, I have to go out and buy suntan lotion just to walk around the city! Gas prices are higher than the Empire State Building, most of the beaches are polluted and the slushies at 7-Eleven just ain't doin' it anymore! So, where can you go to get some relief to beat the summer heat??
I don't have a clue, but I gotta mix you can play while you are on your way to wherever that is though! Don't worry, SoundNexx gotchu!!

This is the fourth installment of the Eartest mix series! This series is actually one my most popular ones for some reason, which is cool though! These mixes are where I share a lot of favorite funk/alternative/electronica/lounge/ flavored tracks with everyone. A lot of folks like these genres of music, but they normally don't know who the artists are or even where to find them? That's what these mixes are all about. I am hopefully providing you with an opportunity to get to know these artists and their music as well? These mixes just scratch the surface of what's out there musically, but we have to start somewhere, right? I want to thank all of the folks that have sent me an email, posted a comment, or shouted me out on their site!

I want to give a personal shoutout to few folks that are keeping this real music thing moving on the internet! What up to my Flowink fam: FlowingInk, C. Brown, Tommibunz, The Big La & EJ Flavors. What up to my ace boom....Honey doing her thing over at Honeysoul! Cheers to my main man DJ Synflood doing his thing overseas in Berlin! Can't forget about my favorite house music Dee Jay...DJ Cent! I see you Mosaicthump, Nova & J. Shooter doin ya thing-thing! Keep providing that great music and discussion!

Alright....onto the mix breakdown!

This mix is on the relax and sip your favorite drink on rocks tip! There are some SoundNexxclusives on this one for real that I hope you be diggin' once the sounds hit your eardrums? If it doesn't happen on the first listen, play it again dammit! Most great music is an acquired taste, that takes time to appreciate!


  1. Ridin High (Remix) - Georgia Anne Muldrow
  2. Black Rushmore - 5 Deez
  3. Cowboys & Indians - J*Davey
  4. Whose In Charge - Silhouette Brown
  5. With A Little Help From My Friends - Andre Orefjard feat. May Yamani
  6. Lullaby (J-Nova Mix) - Free Design
  7. Hate or Love (Dilla Remix) - LSK feat. J. Dilla & Dwele
  8. Run (Remix) - Wordsworth
  9. Allways (Remix) - Kev Brown
  10. Skyy, Can You Feel Me (Yam Who Mix) - Raphael Saadiq
  11. Break You Off (Yam Who Mix) - The Roots feat. Musiq Soulchild
  12. Stay With Me (Grooveman Spot Mix) - Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Tiombe
  13. Searching (Demo Version) - Roy Ayers
  14. Los Alamitos Latinfunklovesong - Bugz In The Attic


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It'z about that time for some urban soul music!! Most of you probably don't recognize the name Georgia Anne Muldrow? Not surprising! She's a 22 year-old Los Angeles native that currently resides in New York, with dreams and aspirations of being a true trendsetter with her music. Georgia is new to the music scene, but not brand new? Huh?? If you have ever listened to the Platinum Pied Pipers album "Triple P" then you have definitely heard Georgia do her thing. If for some crazy reason you haven't heard the Platinum Pied Pipers CD yet, stop reading this right now, get in your car, head the your nearest CD store, and purchase "Triple P" immediately!! I wish I was joking, because that is a definite necessity for anyone that claims to be a true soul music lover! Georgia is featured on three songs on that album, "Your Day Is Done," "Lights Out," & "One Minute More." I like her vibe. She has a funky and soulful sound, which makes her standout from many of the other soul singers on the rise!

Georgia is making moves though, which is good! She currently has an EP titled, "Worthnothings" available for purchase that has seven new songs on it. This is a limited release, so that means it won't be around forever? When she finally blows up, this EP will be one of those hard to find, overpriced collector's items that everyone will be tryin get their hands on! Hmmm?? I know ya'll are probably thinking..."She's only 22 yrs. old....she's probably singing about bubble gum and potato chips?" Nope! She's much deeper than that lyrically. I have heard her lyrics described as brilliant and revolutionary? I would definitely agree. Listen to the song, "Larva" off of her EP and experience some refreshing head-bobbin soul! It is artists like Georgia that keep me interested in nu-soul music! We need more acts like her to keep adding more needed diversity into the female soul singer category! Erykah, Jill, India, Leela & Jaguar can't keep doing it by themselves.
Georgia also has a crew she runs with that calls themselves "TheWorthNothingsKrew!" The three members of the group are Georgia, Maze & Dudley Perkins! Keep your ears out for them too!!

Okay, here are some sites that you can checkout to get your hands on some Georgia Anne Muldrow tunes:

I believe iTUNES has her music available for download as well?

Oh yeah....U know I couldn't leave ya'll hangin, so......

DOWNLOAD the track "Larva" HERE!

Georgia Anne Muldrow's new full-length debut album titled, "Olesi: Fragments Of An Garth" will be dropping on August 22, 2006!

Monday, June 26, 2006

"Ring, Ring, Ring!" Remember the Native Tongues? Back in the late 80's and early 90's they were a force to reconed with in the hiphop game! Native Tongues consisted of: A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, The Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah & Monie Love. Busta Rhymes started to rock with the Tongues after his separation from The Leaders of The New School! How ever you look at it, this was definitely a dope rap crew full of talent. Over the years the crew has disbanded. A Tribe Called Quest was making much noise in the 90's, but they eventually broke up. I heard they were trying to make it happen again, but until then Q-Tip is dropping a new album hopefully at the end of the year? The Jungle Brothers have been missing in action for a few years too. Queen Latifah has given up rap for acting, and Monie went back to London? Busta's new album is just average in my opinion. I expected more from him! De La Soul seems to be the only original Native Tongue members that have remained consistant through the years?

Some folks may ask if De La Soul is still relevant in 2006? I say...most definitely? Why? Because groups like De La Soul gives everyone a true taste of what the golden era of hiphop is supposed to sound like! They stay true to their roots, but yet innovative and fresh with every release! As a honest fan of hiphop music, I can say that I have never been dissappointed with a De La Soul release. Those are big words, but I stand behind them! No, every De La Soul album is not a classic, but none are just plain garbage either! There are not many other rap artists I can say the same thing about.

Last year De La Soul dropped one my top 5 albums for 2005, "The Grind Date!" In 2006, they're back with a new mixtape release titled, "The Impossible: Mission Part 1," which drops on June 26, 2006. This project is full of new tracks and skits for your listening pleasure. The greatest thing about this mixtape CD is that there isn't some corny jaw-jackin underground DJ yelling all over the damn songs! Giving shoutouts to people that don't really exist and reminding everybody how exclusive each track is???? Hey, Mr. DJ...would you please shut yo azz up so we can hear the damn music!!!! Thanks! The Impossible: Mission Pt. 1 should give all you true De La Soul fans a nice dose of flava to hold everyone over until their next studio album release? They snatched beats from Waajeed, J Dilla and Diamond D to rhyme over, plus they drop some unreleased tracks from their earlier days as well! Don't miss out....!

I have linked a site to hear some samples of this CD for all you skeptics that like to hear stuff before you invest your greenbacks! I'm like that too, so I totally understand. Until next time...LOVE, PEACE & DE LA SOUL!!


Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm back on my hiphop soul music kick again! So, consider this post part 2 of my original post "The Fascination With HipHop Soul" that I dropped back in May! I got a lot of feedback from different folks about some of the things I said in the previous post, which is good! I enjoy a good debate about music because at the end of the day, everyone involved comes away with some new insight? I made the comment that Method Man's remix of "Your All I Need" featuring Mary J. Blige was the first and most important hiphop soul record, due to the effect it had on urban music as a whole! A lot of people hit me back with the quickness, stating that Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You" featuring Melle Mel was the really the first hiphop soul record! I couldn't really dispute that fact, because it did come out in the 80's, which was years before the Method and Mary joint. But, when it comes to musical impact....I still have to go with Method's cut! Why? Chaka was still hot back then, but Melle Mel was not a big deal at that time? Honestly, did you really care that the great Melle Mel was on Chaka's track? Probably not? That song would have been great with our without Melle on there, but the "Your All I Need" remix was different in my opinion. That track was a BadBoy remix featuring two hot artists sharing the same record! No one saw this collabo coming until it arrived, and when it one could deny that it was a classic record! I just wanted to share my response with everyone, but I am open for more discussion on this matter, if anyone still wants to speak on this topic?? I ain't neva scurred!!

NOW....let's move on to the topic of the REMIX!! What is a remix?? Hmmmm.....these days I don't think there is a cut and dry definition for that? Back in the day though, I would have said a remix is when a producer/DJ takes a previously release record and remakes the song with a new spin on it. It should have a different beat, new/added verses and/or a featured guest artist(s). Personally, I feel that providing a different beat is the most important aspect of a true remix? Plus, the remix track should be just as good, if not better than the original. These days it seems like producers are too lazy to flip the beat on a remix track, so they just add a new rapper on the same wack beat, and call it a remix!

So....who is the true inventor of the remix?? I may get in trouble for saying this, but I would have to say Puff Daddy a.k.a Diddy is the pioneer of the remix? I still call him PUFFY! His momma named him PUFFY...I'mma call him PUFFY!! Before the Sean John clothing line, the unecessary name change, Vote or Die, dating Jennifer Lopez, the men's cologne and the BadBoy label becoming a non-factor in the new millenium, Puff Daddy was the man when it came to producing hot remixes! Yeah, there were other producers out at the same time doing their thing as well like, Jermaine Dupri, Chunky Thompson, Rocwilder, Kenny Smoove, Darkchild, Teddy Riley, etc. Can't take anything away from those guys for their contributions to the evolution of the remix as well, but Puffy made the word "REMIX" a household name. I couldn't get with the "Shineysuit Syndrome" that Puffy suffered from back in the day though? Honestly, he seemed to have all of the hottest collabos and beat samples out there in his prime? Diddy may seem like a cornball now-a-days, but the man still deserves his respect. I will say this though...Puffy needs stop trying to make the band, and make some more hot remixes dammit!!!

The true essence of the remix has been lost in 2006? Every blue moon a nice remix will pop-up, but the excitement has been lost for the most part. Katz like Madlib, DJ Spinna, 9th Wonder and Jay Dee (R.I.P) have produced some memorable remixes over the past few years, but for the most part it's been pretty weak? I think another reason the true remix has disappeared these days is due to the cost factor. Some producers charge a large amount of money to produce a record, and many of the artists can't afford it! The music business is about making money first, so the poor artists suffer because they lack the funky dividends (the true heads know about the funky dividends)! Whatever the reason is the remix has lost it's importance, I hope it will return in the future! Until then, I will be playing the remixes from back in the day to fill that void.

The mix I have provided you with today will afford you the same opportunity as well! I have dug in the music crates to find some of my personal favorite hiphop soul remixes, which I am sharing with my peoplez! I called this mix the "HIPHOP SOUL MIX PART DEUX." Some of these tracks you may have heard and others you may not, but it's all good music just in time for Summer? I hope you enjoy this mix, because I damn sure did!! It almost brought a tear to my left eye?? Back to 80's & 90's we go.........enjoy!!

1) 112 feat. BIG & Mase - Only You (BadBoy Remix)
2) Grand Puba feat. Mary J. Blige - Check It Out
3) Jon B feat. Coko & Jay-Z - Keep It Real
4) Total feat. Shyne - Sittin' At Home (BadBoy Remix)
5) Boys II Men feat. Eric Sermon, Keith Murray, Redman & 2 To Da Head - Vibin (Kenny Smoove Remix)
6) Gina Thompson feat. Missy Elliott - The Things You Do (BadBoy Remix)
7) Total feat. Keith Murray - Can't You See (BadBoy Remix)
8) Faith Evans feat. Queen Latifah - Ain't Nobody (BadBoy Remix)
9) R. Kelly feat. Cam'ron, NORE, Jay-Z & Vegas Cats - We Ride
10)Xscape feat. King Just - Do You Want To (So-So Def Remix)
11)Chico DeBarge feat. Eric Sermon & Redman - Sooperman Lover (Remix)
12)Anthony Hamilton feat. Punchlines & Wordsworth - Nobody Else (Remix)
13)Babyface feat. Ghostface - This Is For The Lover In You (Remix)
14)Soul 4 Real feat. McGruff - If You Want It (BadBoy Remix)
15)Brandy feat. LL Cool J - Sittin In My Room (Remix)
16)TLC feat. Craig Mack - Creep (So-So Def Remix)
17)Horace Brown feat. Jay-Z - Things We Do For Love (Remix)
18)Big Bub feat. Sassy - Whatcha Gonna Do
19)Chaka Khan feat. Melle Mel - I Feel For You
20)Mary J. Blige feat. Foxy Brown - Love Is All We Need (Remix)


You can thank me later.....!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am taking a comercial break from the music for just a minute to get some stuff off of my chest! See that look on Sticky Fingaz face in the photo on the right! That's the same look that I had on my face when I saw the previews for the upcoming Blade TV show where he's playing the main character? Yep, that's Sticky Fingaz from the 90's rap group Onyx! Bacdafucup!! I was totally stunned, and not for good reason either?? Honestly, I have no ill feelings toward Sticky personally, but I just wonder how this happened? First of all, Sticky is not just a long time member, but he's probably the Vice President of the Hair Club For Men! He's bald dammit! The Blade character isn't bald (atleast in the version that we know about)?? Didn't these folks at Spike TV read the Blade comic books, or even watch the Blade trilogy DVDs featuring Wesley Snipes? Plus, Sticky is not the greatest actor either (see: Next Friday & Ride)? I won't even mention that loosey-goosey right eye he has either (see: Notorious B.I.G. & Musiq Soulchild)! Is he looking at me, or is he looking at you?? He better keep them shades on for the whole series too!

For those of you that have no clue about what or who Sticky Fingaz is, I have included two video clips for your viewing pleasure from YouTube to hopefully bring some clarity to this situation? The first is a clip of the drunkened, crazy, and possibly suicidal Sticky Fingaz? Why is he acting so looney you ask? Well, it's probably because the last Onyx album only sold 167 copies total! The second clip is a preview of the new Blade TV series! Watch them both and leave a comment telling me what you think?

Sticky Fingaz Suicidal??

First, he's a crazy nut!!

Blade tv series trailer

Now, he's Blade? What a joke!

It wouldn't be fair to just pick on Sticky Fingaz, when there have been so many bad TV show choices involving rappers over the last few years! Let's start with Sticky's partner in crime who is also a group member of Onyx as well, Fredro Starr! For those of you that were unlucky enough to watch the crappy, but hilarious "Dance 360" TV show last year, you've seen Fredro Starr! What a waste of airtime! I guess this was supposed to be the new millenium version of Dance Fever? Ummmm...Nope!! Watching the corny Cali folks get on there and shake a tale feather for some Audiovox stereo equipment and a Wrangler denim shopping spree at Wal-Mart was definitely entertaining, but yet insulting at the same time? The two hosts (Fredro Star &
Kel Mitchell from Good Burger) were just too dayum happy about being on the show! Well, I am sad to say that Dance 360 is no longer on the air! Hmmmm, I wonder why???

Moving on to the VH1 abuse of has been rappers! First they put po
MC Hammer on the Surreal Life tv show! That show has "My career is really finished" written all over it! Hammer dancing with Webster on stage was hilarious though, but yet sad at the same time? Then Pepa from the group Salt-N-Pepa popped up on there a couple seasons later! Pep took a full grown banana and performed a porn type magic trick that made women jealous and men wish they were Treach back in the day! I don't know about you, but Pepa has always looked kinda Zulu Nation-Amazonish to me, but little trick she did pushed her up a notch though? Last but not least, Da Brat found herself on Surreal Life too! She swore her career was not over, but when was the last time she had an album out?? The He-She look Da Brat sports is confusing to me sometimes? It was sorta cute (I guess) back when she was 15, but now it seems a little strange! I mean wearing a lace bra and a jock strape is not sexy! The Surreal Life just shows what has beens will do just to make a buck! I know you didn't think I forgot about Flavor Flav did you?

Of course not! He also got his shot on the Surreal Life show as well, still sportin' broken kitchen clocks around his neck and gold teeth in his mouth! He supposedly fell in love with the 6-foot amazon actress with heavy wrinkles,
Brigitte Neilson that led perfectly into a spin-off tv show called, "Strange Love." It was strange alright! As dumb as the show was, there was a curiosity that made people watch! Almost like watching a giraffe and a beaver mating on an episode of The Most Extreme on the Animal Planet know you should watch it, but you just have to see it! The Strange Love show had enough baffoonary to last a lifetime, but VH1 and Flavor Flav didn't stop there? After Brigitte and Flavor's strange love ended with a teary-eyed break-up (yeah, right), Flav came back on a quest to find true love on his next show, "Flavor of Love!" Can you believe all these attractive women that would normally vomit at the sight of Flav, all of the sudden wanted him for their sugar daddy? Negrow...Please!!! Flavor couldn't even believe this tv trickery? Some of the women couldn't even pretend to enjoy being intimate with his crispy burnt frame, but money will make most people do anything? Oh yeah, 15 minutes of fame will too! Watching Flav eat a meal and kiss those women in the mouth could make anyone turn the channel, but like mindless zombies... record numbers of people kept watching each episode? For that reason, there will be a Flavor of Love (Season 2) for those of you that didn't get enough of Flav's shinanogins in the first season!

Next up is Eve of Destruction! Where is the Ruff Rydin' Ride or Die chic I used to love from back in the day with blonde colored boy like hairstyle? The sassy mommie with the tight leather jump suits that would spit a rhyme that could make the hardest male rapper blush. She's gone? Eve traded in her motorcycle in for an real unfunny sitcom called, "Eve" where she sports bad wigs and says corny jokes? She went from grimey to goofy? Talk about bubble gum tv! I have laughed harder in a horror movie? Speaking of horror, how in hell did DMX trick BET into giving him a reality tv show about his life?? We already know more than we want to already DMX! How much more drinkin', druggin' and drivin' can the urban community take?? I would pick on Lil' Kim for that uneventful look into the last days of her life before she went to cell block 8 (jail), but she's still I'll wait!! Thanks again BET! Always providing that quality black entertainment?

Believe it or not, there is one rapper turned actor that I like, and that's Ice T! He's doing his thing in the small screen! I never knew an ex-criminal could play such a good cop?? I guess all those arrests finally paid off?

Well....that's my 2 cents! I actually feel better now! I guess every rapper can't be Will Smith and Queen Latifah? If you thought I was being hard on the rappers on tv shows, wait until my next episode where I speak on the rappers that pretend to act in movies!! Ja Rule and Beanie Sigel...prepare yourselves for some serious verbal abuse playaz!!!

Make sure you click around the highlight names for some extra goodies before you leave!!
You'll regret missing the DMX shocker for sure! Now, that's comedy!!


Thursday, June 15, 2006

This photo says it all! Two turtles making sweet-sweet love while floating in the warm water of the ocean! First of all, for two turtles to get busy, it takes a lot of precision and skill! U thought putting on a condom was difficult, well try being a male turtle trying to get you some sea turtle luv?? You already know how slow that walk on land, so doing the hippity-dippity probably takes twice as long? If you need love, I can't do nuthin fo ya man, but I can give you some musical exstacy for your mind and ears though! That's what Da Float-On-Exstacy Mix is all about! Nothing too heavy or hard-hitting on this one, just a little something to keep things kinda mellow. Sounds and rhythms that should stimulate the mind, body and soul?

Here is a little insight about a few on the artists that are sharing space in this mix. J. Rawls is a underground rapper/producer out of Ohio. He's been around for a minute, and he's known for his jazzy smooth beats. Obsidian Blue and Zo! are two top-notch producers that still making their way into the mainstream production scene. Zo! is actually from Detroit, and has produced and remixed several tracks for several soul artists! Spacek and Koushik are two groups from overseas that I am definitely feeling! Spacek has that U.K. space-funk vibe while Koushik has the Canadian trip-hop thing happening. Both groups are acquired tastes by most, but I think they are worth a definite listen, if you haven't already? Joe Scudda and Phonte are both members of the underground hiphop squad, The Justus League! Joe is on the come up, while Phonte has blessed us with several quotable verses over the last few years with his group Little Brother! One of the most slept on in my personal opinion! Ayt....enuff on that! The rest of the artists you probably know about already, but if not....find out! I do have some of these artists linked under the "ARTISTZ 2 DISCOVER!" area on the right. Most great things are worth looking for.....

1- J. Rawls - J-Dilla Tribute/Players (Blend)
2- Oddisee - Musik Lounge
3- Obsidian Blue - Black Berry
4- Ananda Project - Fantasy Suite
5- Zo! - Aerial Connect
6- J*Davey - Let It Bleed
7- Siji - A Day Ahead
8- Spacek feat. Mos Def - Eve (remix)
9- T-Love feat. Dwele - Seven
10-Koushik - Be With
11-Ramp - Daylight
12-Joe Scudda feat. Phonte - Groupies
13-Phonte - Downtown
14-Barry White - Playing Your Game Baby
15-Boot Camp Click feat. Aaliyah - Nightrider (9th Wonder remix)
16-Phat Kat feat. Dwele - Rainy Days
17-Strange Fruit Project feat. Lysoul - Ooh Wee
18-Muhsinah - Millions
19-Zo! - Motive
20-Outkast- Crumblin' Erb

Happy Father's Day to all u dads out there too!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sleepy Brown has been doing is soul music thang for a minute now! He keeps it on the grown and sexy tip for real!! His sound reminds you of something out of the 70's with a Super Fly-Mack type of vibe. Maybe a modern day Isaac Hayes? This brother has been putting in much work with Dungeon Family, Outkast, Snoop Dogg and his own group Society of Soul! Remember the hit single, "I Like The Way You Move" by Outkast that dropped a couple of years ago? That was Sleepy Brown singing the hook for that track! Some folks compare Sleepy to Nate Dogg from The Dogg Pound because they both started by doing hooks for their particular rap crews! I think Sleepy is a lot better on the singing tip, but that's just my opinion! In the near future he will be dropping a solo joint, but until then he has blessed us with a two-disc compilation called, "The Definitive Sleepy Brown Collection!" This is a must have for true Sleepy Brown fans! There are some great tunes thrown in this mix too!

Wally Sparks is the man behind scenes that handled all of the production and mixing for this project. They have gathered some of Sleepy's rare guest appearances and hard to find tracks! There are a total of 47 tracks shared between two disc! You can't beat that with a rubber hose!! This project hits the streets on June 13, 2006, so be on the lookout! Unless you have a good independent music store in your area, you will probably have to purchase this compilation online?


Here are some online sites you can check:

Friday, June 09, 2006


Growing up back in the day, I used to LOVE listening to the radio! Especially at night and on the weekends! There used to be a mix DJ on a local station here in Detroit (FM 98 WJLB) that called himself "The Wizzard" that did a 40 minute mix every night at about 10 p.m. I used to take my JVC boombox double-cassette radio and literally record every one of his mixes (when I could stay awake)! He usually threw in a new exclusive song during every mix, and you didn't want to miss that for sure! I had cassettes of his mixes everywhere! The Wizzard wasn't that good of mixer to say the least, but he still had thousands of local fans that remaind loyal for many years! Why? Because he made the radio exciting! He made everyone look forward to hearing the music he played! DJ's like The Wizzard no longer exist on Detroit radio in 2006!! The enthusiasm and exitement for the music has been lost as well....?

So, I created "What'z Nexx" (WNEX) Radio to fill my own personal musical void! My version of what I would like radio to be? A little sumthin-sumthin for everbody! I have always made music compilations for my personal enjoyment, which I usually ended up sharing with my friends in the end. Back then it was a just a dub of my 90 minute cassette, which blossomed into CDs and now with downloading via the internet! Who would have ever guessed that I would be sharing my love for music on a blogsite with thousands of people in 2006?? Times have really changed?? It's cool for me though because I love music just that much! Hopefully, some of you are actually buying some music when you hear a song or artist you like here on
SoundNexx? If nothing else, just to smile when you hear one of your favorites, or going back and dusting off one the forgotten classics! Music has been proven to change a negative disposition into a positive get your daily dose!!

Aight...enough with the reminiscing! On to the music.....

Download WNEX Radio Station 2 (wma) Here!



Oh yeah, I am trying to take SoundNexx to the next level with podcasting (music streaming)! That will make my mixes available for listening if you can't download them? Folks have been asking about that, so I am looking into it?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I know when you first looked at this album cover, you were probably thinking...."What the hell this mess all about?" Well, if you didn't...I dayum sure did when I saw this crazy album cover! I still haven't figured out what this picture is supposed to represent?? To looks like a ghost playing "Peek-A-Boo" with some guy surfin' porn sites on his computer at work?? I'm demented though, so......? Actually, I think that was Dabrye's intent? To make his cover abstract like his music! Dabrye is to Tadd Mullinix what Viktor Vaughn is to M.F. Doom! Alter-egos? For those of you that don't know what or who Tadd Mullinix is, he's a producer/musician from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann Arbor is approximately 40 minutes from Detroit, so I guess he could claim Detroit to be fair about it? I know you don't really care, but so whut....LOL?? I have a Ultra-Masters Degree in Geography from Harvard University! Yes, I'z smart....

No matter where he's from, Dabrye's production sound is all his own. If I had to put a title on it, I would have to call it "Electro-Matrix-SpaceHop" because it's so fast paced and futuristic sounding at times. Others have called it a lazy downtempo techno type sound. Mullinix's approach to music really reminds me of DJ Spinna's! They both dable in all types of musical sounds, which makes it difficult to catagorize them. Don't think that Dabrye (Tadd Mullinix) is new to the music scene, because he's not! He has several projects under his belt, but they are mainly experimental instrumental albums spotlighting his various production styles. Each of Mullinix's musical projects are all different experiences. After listening to a few of his tracks, your ears will feel very challenged and exhausted, but very satisfied to say the least.

Dabrye has been known for his previous electronica, ragga & jungle beat releases in the past, but this time around he's blending some Detroit funk with experimental hiphop instrumentals. The "One/Three" album was the first of this nature for Dabrye, which was released in 2001. Many folks called that album an electronic masterpiece! Later this month Dabrye will drop the anticipated "Two/Three" album on June 13, 2006. He incorporates most of the elements from "One/Three," but this time he showcases some of Detroit's own hiphop talent. To most this line-up of guest stars are unknown, but they are actually some of Detroit's most loved underground talent. The coolest thing about this album is Dabrye's ability to provide beats that compliment every artist on their particular track, without losing focus of his own original sound. Detroit talents like Invincible MC, Guilty Simpson, Ta'Raach, Paradime and Big Tone seem hungrier than ever on this project! Every line is on point, with an undeniable aggressive edge to it! You gotta love that?

Dabrye doesn't limit his guest appearances on this project to only Detroit artists though! He also recruits some of underground hiphop's most diverse talents like
M.F. Doom, Wildchild (Lootpack) & Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) lend a hand as well. All of these elements working together makes up a nice pot of musical gumbo for everyone to enjoy! Is this a classic album? Probably, not to most, but you be the judge! Is this album different from the most of the crap coming out today and definitely worth a listen? Of course it is! Projects like these are the future of the hiphop music in my opinion! Remember when you first heard the Wu-Tang Clan's "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" album back in 1993 and you probably thought..."What the hell is the crap?" Wu-Tang Clan's sound turned out to be revolutionary for the hiphop movement, and that album became a classic amongst true hiphop headz! Let me be very clear about this. I am not trying to imply that Dabrye's "Two/Three" album is a classic, or even that it will revolutionize hiphop music, but I will say that albums like this are needed to balance out the lopsidedness that exist today! If I hear one more rap songs about car rims, I am going to smack the ish outta somebody!! Oh yeah, and if you haven't heard the "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" album by now(13 years later)...first smack yourself upside the head really hard, and then beg, borrow or steal yourself a copy of this classic with the quickness! You can thank me later..... are some links for you to checkout:

Listen to snippets of the "Two/Three" album here! (FREE MP3s as well!)

Tadd Mullinix site here!

Download Dabrye's cut "Get It Together" here!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

IT'S THE VOICE!!!! To most people, Yummy Bingham is new to the music business? That's definitely not the case! This 19 year-old female singer and songwriter has been in the music business since she was 13 years old! Her father (Dinky Bingham) is the CEO of Dinky B. Music, and he has produced gold and platinum hits for artists like New Edition, Changing Faces and Jaheim. With that being said, it is easy to see where Yummy gets her music business savvy from at such a young age. She is also Chaka Khan's Godchild, so she definitely has a solid foundation of legendary musical supporters behind her. KayGee of Naughty By Nature fame discovered her from a demo tape she made in 2000, and immediately placed her in a trio girl group called, Tha Rayne! Tha Rayne had a club hit titled, "Rock Wit Me" that shook up things for minute, and gave the group with hope for album success. Their Arista Records album debut was never released and the group split up, so Yummy's singing career was put on hold for a minute. Instead of giving up, Yummy stay on the grind. Jaheim included her on his hit single "Fabulous," which gave Yummy so well deserved attention. In 2001, she appeared on the Osmosis Jones movie soundtrack, performing the lead theme "Turn It Out" with the legendary rap group De La Soul. Shortly thereafter, she blessed the De La Soul's hit Thick Lady's anthem "Baby Phat" with some tight vocals! Over the years she has done hooks and background vocals for numerous artists like Queen Latifah, Next, Jae Millz, Patti LaBelle, Talib Kweli & Tupac. She has also written songs for Amerie, Mary J. Blige, Syleena Johnson, Monica, Busta Rhymes and Mya! This young lady has a helluva track record so far!

In 2004 she hooked up with super producer Rockwilder. Recognizing her business knowledge, he made her a business partner and a executive producer at his label. Yummy also owns her very own publishing and entertainment company, which makes her one of the youngest female executives in the music industry. A year later she signed with Cash Money Records with hopes of making an album, but she was underhandly removed from that situation over to Motown Records, where she is currently in the process of releasing her first album. She already has a single out featuring Jadakiss called, "Come Get It!" That song is poppin'!
Her debut solo album is titled, "The First Seed," which will is scheduled to hit the streets sometime this summer? Let's keep our fingers crossed, because the folks over at Cash Money may have something to say about that....?

I personally get involved with too much mainstream music R&B because it stinks most of the time, but dammit...I like Yummy!! I have diggin' Yummy Bingham's voice for some years now, and I was hoping she would have an opportunity to get some well deserved shine! A lot of people will see her pretty face & urban steelo and automatically think...Yummy it just another cookie-cutter, non-talented floosey trying to get into music for a quick buck? That's not the case here! This little lady has a bright future ahead of her. Keep your bleedy eyes open.....

Checkout her sites and listen to some of her music below!

Yummy - Checkout that new track "One More Chance" on this site! That one will keep ya head noddin' fa sho (if you have a pulse)??



I was asked to re-up the my Sample This Lessons Part 2 Mixx! This is a mix full of dope hiphop soul samples that have been stolen over the last few years? If you missed it the first time around, here is your chance to get your hands on it!

Click here for the original post & mix download!