Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I know when you first looked at this album cover, you were probably thinking...."What the hell this mess all about?" Well, if you didn't...I dayum sure did when I saw this crazy album cover! I still haven't figured out what this picture is supposed to represent?? To me...it looks like a ghost playing "Peek-A-Boo" with some guy surfin' porn sites on his computer at work?? I'm demented though, so......? Actually, I think that was Dabrye's intent? To make his cover abstract like his music! Dabrye is to Tadd Mullinix what Viktor Vaughn is to M.F. Doom! Alter-egos? For those of you that don't know what or who Tadd Mullinix is, he's a producer/musician from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann Arbor is approximately 40 minutes from Detroit, so I guess he could claim Detroit to be fair about it? I know you don't really care, but so whut....LOL?? I have a Ultra-Masters Degree in Geography from Harvard University! Yes, I'z smart....

No matter where he's from, Dabrye's production sound is all his own. If I had to put a title on it, I would have to call it "Electro-Matrix-SpaceHop" because it's so fast paced and futuristic sounding at times. Others have called it a lazy downtempo techno type sound. Mullinix's approach to music really reminds me of DJ Spinna's! They both dable in all types of musical sounds, which makes it difficult to catagorize them. Don't think that Dabrye (Tadd Mullinix) is new to the music scene, because he's not! He has several projects under his belt, but they are mainly experimental instrumental albums spotlighting his various production styles. Each of Mullinix's musical projects are all different experiences. After listening to a few of his tracks, your ears will feel very challenged and exhausted, but very satisfied to say the least.

Dabrye has been known for his previous electronica, ragga & jungle beat releases in the past, but this time around he's blending some Detroit funk with experimental hiphop instrumentals. The "One/Three" album was the first of this nature for Dabrye, which was released in 2001. Many folks called that album an electronic masterpiece! Later this month Dabrye will drop the anticipated "Two/Three" album on June 13, 2006. He incorporates most of the elements from "One/Three," but this time he showcases some of Detroit's own hiphop talent. To most this line-up of guest stars are unknown, but they are actually some of Detroit's most loved underground talent. The coolest thing about this album is Dabrye's ability to provide beats that compliment every artist on their particular track, without losing focus of his own original sound. Detroit talents like Invincible MC, Guilty Simpson, Ta'Raach, Paradime and Big Tone seem hungrier than ever on this project! Every line is on point, with an undeniable aggressive edge to it! You gotta love that?

Dabrye doesn't limit his guest appearances on this project to only Detroit artists though! He also recruits some of underground hiphop's most diverse talents like
M.F. Doom, Wildchild (Lootpack) & Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) lend a hand as well. All of these elements working together makes up a nice pot of musical gumbo for everyone to enjoy! Is this a classic album? Probably, not to most, but you be the judge! Is this album different from the most of the crap coming out today and definitely worth a listen? Of course it is! Projects like these are the future of the hiphop music in my opinion! Remember when you first heard the Wu-Tang Clan's "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" album back in 1993 and you probably thought..."What the hell is the crap?" Wu-Tang Clan's sound turned out to be revolutionary for the hiphop movement, and that album became a classic amongst true hiphop headz! Let me be very clear about this. I am not trying to imply that Dabrye's "Two/Three" album is a classic, or even that it will revolutionize hiphop music, but I will say that albums like this are needed to balance out the lopsidedness that exist today! If I hear one more rap songs about car rims, I am going to smack the ish outta somebody!! Oh yeah, and if you haven't heard the "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" album by now(13 years later)...first smack yourself upside the head really hard, and then beg, borrow or steal yourself a copy of this classic with the quickness! You can thank me later.....

Okay....here are some links for you to checkout:

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