Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm back on my hiphop soul music kick again! So, consider this post part 2 of my original post "The Fascination With HipHop Soul" that I dropped back in May! I got a lot of feedback from different folks about some of the things I said in the previous post, which is good! I enjoy a good debate about music because at the end of the day, everyone involved comes away with some new insight? I made the comment that Method Man's remix of "Your All I Need" featuring Mary J. Blige was the first and most important hiphop soul record, due to the effect it had on urban music as a whole! A lot of people hit me back with the quickness, stating that Chaka Khan's "I Feel For You" featuring Melle Mel was the really the first hiphop soul record! I couldn't really dispute that fact, because it did come out in the 80's, which was years before the Method and Mary joint. But, when it comes to musical impact....I still have to go with Method's cut! Why? Chaka was still hot back then, but Melle Mel was not a big deal at that time? Honestly, did you really care that the great Melle Mel was on Chaka's track? Probably not? That song would have been great with our without Melle on there, but the "Your All I Need" remix was different in my opinion. That track was a BadBoy remix featuring two hot artists sharing the same record! No one saw this collabo coming until it arrived, and when it one could deny that it was a classic record! I just wanted to share my response with everyone, but I am open for more discussion on this matter, if anyone still wants to speak on this topic?? I ain't neva scurred!!

NOW....let's move on to the topic of the REMIX!! What is a remix?? Hmmmm.....these days I don't think there is a cut and dry definition for that? Back in the day though, I would have said a remix is when a producer/DJ takes a previously release record and remakes the song with a new spin on it. It should have a different beat, new/added verses and/or a featured guest artist(s). Personally, I feel that providing a different beat is the most important aspect of a true remix? Plus, the remix track should be just as good, if not better than the original. These days it seems like producers are too lazy to flip the beat on a remix track, so they just add a new rapper on the same wack beat, and call it a remix!

So....who is the true inventor of the remix?? I may get in trouble for saying this, but I would have to say Puff Daddy a.k.a Diddy is the pioneer of the remix? I still call him PUFFY! His momma named him PUFFY...I'mma call him PUFFY!! Before the Sean John clothing line, the unecessary name change, Vote or Die, dating Jennifer Lopez, the men's cologne and the BadBoy label becoming a non-factor in the new millenium, Puff Daddy was the man when it came to producing hot remixes! Yeah, there were other producers out at the same time doing their thing as well like, Jermaine Dupri, Chunky Thompson, Rocwilder, Kenny Smoove, Darkchild, Teddy Riley, etc. Can't take anything away from those guys for their contributions to the evolution of the remix as well, but Puffy made the word "REMIX" a household name. I couldn't get with the "Shineysuit Syndrome" that Puffy suffered from back in the day though? Honestly, he seemed to have all of the hottest collabos and beat samples out there in his prime? Diddy may seem like a cornball now-a-days, but the man still deserves his respect. I will say this though...Puffy needs stop trying to make the band, and make some more hot remixes dammit!!!

The true essence of the remix has been lost in 2006? Every blue moon a nice remix will pop-up, but the excitement has been lost for the most part. Katz like Madlib, DJ Spinna, 9th Wonder and Jay Dee (R.I.P) have produced some memorable remixes over the past few years, but for the most part it's been pretty weak? I think another reason the true remix has disappeared these days is due to the cost factor. Some producers charge a large amount of money to produce a record, and many of the artists can't afford it! The music business is about making money first, so the poor artists suffer because they lack the funky dividends (the true heads know about the funky dividends)! Whatever the reason is the remix has lost it's importance, I hope it will return in the future! Until then, I will be playing the remixes from back in the day to fill that void.

The mix I have provided you with today will afford you the same opportunity as well! I have dug in the music crates to find some of my personal favorite hiphop soul remixes, which I am sharing with my peoplez! I called this mix the "HIPHOP SOUL MIX PART DEUX." Some of these tracks you may have heard and others you may not, but it's all good music just in time for Summer? I hope you enjoy this mix, because I damn sure did!! It almost brought a tear to my left eye?? Back to 80's & 90's we go.........enjoy!!

1) 112 feat. BIG & Mase - Only You (BadBoy Remix)
2) Grand Puba feat. Mary J. Blige - Check It Out
3) Jon B feat. Coko & Jay-Z - Keep It Real
4) Total feat. Shyne - Sittin' At Home (BadBoy Remix)
5) Boys II Men feat. Eric Sermon, Keith Murray, Redman & 2 To Da Head - Vibin (Kenny Smoove Remix)
6) Gina Thompson feat. Missy Elliott - The Things You Do (BadBoy Remix)
7) Total feat. Keith Murray - Can't You See (BadBoy Remix)
8) Faith Evans feat. Queen Latifah - Ain't Nobody (BadBoy Remix)
9) R. Kelly feat. Cam'ron, NORE, Jay-Z & Vegas Cats - We Ride
10)Xscape feat. King Just - Do You Want To (So-So Def Remix)
11)Chico DeBarge feat. Eric Sermon & Redman - Sooperman Lover (Remix)
12)Anthony Hamilton feat. Punchlines & Wordsworth - Nobody Else (Remix)
13)Babyface feat. Ghostface - This Is For The Lover In You (Remix)
14)Soul 4 Real feat. McGruff - If You Want It (BadBoy Remix)
15)Brandy feat. LL Cool J - Sittin In My Room (Remix)
16)TLC feat. Craig Mack - Creep (So-So Def Remix)
17)Horace Brown feat. Jay-Z - Things We Do For Love (Remix)
18)Big Bub feat. Sassy - Whatcha Gonna Do
19)Chaka Khan feat. Melle Mel - I Feel For You
20)Mary J. Blige feat. Foxy Brown - Love Is All We Need (Remix)


You can thank me later.....!

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nova said...

i meant to tell u that it amazes me how u consistently create mixes and playlists that go right in line with what i think. i wouldve made the same choices here. *dap*