Thursday, June 15, 2006

This photo says it all! Two turtles making sweet-sweet love while floating in the warm water of the ocean! First of all, for two turtles to get busy, it takes a lot of precision and skill! U thought putting on a condom was difficult, well try being a male turtle trying to get you some sea turtle luv?? You already know how slow that walk on land, so doing the hippity-dippity probably takes twice as long? If you need love, I can't do nuthin fo ya man, but I can give you some musical exstacy for your mind and ears though! That's what Da Float-On-Exstacy Mix is all about! Nothing too heavy or hard-hitting on this one, just a little something to keep things kinda mellow. Sounds and rhythms that should stimulate the mind, body and soul?

Here is a little insight about a few on the artists that are sharing space in this mix. J. Rawls is a underground rapper/producer out of Ohio. He's been around for a minute, and he's known for his jazzy smooth beats. Obsidian Blue and Zo! are two top-notch producers that still making their way into the mainstream production scene. Zo! is actually from Detroit, and has produced and remixed several tracks for several soul artists! Spacek and Koushik are two groups from overseas that I am definitely feeling! Spacek has that U.K. space-funk vibe while Koushik has the Canadian trip-hop thing happening. Both groups are acquired tastes by most, but I think they are worth a definite listen, if you haven't already? Joe Scudda and Phonte are both members of the underground hiphop squad, The Justus League! Joe is on the come up, while Phonte has blessed us with several quotable verses over the last few years with his group Little Brother! One of the most slept on in my personal opinion! Ayt....enuff on that! The rest of the artists you probably know about already, but if not....find out! I do have some of these artists linked under the "ARTISTZ 2 DISCOVER!" area on the right. Most great things are worth looking for.....

1- J. Rawls - J-Dilla Tribute/Players (Blend)
2- Oddisee - Musik Lounge
3- Obsidian Blue - Black Berry
4- Ananda Project - Fantasy Suite
5- Zo! - Aerial Connect
6- J*Davey - Let It Bleed
7- Siji - A Day Ahead
8- Spacek feat. Mos Def - Eve (remix)
9- T-Love feat. Dwele - Seven
10-Koushik - Be With
11-Ramp - Daylight
12-Joe Scudda feat. Phonte - Groupies
13-Phonte - Downtown
14-Barry White - Playing Your Game Baby
15-Boot Camp Click feat. Aaliyah - Nightrider (9th Wonder remix)
16-Phat Kat feat. Dwele - Rainy Days
17-Strange Fruit Project feat. Lysoul - Ooh Wee
18-Muhsinah - Millions
19-Zo! - Motive
20-Outkast- Crumblin' Erb

Happy Father's Day to all u dads out there too!


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